Thursday, 3 January 2013

Creativity Movement Newsletter REJECTED!

" I do not know why the people who handle my mail are choosing to partake in such overtly illegal religious discrimination at this time but it is obviously a bit troubling. If the matter persists, or gets worse, I may of course be compelled to sue the parties involved. Every prisoner is entitled to practice the religion of his choice and that includes the White ones! If the prison can actually broadcast Louis Farakhan, as it does on our televisions, it has no business rejecting our Creativity materials and there is little question but that a court would agree."

Rev Matt Hale PME 
Jan 40AC (2013)

NOTE..... The TCM Newsletter sent to Matt Hayhow was also REJECTED. The prison(s) have sent back REJECTED mail without fail in the past, letting us know why the offending letter had been returned.  The Newsletter sent to Matt Hayhow has been returned by the prison but we have not received the REJECTED Newsletter from the prison holding Rev Hale captive.

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