Friday, 30 November 2012

Post US Election Commentary – What This Means to the White Race by Brother Dennis TCM Florida

In the hours following the recent presidential election, I watch in disgust at the mindset of the White people who chose to support and back the current president and his administration. I know we have no real concern with the political side of things as we should only concern with the White race and our survival but I believe that there is a deep issue with the people who support this political agenda. I watched the news cast which showed MANY White people cheering and supporting this president but who ultimately don't realize the consequences of their support. They have been brainwashed by current agenda and the mainstream jew-controlled media into thinking that this administration actually cares for the well being of the White people. They don't see that this administration only agenda is to continue to remove the rights and even the existence of White people. Their agenda is to push for the increased support of every minority group (blacks, latinos, asians, and even gays) while trampling the anything that is good for Whites. People are not seeing that the increased support of these groups is at the expense of Whites as the White people have to foot the bill for all these minority groups. We the White people are actually being made to suffer at the minorities’ expense...of course they won't say we are being discriminated against. I have never supported this president and never will but his winning the presidency again may be "blessing" in disguise for the Whites race.

In the day and weeks approaching the election and even the day after, I saw many White people full of disgust and even hatred with this outcome. Many people stopped short of using the "N" word when talking about this but I could see many bite their tongues and took a second to choose a more politically correct term when talking about the president and his supporters. After the election, I listened to analyst,

reporters, and others trying to figure out what the Republican have to do in the future to win back the White House. They all said (with not surprise) that the Republicans, who they describe as mostly middle age White men, must bow to the needs and demands of the minority groups, they must target these minority groups and start supporting their wants and needs. This is totally the opposite of what must happen!!! Although our survival doesn't depend on the White House, I do believe the White House can serve as a synonym for the White Race and our survival. No matter whether we want to win back the White House or fight for the White race's survival, we must educate White people who don't and can't see what their real agenda is -- to promote minorities and make the White race slaves to the minorities. As this administration continues to drain the resources of every White person and give, give, give to these minorities -- the economic and social condition of this country will continue to disintegrate. It may be that then and only then some of these misguided White people wake up. BUT we can't wait for this to happen; WE must continue to wake OUR people up. This is the time more than ever that we must get out and promote the White race and make all White people racially aware. We must spread Creativity but more importantly we must make the White people more racially aware. We must look past the many issues in our way such as christianity and drive this issues of racial awareness. If we can awaken them racially we can work on the other issues such as christianity later.

Brother Dennis

The Creativity Movement - Florida

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