Sunday, 6 January 2013

The eternal struggle, our existence.

Racial greetings, my Brothers and Sisters. I have touched on this issue before in other articles and postings, so forgive my repetitiveness, but I feel the need to clarify and dig deeper. Our Great Race has always survived through our conflict and struggle. But now we seem to dwindle and decay in the face of the same style of struggles. Once again we must first ask the question why? In order to understand why we must first understand what, who and when. In this modern age of deceit our history as a people has been corrupted and twisted. But not all is false. We have been war mongers, conquerors and destroyers. Just as we have been explores, builders and developers of civilization. We must take the good with the bad as it is a part of us and essential to whom we are as a people. Like our founder said about our natural emotions of love and hate, it is a part of us all. Let us first discover who we are in a quick discussion here and understand what is and was key to our survival that is missing today.

Our Great Race has always survived through suffrage and strife. From the common peasant of ancient days and the modern laborer of the early twentieth century, to our leaders and hierarchy of past times and presidents and politicians of decades ago. All have the common theme of survival through struggle and hardship, some greater than others. Without going into a long barrage of examples and explanations let us simply look at the pattern. From tribe vs. tribe, kingdom vs. kingdom, empire vs. empire and nation vs. nation. The pattern of devolvement of each has always been in defense and hostility for the other. Would the romans have built such a grand empire had it not been for the threat of other neighboring civilizations? Throughout our peoples history we have always grown stronger because of each other. In that eternal conflict to be better than the other, to conquer the other and in some cases to destroy the other. Our great nations and cultures within our race have prospered for our own sakes for that very reason. Look at how, in history, the Germanic tribes warred with Slavic tribes on a very small level at first. Then through that struggle great nations were built. Racial brothers, yes they are and it is not my goal to draw lines between any White culture, only to point out the unspoken truth that if it wasn’t for that struggle between each other we would not be who we are today and without it we forget who we are and what we are fighting for.

Let me give you an example. Growing up I had many siblings, (I am one of 8 to be exact) we always tried to outdo each other to earn the attention and validation from our parents. Working to achieve something better than the other. I and my brothers would get into fights to prove to my father who was tougher, sometimes with each other. Through that we both learned to both love and respect each other and at times resent and hate each other. But that is natural and eternal amongst siblings as I have seen it amongst my children being a father myself. It is what built us to be the people we are today. Many of us successful, some more than others and I find it is continual today. Myself being 32 and my oldest sister being 52 we are still in competition to prove to our parents who has the better family and who has raised their kids better. My kid can do this and my kid can do that, type things. My brothers and I still have to go out in the backyard to settle an argument. On a small scale that is simple competition, but on a larger scale different. It always was the competition between European nations on who was better than the other. Only thing is, instead of a fist fight between brothers it is a war between nations. This is or better yet was the natural order of our existence as a people. Now we can speculate why that

has changed, from advances in warfare and technologies that led to catastrophic death tolls that we have never seen before or overpopulation and over education. I think all are essential components to the loss of our natural selves. Either way Our Racial family is broken and we have lost that "sibling rivalry" we have had for each other. Because we have allowed ourselves to forget that competition, that eternal conflict we have had for each other for so long. With that we have allowed others into our "family" and now wage a new form of competition that we are not used to and unable to fight. As if, for example, you are used to your family and competing with your brothers and sisters, then your parents adopt foreign children and tell you, that you cannot out do them and must let them win at everything. This is as simple as I can explain it. These "foreign children" are not new to us, we as a racial family have out done them and spit them from our societies as the inferior sub creatures they are for centuries. We can do it again!

Only by rejecting the liberal Jewish philosophies that have separated us from embracing and competing with each other as we once have, can this be achieved. I am not talking about holding hands and singing kumbaya here however. The degenerate Hippie philosophy we have adopted in the White Racialist Cause makes me sick! The program being pushed nowadays by "like minded" people (and I use that term loosely) of lets unite and go out and put out PC propaganda that sounds more like we are begging non-whites to let us exist and beg our own people to care, and we can do peaceful demonstrations to show people we are here, let’s do radio shows from the comfort of our homes, just like we do on the internet and whine until people our convinced our cause is right, without showing them why! This sounds like the same tactics of the hippies and Jews used during the 60’s and 70’s. If we want it we must take it! I understand using all legal means at your disposal however trying to use Jewish tactics against the Jewish system is like trying to fight an infection by giving yourself a new infection to fight the other. It doesn’t matter if your successful, you’re still sick! Instead we must embrace that conflict that binds us together and reject that philosophy that truly pulls us apart from who we truly are! Go out there and try to be better than each other. If defeated only rise up determined to overcome that defeat. Embrace the eternal conflict we have had for our each other and regain our competitive nature. Our identity of who we are is what the Jew wants to destroy, our cultures, our history and lump us into a generalized category of one race destroying the differences that made us who we are. That will lead us to their goal of mongrelizing us with other races. A man who has no identity is a man that has no future.

To finalize my comrades, understand there is more to this fight then meets the eye. It is not some generalized attack on our race and not a simple system they have used to destroy us. However it is simple how we regain control of our future. By discovering who you are and accepting all aspects of it, understanding the conflict between your racial brothers is eternal and embracing that conflict is as natural as a sibling rivalry, then we can understand the difference between eternal conflict and the external that we suffer today. Then we can once again spit these vermin from our societies and rise up once again to heights we can only imagine. May we together win this Racial Holy War!

Rev James Logsdon

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