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Evolution' of Croatian racists.... An article about TCM Croatia

Evolution' of Croatian racists – they reject Christianity, don't hate Serbs and are getting ready for Racial Holy War
Creativity Movement Croatia is trying hard to recruit new members. So far, it seems, actions are limited to the Internet. On official website of the movement there are many articles and creativity books translated into Croatian language. There are also films with Croatian subtitles and synchronization, which indicates a lot of effort. New supporters are mainly recruited from the neo-Nazi white power forums like Stormfront, but major obstacle is deeply rooted quasi-Catholic beliefs among right wingers, which Croatian creators reject. They laugh at average Croatian racists, most of who are considered intellectually inferior, but they are nonetheless targeted audience for their subtle propaganda. With average Croatian racists they share common hatred for non-white races, but they reject Catholicism and adherence to the Ustasha regime. You wont see them walking around in the city in black jackets with a shaved heads, it's more likely they're dressed in suits and are rushing to a well paid job. They dream about federation of white states, in which to live peacefully with all white nations including Serbs. They are called creators (not creationists!), and in Croatia they have one of many contact points which exist in Europe. Creativity Movement has its roots in the year 1973., when their first Pontifex Maximus Ben Klassen in the USA founded the Church, which later changed its name to The Creativity Movement. "Our race is our religion" is their motto, and the basic goal is "survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race". Guided by their 16 commandments, they declare Jews as most dangerous of all non-white races, they believe racial mixing is an insidious crime, family is considered sacred, and work as noble. Race war is considered as the only and final solution. - We accept the challenge. We're preparing for the conflict politically, militarily, financially, morally and religiously. In fact, we believe it to be heart of our religious principles, and as the most sacred principle of all. We believe it to be final war to victory - Racial Holy War. Such war is inevitable, because it's the only and final solution. This planet is now ours in entirety, and will be home to our future generations in perpetuity, is the line from one of the fundamental creativity texts. From title Racial Holy War comes their traditional greeting RaHoWa (Racial Holy War). Currently they are without a leader since the last Pontifex Maximus Matt Hale was arrested in 2003 on charges of planning a murder of federal judge.

He rejects the religion of his ancestors
- I come from a family where my mother was very religious, and my father was a liberal atheist who often disrespected church while he was still alive. My mother raised me in this spirit, taught me to go to church, to pray, to be good, honest and so on, but she didn't know that this is possible even without religion. Despite that, I was aggressive and restless in spirit as a kid, and I did all sorts of stupid things which delighted me, and which were contrary to the principles of the church and religion. Amazing thing is that, at that time, I really felt some fear that I will be punished because of it, and that some divine penalty awaits me. The National Socialist beliefs I gained very young, then I began to read books which show religion in a different way. I didn't start suddenly to believe in these "new" ideas, but I've seen the other side of the story, realizing that the Jews were the ones who "founded" Christianity and that Judaism permeated the entire Bible. They are mentioned everywhere, and even as a kid I found that to be very strange, and nobody could explain and answer my question of who the Jews are, and what are they doing in a book that is sacred to Christians. At that time I had already listened extensively to black metal, and linked all together in one conclusion: religion in which I was raised is a lie, it comes from the Jews and is based on Judaism, and as National Socialist I have nothing but contempt for such beliefs!

Realizing this, I stopped going to church, to beg, to make a fool of myself. I broke free of all the madness and misery in which people live, and today after so many years, I'm a happy unbeliever. I don't need some supernatural "ideals", when I can see, hear, taste, smell and touch the Nature that created me and my race. Race is the only sacred thing I know and hold dear. This was a confession form one of Croatian creators. Croat who advocates killing white people is a traitor - There is a good portion of people who have long ago rejected Christianity and find it funny. They laugh at nationalists for their attachment to Christianity, but at the same time such left wing people are not communists or anything like that, instead they just don't have proper opinions about race yet. I believe that such people would be more likely to accept what we have to say, then bigoted Christian nationalist, says one creator. One more factor that separates them from the average Croatian racists, is their attitude towards the Serbs. - Creativity in general is against wars among white peoples and thus, any Serb, Croat or any other nationality, who advocates killing other whites, is racial traitor to us, they say.

Musical support
Croatian creators publish monthly magazine Revolt, and in August they published fifth issue in which they deal with topics such as racial discrimination and racial intelligence. They also have one Croatian musical band - Invictus. - Today's world is aggressive, and there is constant aggression against our folk and our race, although most people are not even aware of it. Our music is just a response to that aggression. As for the lyrics, I think that nowhere in our songs you'll find a reference to violence or anything like that. In this respect our songs are moderate compared to the mumbo-jumbo 'verses' that niggers rap about killing whites, drug use and prostitution, said one band member. He also pointed out that the band has absolutely positive attitude towards CREATIVITY and is inspired by it. Apart from Croatia, Creativity Movements exist in neighboring Slovenia, and in Slovakia, Iceland, Poland, England, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, with home base in the USA. It should be noted that no similar movement in Croatia has ever taken hold. The infamous Blood and Honour can't even recruit enough members to maintain a website. International network and overseas support for Croatian chapter of TCM, and apparent activism of its members, are things that can, especially in times of economic crisis and increased immigration from Third World countries, increase the possibility that this time all the Croatian racist come under the same flag.

Originally published in IMPERIUM
The Creativity Movement online Magazine

TCM Croatia


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