Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sermon from solitary....The White Superman July 39AC (2012)

                                                   The White Superman

     My Brother and Sisters! The task before us is not simply to straighten out the thinking of our White people but also to become superior men and women possessing the power to do so. You must become better then you currently are. You must strive for continual self-improvement and raze within you the weeds of mediocrity and inferiority that are ever busy trying to choke your greatness. Then and only then will the masses obey your will. Then and only then will you deserve their doing so! No one is going to hand victory to you on a plate. You must rather become great enough to seize it! The victory of the Racial Loyalist cause will not come thru begging and through pity. It will rather come when the best of humanity finds itself within it, when we, specifically, have forged ourselves into the superman that we must be. You must banish from your hearts the excuses of the past. You must destroy within yourselves the vestiges of the Christian virus that remain with you to this day. Instead of being “humble” you must be haughty. Instead of being anemic you must be assertive. Instead of being bashful you must be brazen. Destroy the old tablets of your servitude to the Jewish god, Jewish guilt, and Jewish morality! You are White men and women! You have no apologies to make for your natural selves, only for your failure to allow your natural selves free reign on this earth! Rather than a symbol of death, yours is the symbol of life!
Our Creativity religion is the new dawn and it is high time we act like it. We are not interchangeable with anything else and pfui on anyone who makes the mistake of thinking so! Our religion says to hell with the straightjackets of the past that have bound our limbs and with the muzzles that have stilled our tongues. Our religion says to hell with accommodating the present society when instead that society must make its exit from this world! Ours is the creed that must forge the hammer of the future; ours is the creed upon which the hands of the future must move! There can be no such thing as a Creator without enthusiasm, a Creator with a divided will: the path before us is instead clear and without weeds. Our view is unencumbered and the goal is our for the taking provided that we be supermen preaching the word of creativity, provided that we be men and women resolved to be our best—NATURES FINEST—that the world has to offer. So go forth now into the world and do your duty. Win the hearts and minds of your White Race that is presently sadly at war with itself. Persuade, persuade, persuade which is the only tactic of the rational mind. You know you are in the right and now you must make it a mere matter of time before your whole White race does too. And when you do, the glory and victory laurels will be yours.

Reverend Matt Hale
July 39ac (2012)

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