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One of the most controversial debates within our Cause today is the issue of whether we should have women's chapters or specific outreach efforts designed to attract more women into the White Cause. The Creativity Movement believes that women's chapters and targeted racial education for White Sisters are powerful and necessary weapons in our arsenal. The Creativity Movement is the leader in encouraging women's participation in the White struggle, far out-distancing any other organization on the scene today. Indeed, others seek to emulate our example in this area, for they know we are correct in asserting that only with all of our People fighting together , men and women in equal numbers, can we hope to win this Racial Holy War.

However, there are Comrades, both male and female, who believe that we don't need women's chapters to increase the number of women in the pro-White Cause. Some of them believe that such chapters are "divisive" and that there should be no recognition of the differences between men and women in terms of recruitment efforts. Such notions unfortunately prove once again that the enemies of our Race have succeeded in their ongoing plans to destroy and undermine our People. These Comrades have fallen very neatly into the trap set for them. The Jew and mud enemy will do anything and everything in their power to insure that White women will never be reached with the racial message. They have effectively used White women as "foot soldiers" in the anti-White male brigade quite successfully for a very long time. They are always exceedingly pleased whenever individuals within our own ranks discourage women's recruitment efforts. Our enemies are clever tacticians who realize that women must be driven out of the White Cause in huge numbers at all costs, so that the current lopsided male/female ratio will continue, much to their benefit.

 They know that real revolutions, real social movements, or any real social change that has ever occurred in the history of the world has only happened ultimately when ALL the people - men, women and children, young and old, from all walks of life, have risen up in a great mass of outrage and protest. Just look at mud street demonstrations - (especially the Latinos, such as La Raza, MECHA, MALDEF and the myriad other spic agitators)and you'll see MANY spicettes (along with their brown spiclets), waving placards, screaming, protesting, in the frontlines. Frequently, Latino females are the "poster girls" of brown solidarity, prominently displayed on the front page of the Jews media. Obviously, our enemies have gotten the message that women are vital players in revolutionary movements. To counteract this mud offensive, we must have women's organizations, networks, and chapters in place, actively working to reach our White Sisters.

Jews have aimed the awesome and powerful force of their media weaponry squarely at our women like a loaded gun, playing their emotions like finely-tuned instruments so that they are almost completely lost to our Race, committing race-mixing, abortion and feminism in massive numbers. In addition, most have been suckered into the "Christian" notion of "equality" and "brotherly love" which The Creativity Movement has exposed as being one of the most pernicious philosophies the world has ever known teaching our People to "turn the other cheek" or "love thy enemy" which leads directly to White destruction.

 It should therefore be obvious that the way to most effectively and quickly combat the combined Jew/Xtian juggernaut against our women is by forming networks, groups, chapters and other targeted outreach efforts designed specifically to educate and motivate White women to reject these lies. To attract women, we must speak from a woman's perspective. To do anything less at this time in history is to fool ourselves into thinking that somehow, as if by magic, women will flow into the White Cause without specific racial support systems with which to empower their lives, their families, and reflect their unique struggles and challenges as White women who valiantly battle the mud onslaught every day.

If it is true, as some claim, that women are coming into our Cause in sufficient numbers without these specific recruiting techniques, where are they? Why is it that pro-White organizations are still 90% men/10% women (or worse, 100%/0!) Vague notions that women's participation will increase without extra effort is nothing more than wishful thinking. This unbalanced situation perpetuates itself, it feeds on itself,(which the Jews love) and fuels the stereotype that the Movement is full of "woman haters", and "misogynists", or that White women themselves abhor "evil racists" and prefer to dutifully and passively fulfill the role of handmaidens for the JEW WORLD ORDER without uttering a peep of protest.

Apart from the "divisive" claim as a reason for not forming women's chapters, I've also heard the remark that there actually ARE a lot of women in the Cause, but "you just don't see them or hear them very often." They are here, but they aren't? Now you see 'em, now you don't? If there are so many women, why, for instance, aren't their writings more prevalent? I rarely see pro-White writings by women. Words are powerful weapons when used effectively (proven by the fact that prisons throughout history have been filled with writers of books, tracts, manifestos and newsletters deemed "threatening" to the tyrannical "powers that be".)

 While it is true that essays and articles are not the "be all and end all" of revolutionary activism, and there is a growing number of talented, capable devoted women at various levels and capacities working and sacrificing beyond the call of duty for our People, the fact remains that we see concrete proof of men's presence in the form of their writings - books, articles, essays, journals, newsletters, magazines, letters to the editor, (which are nearly always 99% from men in Movement publications),websites, newsgroups on the Internet, etc. I'm dismayed by the lack of written racialist expressions from women. Why do women fail so often to put their racial ideas, thoughts, and opinions in writing? The written word is a powerful, effective, frontline way to let other Sisters know you exist, to let them know what your ideology and philosophy is - not just through "word of mouth" passed quietly from woman to woman, but an open and very public expression of one's views about race which other women can think about and identify with. More important, such writings can and do serve as a rallying point to inspire them to further action for the White Race. A lot of women are isolated from one another and only when they read essays and articles by women activists do they even know other racially aware women exist.

 The good news is that as activism by women increases due to the efforts of outreach chapters such as ours, this will change. Right now, there are still no more than a handful of women's websites or newsletters in which women's unique racial challenges and problems are discussed. Yet, this is changing. And there is one big reason why it is changing. As more chapters such as this one - specifically geared to women - come into being, more and more women will join in. There is a stirring within our Cause unlike any we've ever seen before of women's participation.

It is intimidating and discouraging for many women to approach the Movement because they do feel outnumbered and lacking in female role models to look up to. It's not easy to go to a meeting and find yourself the only woman there. It's not even easy to venture into the relative impersonality of "cyberspace" and be the only woman around! Just as our male Comrades need other men they can admire and emulate, so do our women need Sisters who can show them a path to racial truth and train them to be mature activists. Because women are different from men biologically and psychologically, women's problems are different from men's in terms of the impact they have suffered at the hands of mud invaders.

 Women are assaulted, raped, harassed, terrorized and demeaned every day in the streets, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our schools and at our jobs by both male and female mud criminals who torment and terrorize us, our children, and our families with impunity. Only another White woman can truly understand the fear, the terror, of being harassed or grabbed by nigger animals or Latino greasers while walking down the street. We White women know what it feels like to hear "HONKY BITCH!" yelled at us by these sub-humans as we peacefully go about our daily chores, at the supermarket, or picking our kids up from school. We White women know that we'd better not make "eye contact" with one of these apes, because that's an open invitation to assault, rape and murder. (what you be lookin' at, white girl?) We White women know how damaging these horrible indignities are to our feminine spirits. Many Sisters are in the Cause today because they finally declared "Enough is enough!" and decided to take action. But not nearly ENOUGH of us are here, and that is why we need women's chapters.

We of The Creativity Movement understand that men and women are not "equal". In Nature there is no such thing as equality between any two creatures or organisms. No two men are equal, no two women, no man or woman is equal. Most in our Cause agree with this, because they know that the "equal" lie is the one advanced by our enemies to espouse the greatest falsehood of all - that Whites and non-Whites are "equal" , and by the Christ-Insane crowd who believe everyone is "equal in God's eyes". It should be clear, then, that we must approach women differently and tailor the racial message to their needs. Some Comrades have commented that the phrase "women's chapter" implies a sort of "ladies' auxiliary" where women waste time, talk on the telephone for hours, or engage in gossip sessions. Unfortunately, this reflects the false idea that women are incapable of working together as a serious team to set goals and accomplish concrete projects and advance our Cause as intelligent helpmates and fighters. The notion that a women's chapter is a frivolous "auxiliary unit" must be forcefully rejected. It denigrates the tremendously valuable accomplishments that women have made
 and will continue to make in our Holy Cause in all areas. Women are a huge, untapped resource! We must begin using it!!

Our Sisterhood chapter does not stand for division or polarization of our People - it stands for unity and the full inclusion of both men and women working together to combat the racial foes of our People. Yet, we have recognized that special measures must be taken to break through the steel barriers that have been erected by our enemies to keep women out. You cannot batter through years of Jew-inspired feminism with a feather. You must use a battering ram against such widespread and virulent propagandizing. Since our women have indeed been the recipients of highly targeted brainwashing by the Jew media, it is our mandate to undo that damage with our own targeted educational efforts. I have never heard any Comrade criticize Youth chapters as being "divisive" to our Cause. On the contrary, the recruitment of youth is applauded. I have never heard any Comrade criticize the establishment of specialized security or self defense chapters within organizations as "divisive". So, why then is a woman's chapter "divisive"?

 The fact is, there is no difference whatsoever between special efforts to recruit children, teens, women, security forces, or any other group of White People, including our older Comrades (who also have been quite under-utilized and overlooked by pro-White organizations.) In reality, the "divisive" argument is made by those who really don't want women here in greater numbers and suspect (correctly), that such chapters or outreach efforts will indeed do the job of bringing in women fast and effectively. It is actually quite easy to circumvent any division or polarization between our male and female Comrades by making clear that both men and women are welcome to actively participate in and contribute to the activities of the women's racial education efforts of TCM. We of The Creativity Movement are progressive fighters - our women's chapters are not holdovers from past eras or imitations of the "Frauenshaft" women's groups of WW2 Germany. Those groups were well - suited to their era and time, but we live in the here and now and our Creed of Creativity has always made that clear.

Finally, let us honestly ask ourselves: what could possibly be more divisive than a situation in which women - the future mothers of our Race who will be entrusted with bringing forth the next generation of White warriors, stay away in massive numbers from the White Movement? THAT is the true definition of divisiveness - a tragic separation which breeds mistrust between our men and womenfolk and further fuels the lies of the Jew enemy. In the glorious future Creators envision in which our people are free of JOG tyranny and are living once again in tune with Nature's Eternal Laws, these specialized recruitments won't be necessary - they will have served their purpose. That doesn't mean we will cease our vigilance. No. It simply means that the racial training and education of our People will then be an integral and natural part of daily life - in our homes, in our schools, at our jobs, in our family bonds, because we as White men and women will no longer be fighting an unnatural, alien "society" which we didn't build, which is not a part of our racial body or spirit, and which today seeks to annihilate us at every turn. We can then exist in an atmosphere of productivity and harmony, without persecution and tyranny simply because we love our Race and want to see it survive, expand and advance. What a glorious day that will be. Until then, let us support the ways and means by which we can bring our Sisters into awareness, whether through a women's chapter such as our Sisterhood, a newsletter, a website, literature distribution, or any other motivational and creative form of activism designed to win this Racial Holy War.

Women's Division

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