Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Presidential election and its consequences....By Rev Matt Hale

My Brothers and Sisters! This month I wish to simply make a number of observations about various matters that we all have been thinking about or will be thinking about more fully in the future.

1) All Creators are encouraged to take advantage of the religious exemption to the unconstitutional and illegal federal health care law that requires everyone to purchase health insurance. Since our Creed is against the consumption of pharmaceutical “medicines” of any kind, we obviously have no use for doctors who would prescribe such things either. As The White Man’s Bible states, we are against, on religious grounds, the “cut, burn, and poison” methods of so-called modern medicine and thus, according to even this lousy health care law, we cannot be compelled to buy health insurance that we are barred from using under our faith in the first place. Thus there is no need to impoverish your families, my Brothers and Sisters, by buying such health insurance. You will save yourselves thousands of dollars of needless expense in the process.

2) Since the re election of the mulatto president, I am pleased to learn that many thousands of White people in 49 states have gathered signatures so as to petition for the secession of their particular state from the United States. We should support such efforts because they are a reflection of the fact that our White people are starting to wake up from their slumber. Our White people are starting to realize that they are being dispossessed by the growing, unproductive non-white hordes and as a consequence are starting to realize that a new political arrangement may be necessary so as to protect their interests and future. Such an attitude will in turn make it all the easier for us Racial Loyalists to form separate, all-White States in the future thus protecting our racial existence. Therefore we must view with favor this development. A break up of the United States would also mean the breakup of the consolidated Jewish federal power and this would, of course, also be good. While we are certainly in the mere beginning of this secessionist movement, I predict that it will only grow as the decline of the country continues unabated.

3) The re election of the mulatto president is good for us generally because it removes the false hope that somehow the old order could have been re established, an order that pretended that all was well for White people when it wasn’t. White people now realize, in increasing numbers, that things have changed for them, changed permanently, and they do not like what they see. Such dissatisfaction is necessary for them to join our great Cause. The election of Romney would have merely kicked the can down the road some more and truly, that can has been kicked long enough.

4) We should always be involved in the events of our local communities and in the world generally. No matter how much we detest the present order, we must be knowledgeable of it as we work for its replacement with a better one. Isolating ourselves from society is not the answer; rather, we must be active in its change.

May events continue to go in our favor as our beloved White Race regains its sense of self-worth!

White Life!

Rev Matt Hale PME           
November 39AC(2012)     

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