Monday, 6 August 2012

Extinction: spiritually or physically? by Rev Logsdon Aug 39AC (2012)

Extinction: spiritually or physically?

Over the years I have heard from numerous people about the threat of extinction that our people face. I have crunched the numbers and yes our people are in quite a dangerous situation. We comprise 8% of the world’s population, with catastrophic numbers of mixed raced children born from white women every day. But does this mean white people will go completely extinct? This minister says NO. Our numbers will dwindle like they have been. Almost to the point of what some might think we will suffer extinction. But it is a well-known fact that we will live and strive in places non-whites simply will not and cannot. Take Iceland, Russia, Sweden, etc... As liberal as these white nations are and have suffered their own non-white migration still maintains a strong racial majority in our favor. It is my opinion we will never suffer a complete physical extinction but a far worse one, a spiritual one.
Our people have become obsessed with financial problems and situations. We as a people have become materialistic. We avoid physical confrontations at all costs, in some cases giving away our property, money and in some cases our lives to non-white criminals with not so much as a fight. Ok, sum that up. A physical coward, obsessed with money and materialism. What does that sound like to you? A Jew! We are becoming what we should be rejecting. How? Why? One might ask themselves. Very simple thru centuries of indoctrination into Jewish Christianity and liberal philosophy. Not to mention the basic crucifixion of white heritage and culture by the media and educational system. Theses our actions of the most deceitful and cunning parasites this world has ever seen. The Jew. But we as a people have allowed it to go on and it is up to us to put an end to this spiral of decay of our racial soul!!!
Yes we do have a soul. But not in the Christian or godly fashion. In a creators fashion. Our racial soul is the tie and connection to our heritage, culture and ancestral history. For years our people have been warriors, builders, explorers, pioneers, etc… Now we are slowly becoming what they want, ants, sheep, mere puppets only to serve blindly as they see fit. I for one would rather see our physical extinction then see us become that. But all hope is not lost. We must propound the necessity to keep our heritage alive by promoting positive white culture, while rejecting their doglike manner to animalize our great history. Get in touch with your peoples history build a sense of spiritual bond between you and your ancestors. Honor them and what they laid down so that we may live and prosper. Take this to heart my brothers and sisters for if we are not going to preserve who we are then what are we truly fighting for?

     Rev James Logsdon    

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