Monday, 21 May 2012

To awaken a sleeping giant by Rev Logsdon

To awaken a sleeping giant.
In the wake of Pearl Harbor the Japanese said they awoken a sleeping giant and they will suffer for it. Once again a giant is sleeping, this time it is our great race! We racial loyalists sit and ponder at times why our people refuse to care, refuse to act, refuse to see what is at stake. It is because their very instinctual reaction to defend themselves have been twisted and corrupted by decades of Jewish propaganda. I can go on about why and how it happened just like the “stormfront” type crowd endlessly debating the holocaust or trivial bull while our people wither a little more on the vine. Let us leave that debate to historians after our revolution!
But how do we get there? How do we awaken that sleeping white giant? Well my brothers and sisters one thing I know is that the sleeping giant will not be awoken by a tender voice. This typical politically correct approach we see from the so called “movement” folk isn’t going to cut it. Like a child trying to wake a lumbering father by saying very softly “daddy…. daddy…” yet he does not wake. Ben Klassen spoke of this when he spoke about different org’s he had come across. So if it didn’t work then it damn sure will not work now.
Yet why do so many want to pursue such endeavors? That can be explained very easily. For starters such people do such for one or two reasons. Either they are truly delusional thinking the same system, such as the government or media that they complain about being controlled by Zionists, is actually going to work with or for them. Or they do it strictly out of fear. Knowing that if they took the next step they will be lashed out on or be labeled like they already are! Such ridiculous insanity must stop. This mentality, philosophy and type of people have been a great anchor on us for far too long. Time to cut the anchor and let our ship sail. To distance ourselves from them. We as creators, we TCM will not make apologies for our racial loyalty nor will we deny being “racists” or “supremacists”. Of course we are supremacists. We are better than the other races! Of course we don't mean to control or dominate them but to simply rid "our" societies of their presence. Cause if we are not superior then why would our survival be so important to the history of society.
Now with that being said, we must do anything and everything to awaken our kin to defend itself. It will come at great cost a far bigger cost then being austrocized by society. We will not have some great “white republic” no great homeland. This RAcial HOly WAr will cover the very edge and corner of the planet. In which the survival of our people will not be safe anywhere on this earth. It will be for all the marbles or for nothing! Make that sink in my brothers and sisters and don’t believe that for one minute the foolish propaganda of us living in one area and the non whites living in another with peace and stability. That is a recipe for the slaughtered and something only a fool would make himself believe. The Jew, our racial enemy has invested far too much for them to allow that to happen.
This is not pessimism this is reality and should be an awakening to those that ever thought such a world could exist. No my brothers and sisters this fight has to be fought NOW. We cannot nor will I allow our future generations to fight a fight our generation is to cowardly to fight! I could not live with myself knowing that I left my children and grandchildren do something I could not do myself, all the while I ran to a safe haven of a “white republic”. Sacrificing everything our forefathers and ancestors fought and died for. COWARDS! They will call us. I for one will not have such a title. So now brothers and sisters we must get out there, with not a soft voice but a scream and awaken our brethren to our pirl. Shake the very foundation of this Jewish monstrosity and remember the words of our founder: This planet is all ours. RAHOWA!
Rev James Logsdon MP

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