Monday, 21 May 2012

George David Loeb Jr. / TCM Security threat

"About 6-8 weeks ago was the most recent in which I informed you that your April letter was the subject of an 'unauthorized mail return' notice. Your next letter asking why I did not respond was received by me sometime in June. It was at that time that I wrote also explaining the delay. You did not mention having had your April item returned -- If you did not get that with a copy of the notice please let me know and I will file a grievance on that respect, I have already filed grievances concerning the return justification as it was specious -- alleging that it contained information regarding a security threat group. That's insufficient . Their burden under US law and state law is to show that the material itself 'presents a threat' to security. They have not done that. They have not even attempted to -- Because they can't!"

"Their level of fear regarding me and those who write to me is also refreshing. As we advocate use of entirely legal activism it means that their system is susceptible to non-violent counter-revolution. It also shows that truth is what they fear the most.
To take a closer perspective just consider the fact that the state of Florida has labeled TCM a security threat group.

Yes, a few members amidst our hundreds of thousands of followers over the years have committed crimes of violence thinking that those acts were in furtherance of our cause. Those persons were not members, however (as every man (or woman) who even plans or approves of plans that include violence renounce TCM creed and program in doing so).

Thus TCM is no more a gang than the catholic church is a child rape organization. The only difference is power. The government would not dare identify the catholic church as a sex offender organization. The catholic church would sue the government out of existence (and why not the catholic church is solvent, if not flush with cash). Meanwhile the US government is deeply in debt.

It's all about power. Right now the government can abuse my first amendment rights, and smear TCM (as can the media jews) because we relatively lacking in power....

Which makes all (government and media) what we have all said and agreed upon : jewish hypocrites and cowards.
Hate the jews They hate you."

George David Loeb Jr  Oct/ 2011

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