Friday, 25 January 2013

SKINHEAD...... By Brother Hynes

As I sit in retrospect of my life, drowning in introspection one burning truth surfaces. the truth that humanity has been turned into a commodity, single economic units in the globalist, capitalist rat race of life. The experience we have is filtered through years of programming and very few seek the real truth.

That truth is natural law and its what I find myself embracing. a noble truth one distinct from weak multi racial and communist dogma. We are taught the falsehood of equality due to the fact that those in power want to break down the intrinsic values of family, brotherhood and community. lower the standard, don't let the population think or strive for something better, as its easier to sell them a whole bunch of shit they don't need. Reality is 9 10th perception and any intelligent person tends to develop nihilist views over time. But even worse than the stark outlook on the human condition is the MTV baby generation that never questions the human condition and blindly follows fads because its the easy thing to do.

 I realize I'm a goat not a sheep, I'm not easily led. I want to re establish the values that cultivated western civilization and carry on in the footsteps of my ancestors. The white race has been blindly lead for too long, but I refuse to mindlessly go through life accepting the death of my race and the assimilation of European culture. That's why I'm a skinhead.

Brother Hynes
Jan 40AC (2013)

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