Wednesday, 23 May 2012

George David Loeb Jr. - letter to Cynthia Ceilan author of Thinning of the herd, Tales of the weirdly departed

Dear Ms Ceilan,
I am writing to you in reference to your 2008 book entitled Thinning of the herd, tales of the weirdly departed. Specifically, I note what appears to be an intentional misstatement of fact, on page 48.

As for the underlying case, please note that I am the man who you described as one of Klassens followers. I am the man who killed Persian Gulf Veteran Harold Mansfield. That was in 1991.
The undisputed facts show that following a traffic related argument in a grocery store parking lot the decedent Mansfield went to his home and returned 20 to 30 minutes later with an accomplice and a brick. Mansfield exited his car with the brick and threatened to "smash my head in"
I shot Mansfield with my wives tiny 25. good luck or bad, Mansfield died from a single chest wound.
Please do research that and if you want more by way of explanation or documentary proof, then by all means ask.
When you are talking about peoples lives the facts are more important, and the lies are criminal and morally indefensible. Particularly when the lies come from Police and witnesses induced to lie by the Police and Prosecutors (as was the case at my trial)
Such conduct is an ongoing un-avenged outrage that threatens the underpinnings of our nation. In short a sin. You commit a sin of a different kind when you (as an authority figure for those who still believe that they wouldn't print it if wasn't true) make plainly false statements in print. Likewise it remains impolite to speak ill of the dead, even independent of your responsibility as an information source.
At most you could say that Mr Klassen was not always personable, in the typical American sence. Then again born in the Ukraine, he wasn't raised here. Nevertheless Mr Klassen was an American. He was direct, polite and not unfriendly, widely acknowledged as a good man, good father and good husband to his wife of 45 years.
Yes Ben Klassen was a racist, but his writing style was bombastic by design, for effect. Say what you will about his style, I have personally checked the many facts reported in Klassens books. The vast majority are absolutely true in rare cases at least debatable.
Mr Klassens stated goal was to promote "The Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the great White Race" The fact that others used methods not endorsed by Mr Klassen is the broad brush that has been used to portray Klassen as evil. (Incidentally its a brush weilded by racist rapacious Jews such as Rolls Royce driving Morris Seligman Dees. He of his barratry law practice inaptly referred to as the Southern Poverty Law Centre)
In any case, as you surely know (and know) , Ben Klassen did NOT " blow his brains out" as reported in your book. Klassen died in August of 1993, of a suicidal overdose of sleeping pills- as you surly know. See, to prepare even your version of the story you had to have the facts available to you as " source material" Yet no other source has ever reported Klassens suicide as a self-inflicted gun-shot wound. That lie is uniquely your own.
Thus it appears that your intent was to create a story that you and perhaps your readers might find as ironic. The fact that smeared Ben Klassen and all White racialists based upon your own racial or racist motive is the true and most ironic facet of this sorrid episode.
Of course propaganda is an ugly truth in every form and in every instance. It may not be libel, as Mr Klassen is dead. Whether you and your story violates criminal laws that prohibits publication of false news is an open question.
My name is George Loeb. Im just one man, an innocent man in prison. I'm reasonably certain that you don't care at all. Likewise I am reasonably certain that you will not respond to this letter, that you don't care about the people you have lied to and offended in your book by way of the Klassen item. But respond as you like, otherwise note that your silence is your proof.
Lastly you should be mindful of the fact that I am not alone. There are more then 6 million active White Racialists in America today and they wont rest until Ben Klassen rests in peace.

Yours for truth in print and all things

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