Thursday, 10 January 2013

Jews and Gun Control

The tragic shooting spree in Connecticut that left 26 people dead, 20 of the victims being young children, was one of the worst the United States has ever witnessed. As far as fatality statistics go, the Newtown shooting was second only to the 2007 shooting spree carried out by some psychotic gook at the Virginia Tech campus killing 32 and wounding 17 others.

 As can be expected, the Jews have wasted no time in capitalizing upon this violent tragedy, and have already begun spewing their typical rhetoric and promoting "stricter gun control laws" (complete firearm seizure) while most of the nation is still in mourning. Since this particular incident involved the brutal murders of several young children, it is considered far more horrific, and has provoked a strong emotional response from a large portion of the American general public. As always, when a violent catastrophe unfolds, people are hysterical and instinctively look to JOG to provide them a (false) sense of comfort and security, no matter what the cost.

Instead of confronting the obvious issues that lead to this violent type of scenario, the Jews have intentionally deceived many uninformed, liberal Americans into believing that an inanimate object is at fault for the murder of 26 individuals. The gun control advocates neglect and ignore the fact that it takes a combined body and mind to operate a gun, which is nothing more than an instrumental tool. Nevertheless, many prominent, influential Jewish politicians are leading the crusade to criminalize guns by taking advantage of an emotionally unstable American public. And make no mistake, there is no denying the strong Jewish element behind this issue. Reading the names of the Senators and politicians advocating these gun-control policies is like reading trough a Tel Aviv phonebook. Sen. Feinstein has already announced her intentions to introduce legislation regulating assault weapons the first day that Congress returns to secession.

 It is blatantly obvious that no form of gun control is capable of resolving these kinds of brutal killing sprees as the Jews so fervently proclaim. On the contrary, it will only leave many more White Americans, who would otherwise be capable of neutralizing a sadistic gunman, vulnerable to these types of incidents. And that is what the Jew wants. Little by little, the Jew plans to quietly disarm all law-abiding White Americans and leave them virtually unable to defend themselves and their families from hostile non-White aggressors.

When it comes down to it, the Jews are a sniveling pack of cowards that live in a constant state of paranoia, horrified by the thought of White retribution in response to their Jewish tribal agendas of genocide. The number one thing the Jew vermin fear is the threat of an armed White resistance.


Brother Kyle 

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