Wednesday, 8 August 2012

How you can help Rev Matt Hale PME Aug 39AC (2012)

Aside from our dedication, loyality, and total activism for Creativity, is there anything else you need?

Yes, there is. I am always in need of donations so as to be able to eat at least remotely salubriously, keep up my correspondence with Creators around the world, and to at least partially cover the extensive legal costs that have been incurred in the fight for my vindication so that all of you may be able to one day see and hear my voice again. I need all of you to send whatever you can spare to the following address :

Matt Hale
C/O Evelyn Hutcheson
P.O Box 2002
East Peoria, IL 61611

Yes ,that is the old post office box address of World Headquarters of our Church as many of you will recall! That box used to be full of mail whenever I checked itand it needs to be full again. Cash, or a money order is fine (payable to Evelyn Hucheson)
Thank you for your help.

Something else I need is someone with the time and abilty and the expertise to serve as my personal typist, someone who can type up imediately whatever I send him or her. This will enable me to contribute more to our great cause as well as be more Creative , laborious, and productive. Write me immediately at :

Matthew F. Hale
# 15177-424
U.S Penitentiary Max
P.O Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226

It will take some of the burden off of Rev Logsdon which he has presently. I also need someone who can search the internet for any news articles that I may happen to need or want. For example, right now I would like to see a few articles from the Chicago Sun-Times that could possibly be of help to my case.

In short, the more I am helped, the more I can help us in our great cause. And please, tell me how I can help each one of you. Much of my correspondence involves helping out our brethren better understand our Creed and the world around us. True I am compelled to "tone down" what I write to a degree but my Racial Love and Loyalty remains a flag unfurled.

Of special note I mention that I respond to all mail that I receive so if you ever write to me and dont receive a response within say, one month, be sure to write me again because it means that I have never received your letter. Feel free to save your letters to me on your computer so that you can remail the same letter that you did not receive a response to. No Brother or Sister should ever think that I have ignored his or her correspondence because that has never and never will happen.

That said, I know that there are Creators and other Racial Loyalists who, understandably, do not want JOG to know who they are and thus that is why they do not and have not written me. Well, the good news is that I am allowed to receive anonymous letters and that is quite fine. So, you can write me and not divulge your identity at the same time. Just dont expect a response if you dont provide an address!

All of you are with me always as we together seek the salvation of our people.

Rev Matt Hale PME Aug 39AC (2012)

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