Saturday, 3 November 2012

Rev Matt Hale on the Death of Professor J. Philippe Rushton 1943- 2012

"That too is a loss but that said, I was always troubled by his claim that Orientals were superior to White People, an idea which is of course totally refuted by the historical record.  His methodology for testing the Orientals intelligence was flawed because he only tested the recent immigrants rather than those actually living in Asia, this shifting the results in favor of the Orientals over the Whites since the best of the yellow race comes to America and Canada for an education.  Saying that the yellow race is superior to the White Race is obviously bad for our cause.  Rushton failed to state that the average Oriental is inferior in intelligence to the average White because he did not test the average Oriental instead, he tested the best of the Oriental that came to America and Canada for an education.  Further more, the idea that the Orientals have fewer children than the other races is disproved by the massive population of the yellow race itself.  China, for instance, did not acquire its massive population by its people having fewer children!"
Rev Hale
Oct 39AC (2012)

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