Saturday, 2 June 2012

CREATIVITY IS NOT A CULT! by Rev Matt Hale 38 AC (2011)

CREATIVITY IS NOT A CULT!                                   

One thing I have realised over the years is that people tend to call a "cult" anything having to do with religion that they have little knowledge of or understanding of. Thus our Church has indeed been called a "cult" by ignorant people, usually people totally immersed in the Christian viewpoint and perspective isolated from other forms of religion. For a lot of people, in fact, a "cult" is any religious group they don't like! In reality our Church is anti-cult for several reasons.
First, we keep no one in it against their will. Second, while we do believe in the leadership principle, we do not believe in a cult of personality. Yes, we salute the leader but we do not consider him some kind of prophet or messiah. Third, we in no way try to isolate our believers from the rest of society as cults do. On the contrary, we try to be a part of society as much as we can. Fourth, unlike cults, we make no claim whatever that the world is coming to an end or other such twaddle . For example, a lot of cults say that the world is coming to an end in "2012" Yeah right!       
Rev Matt Hale
April  38AC (2011)   

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