Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Tenth Anniversary.... By Rev Matt Hale

   My Brothers and Sisters! This month marks the the tenth year since I was wrongly arrested and imprisoned for crimes I did not commit. It has been a long ordeal but i have endured. I have endured for my family, for myself, and, most importantly, for you and our great Cause. I have spent about 3,650 days, my entire imprisonment, in solitary confinement. I say this because I want you to understand that if I can endure the extreme hardships of being an innocent man locked away within a dungeon for thousands of days, you can endure anything that you face as free men and women fighting for the salvation of our racial life.

   Our persecutors meant to destroy me and destroy our Church by imprisoning me. I am happy to say they failed on both counts. They failed because the truth is stronger then their lies. Though its leader was imprisoned, our church lives on and is growing. Though i am imprisoned, I am still working to straigthen out our people's thinking and I am otherwise remaining productive within these walls. Yes, we were hurt badly and there is no denying that. Yes, valuable progress was lost and I have personally experienced great suffering. However, we have not been broken. We retain our love of life, our positive attitude, and our resolve for victory. We retain our hope that the cancer of multiracialism will be replaced by a Racial Loyalist future. When confronted by a tornado of pure evil, our flame of love, truth, and hope did not go out and that which did not break us has made us stronger.

   Today, ten years after I was physically taken away from you, my case for freedom is pending in court and it is a great one. You can read all about it by writing our good Brother Smith at torontocreator@hotmail.com and asking him to send you the three legal filings from the case. However, no matter what the outcome may be, I call upon you to do your duty and win our White people to the cause of Racial Loyalty. You must take to the streets and wave our Flag. You must preach the word of Creativity to our brethren everywhere. You must utilize all forms of technology so as to reach our people best. You must have the courage to speak up when previously you were silent. You must speak with absolute confidence that our cause is right. Your activism must be so dynamic that the controlled mass media cannot resist covering it. I myself have litterally not sat in any easy chair for ten years and you must not sit in any easy chair either.

  A better future must be your doing!
It is my hope that I will rejoin you out there soon but wether I do or not, the cause goes on and must be won. It is a victory that is by no means impossible. In fact, events are moving steadily in our direction. We can assure and secure the existence of our race for all time upon this planet as our First Commandment directs. It is the present multiracialist order that is coming to an end!
My Brothers and Sisters! We have much to look forward to. Our people are continuing to wake up all around the world; the present order is what is falling apart. You must now kick down the rotten door and do so with a smile on your face. White Life!

Rev Matt Hale PME 
Jan 40AC (2013)  

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