Friday, 22 February 2013

The Creativity Movement on the Rise!

 It has been 10 long years since the kidnapping of Rev Hale by ZOG.  The Church was growing fast and strong during Rev Hales reign as Pontifex Maximus, Church membership swelled and the Church received National and Global media attention thanks to Rev Hales charismatic speeches and relentless Proselytizing of Creativity.  The "Government" also took notice of the rapid growth of the Church and felt threatened because far too many White people were being jolted awake by Creativity's truth and the great promoter who delivered it. Rev Hale was then set up by the F.B.I  using false testimony from informant Anthony Evola and has been a POW ever since.  The Church was decimated but not destroyed, from the ashes of the World Church, the Movement has been slowly rebuilding the Church.
The rebuilding of the Church has been slow, recent criticism is warranted and expected. I would like to focus on what the Church has been able to accomplish in the 10 years since Rev Hales abduction.  Rebuilding an organization that has been targeted and made an example of by the "Government" is not an easy task, it has to be done slowly, lessons from our own history must be taken into account.  We have TCM membership and contact points all over the world, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, CROATIA,  UK,  FRANCE, POLAND, ICELAND AND GERMANY.  There is no denying that we need our membership numbers to increase substantially, but we have the foundations in place, Primary Groups already set up giving new recruits something to join, an advantage that most current Creators did not have.  My Brothers and Sisters of The Creativity Movement are a dedicated group actively promoting TCM and proselytizing our great Religion. We have not received the National or Global media coverage the Church once did, but many interviews have been conducted by local media outlets World wide. We certainly have not distributed enough of our Holy books the last few years, but we now have the Holy Books for sale at    
 Our European Brothers have translated and printed Creativity's Holy books into 11 different languages! They can also be read on line at  We have not had the public rallies, speeches and events that the Church had in the past, but that sad fact also applies to the entire Racial Loyalist Movement. Many TCM members work closely with other Racial Loyalist groups, attending marches, rallies and meetings with them. We have not had a PM since Rev Hale, but we do have strong and reliable leadership.  The church needs people with many different special skill sets and until we find these people we must fill these roles the best we can. Perhaps we are waiting for Rev Matt Hale to be freed and lead us once again, maybe we are just holding on waiting for the next Great Promoter of our Religion, holding on so our great Religion does not disappear, holding on hoping our Race wakes up and embraces Creativity en masse, but the fact is that my Brothers and Sisters of TCM are holding on with fierce Pride!   
For Natures Finest
Brother Smith
TCM Toronto

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