Monday, 10 September 2012

The Torment of Terry Tremaine

 Former Political Prisoner Terry Tremaine spoke in Toronto yesterday (Sep 9th 2012)
on the heels of his criminal case for spreading "hate" being stayed by Saskatchewan Court.  Mr Tremaine has spent the last 7 years of his life fighting an unjust, unconstitutional, politically motivated attack to successfully rob him of his freedom of speech rights and his livelihood.  Political dissidents in China are not treated to such heavy handed and un democractic tactics!  People convicted of violent crimes are not denied their constitutional rights like Mr Tremaine has! 

 The Canadian Justice system has become more corrupt then red China. The problem is the average Canadian doesnt read about the likes of Mr Tremaine's case and how his and many others constitutional rights have been violated by the Human rights Commission.

 Human rights in Canada sadly does not seem to include those of European descent any longer. The media does its part by ignoring Mr Tremaine's case and the many like him that are happening right here in Canada, instead they report on the mistreatment and "Human rights" violations of those in Communist or 3rd world countries.

 When it comes right down to it, its Mr Tremaine's belief in Darwinism vs the "Human rights" commissions doctrine of equality.

Brother Smith
TCM Toronto
Criminal Case against Terry Tremaine for Spreading "Hate" - STAYED by Sask Court

Hate charge stayed against former university lecturer because of delays

Mr. Tremaine’s website is which Warman and the Canadian Human Rights Commission want taken down in its entirety.

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