Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Fear of Hell

This article is based around Creative Credo # 49    Hell...... The ultimate horror concept of a depraved mentality 

  The Devil is the imaginary enforcer, Hell his torture chamber.  Successfully used for a couple thousand years and counting Hell has been the Jewish script writers greatest tool to neuter the "goyim" by  instilling paralyzing fear in the gullible and superstitious masses  with images of  suffering beyond anything  that any Human could possible withstand for a day never mind eternity!  The fear of Hell has been used by the Christians for centuries to leash and muzzle the masses.  Dante's Inferno written more than 600 years ago by the Italian, Dante Alighier describes the suffering in Hell in vivid detail and is still thought of as a great piece of literature to this day.  

  "Dante's Inferno has been praised, publicized and applauded to the skies.  It served the Church well in its campaign to frighten, panic and stampede the gullible masses into its clutches, to harass them, to tyrannize them and extract the last penny from its bamboozled victims.  It is for this reason that the "Inferno" has survived as a "literary great", and not because this dull episode had any merit"  Ben Klassen (WMB CC#49)

 The depiction of Hell and the Devil continues to this day in literature, music and movies.  Hollywood produces movies displaying graphic gory visuals of  their concept of hell, Satanic metal bands sing of their love for the Devil and hatred toward the Christian Church, the same Church that contrived the Devil they claim to worship.  The Evangelical Preacher then makes his appearance feigning reprehension and moral outrage when in fact without this symbiotic relationship he doesn't get paid. I certainly do not want to come across as preaching against Horror movies or Satanic metal music as I enjoy watching/listening to them myself. It just needs to be seen for what it is, story telling and simple entertainment, if the Judeo-Christian bible was viewed in that same vein millions of White lives could have been and can be saved!  

 "We intend to wipe out this Horror Concept. One of the first and foremost goals we CREATORS have set out to accomplish is to demolish and forever lay to rest this horrible Jewish-Christian concept. We aim to give the White Race a new freedom, namely, freedom from the fear hell" Ben Klassen (WMB CC#49)
 The concept of Hell has ushered many of its believers into insane asylums, one can understand why this can occur with true followers, as the smallest infraction against the Church's doctrine can or will have him/her sent to the Devil and his Hell for eternal punishment, take for example the Women character (Eve) who was entrapped by a talking snake into eating an apple that was deemed forbidden and the harsh repercussions that followed that small indiscretion.  What would be the penalty for not loving my neighbour or deciding not to turn the other cheek?  The average disciple could not have much hope of obeying all the rules set by the Church and probably decides on their own which of rules if broken would be judged by their God as punishable via a one way ticket to Purgatory.  Those who  do not make up their own escape clauses are likely the ones who end up in the asylums. The threat of Hell is comparable with keeping the kids in line prior to Christmas with the fear of not receiving gifts from Santa Claus if they misbehave. With the fear of Hell hanging over and in the heads of Millions of White people they have become nothing more than frightened sheep or " Goyim" as the puppet masters would say, easily controlled and manipulated.  Just as the time came when Santa Claus was abandoned as an obvious childhood fraud, so must come an end to the fraud and harmful handicap that the fear of Hell was and continues to be for the White Race.
For Natures Finest
Brother Smith
TCM Toronto

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