Friday, 9 November 2012

Blitzkrig attack targeting Canadian Freedom of Speech rights

  The Canadian "Human rights" Commission has been very active of late, charging people with "hate" speech violations or making complaints to the Police for subsequent criminal investigations. This lightning attack directed against Canadian Constitutional Freedom of Speech rights is being waged mainly against White Racial Loyalists for the time being.  The dismantling of our rights goes un- noticed by the general population because it is simply not reported by the controlled media and if they are reported the article takes on the "Nazi" refrain rather than informing the reader of the real sinister actions taking place, the seemingly sped up erosion of our Freedom of Speech rights.  Our rights will be taken away from us in Canada not only due to a main stream media blackout but because of shameful public apathy. 

 Recent Victims of the Human rights Commission.....................

     Marc Lemire.........
Has been Victimized by the Commission for 8 years and counting!
In 2003 Richard Warman filed complaint against Mr Lemire for postings on a message board he ran and a post on his website called Freedom Site.........
 Mr Lemire's battle is still going on today!
  Please visit   for the complete history and reporting of the continuing persecution of Marc Lemire.

    Brad Love..............
Has also been Victimized by the Commission for 8 years and counting!
In 2003 the Etobicoke resident Brad Love was arrested at gunpoint by the police and charged by 4 different police forces, York Region, Toronto, Peel Region and OPP.  His crime was writing letters to MP's, Elected Officials and the Chief of Police (York Region) mainly about his concern about immigration. Mr Love received 18 months! for this "crime".
Political Prisoner Brad Love Sentenced to 18 Months & 3-Year Communications Gag for Writing non threatening letters to Jewish groups.(  Saturday, 14 July 2012)

   Terry Tremaine................
On April 8, 2005, Richard Warman filed a complaint to the "Human Rights" Commission regarding Mr.Tremaine, alleging he "engaged in a discriminatory practice on the ground of religion, national or ethnic origin, race and colour, in a matter related to the usage of a telecommunication undertaking" in
violation of the Canadian Human rights act. Then....
Hate charge stayed against former university lecturer because of delays (small victory)

(Nov 2012) Mr Tremaine gets jail time for "Racist" messages
 "In a sentencing decision released Wednesday, Harrington ordered Tremaine to take steps to remove his posting from two websites — and the National Socialist Party of Canada website.
If Tremaine complies with the order, his jail sentence is 30 days. If he refuses, he faces another six months behind bars, the judge said."

   Arthur Topham..............
The latest Victim of the HRC (Nov 2012)
Arthur Topham, 65, was charged with a single count of willfully promoting hatred against “people of the Jewish religion or ethnic group” as well as improper storage of firearms found in his house near Quesnel, B.C.
Topham’s lawyer Doug Christie told QMI Agency Canada’s hate-speech laws are “instruments of oppression” and there’s no evidence to support the idea that anything someone says promotes violence.
“Nobody has to look up Mr. Topham’s website unless they want to go out of their way to be offended,” he said.

    The list of Victims will just continue to grow until the un-Constitutional HRC is disbanded. Most of the Victims are White Racial Loyalists and therefore easy targets for the HRC, but there have been exceptions such as Ezra Lavant a Jew charged first via a complaint from a Muslim Imam about the re publishing of the Mohamud drawing that Muslims deemed offensive.
  He now is being investigated by police because he had an on air "rant that likened Gypsies to swindlers"
  The difference between the Ezra Lavant case and the Loyalists is that Lavant was charged first because of a complaint from the Muslim Imam in the HRC case, then via a complaint from a "Roma" group in the criminal investigation, a complaint was not laid against him by Richard Warman.  I would guess that the HRC was compelled to follow through on charges against Ezra Lavant to maintain any semblance of credibility. The attack on Canadian Freedom of Speech rights is well underway, you will be silenced! 

For Natures Finest
Brother Smith
TCM Toronto


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