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Interview with TCM POLAND

TCM Poland is one of the most active European branches of TCM. But, besides your own work in spreading Creativity, do you also work together
 with other orgs and individuals?

Yes we do work with others, both officially and unofficially. An example of official form of co-operation was translation of David Duke’s "Jewish Supremacism" book, together with a member of NOP (National Rebirth of Poland) party. We are going to print and release that book ourselves, however. Among unofficial forms of support for other circles I could mention participation in nationalist manifestations and help in organizing "Stop Afrikaner Genocide" petition and charity donation we gave DiN (Pride and Modernity) association. You know – what is good for the white race is the highest virtue for us

Your country is relatively new add-on to EU, as is our going to be soon, unfortunately. What can you tell us about your experiences, did the life get better economically, and did the laws change, and by laws I am referring to laws regarding free speech?

Life hasn’t got better economically and it definitely will not. The fact is prices of fuel and food has been constantly growing since Poland joined EU and it will be even worse when Euro replaces our national currency, as Slovakian example showed. The salaries seem not to grow at all, and when you get any increase, next month welcomes you with higher prices of almost everything. The average level of inflation in 2012 was 3,7 percentage points, while prices increased 4 or 4,1 per cent. The unemployment rate in the poorest provinces is like 16-21 per cent. Recent forecast says, that only 390 thousands (white) children are going to be born this year in Poland. Of that 390 thousands, 132 thousands families is so poor that they apply to government for welfare that is 250 Euros, payable on a one-off basis! After that, they are totally on their own, the government will not do anything to help them. The economical reality reflects on the birth rate, that recently equals only 1,31. It’s clear that "economical crisis" in our country is a masked program of white genocide. People are getting poorer every day and the media and politicians tell us to be happy, because we have new sidewalks, playgrounds and roads sponsored by EU and few new stadiums for Euro 2012 Cup. A lot of public money is being spend for is promotion of multiculturalism and subsidy of non-whites – you can see billboards with poor niggers and gooks crying for your money daily. As for the law changes you’re asking for, I can tell you that two years ago the NRA (Supreme Bar Council) published a report in which it says, Poles are the most often kept under surveillance citizens of the EU, which means, of course, we have the biggest number of taps and the thicker monitoring web. In 2011 police requested for phone billings 2 million times, while Secret Service nearly 200 thousand times! Welcome to Orwellian "1984", people! Aside of that, ZOG tried to censor the Internet with ACTA, but surprisingly people woke up for a moment and went on the streets to show their
anger, so the idea was suspended for a time being (EU is currently working on INDECT system and the Polish Secret Service is working on system allowing them to identify people hiding their identity behind proxy or Tor web). The policemen they got new weapons, like sonic inhibitors that are able to damage your hearing permanently. Now they are also allowed to shoot you whenever you’re considered to be "a terrorist" (a pregnant woman could be considered a suicidal terrorist with explosives on their belly and shot dead for instance, so the law says). It is illegal to hide your face during public demonstrations (but people still do that, of course). Also our rights for public gatherings were aggravated – now all responsibility (financial and criminal liability) for course of a gathering or a demo lies on the shoulders of the organizer, so it’s not a surprise that police provocations are most common phenomenon. Brutal police actions against nationalists and football fans show cops are unpunished, no matter what they do to you, despite all evidences like witness’ testimony or video documentation of their assaults.

The new crime was defined by the law – that is "terror inciting" – only the thing is, nobody defined what exactly could it be, so technically, every anti-government/pro-white action could apply in this category, it depends on prosecutor’s opinion. There is a project of European Parliament that will allow customs to open every postal package that comes from outside EU, and to destroy its content without any jury verdict, if only customs say "there is something against the law in this package". "Polish" government proposed a law change regarding "hate speech" – you could spend up to two years behind the bars for insulting a faggot. We have a new act regarding mandatory injections – for example if parents refuse injections for their children, they could lose their parental laws and they children could be taken away. I could list even more here, but let’s stop in here. I think you can see the overall image of EU membership "benefits".

Poland, as well as our countries of Eastern Europe, are well known by Straight Edge subculture among white nationalists. What can you tell us about that phenomenon?

It is true that Straight Edge is popular phenomenon in the Eastern Europe, but it doesn’t apply to Poland. The level of drunkenness is very high among our youth and nationalists too and I could say alcohol addiction is the biggest roadblock to get them active on any level. Most of them are interested only in collecting music records, having fun at concerts and drinking alcohol (as well as in football matches and hooliganism), or to get drunk just after end of the demonstration, for instance. The excuse of these weak people is "alcohol is not a drug" and "drinking is a Polish tradition". Since 2009 we have autonomous nationalists here in Poland and I can tell you aside they are active guys there are some SxE folks among them, what makes me very happy. We Creators know that nationalism is not a solution for our present problems, but having totally drug-free and pro-white activists should make us really happy, after all. I hope that Straight Edge fashion will come from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus to my country soon. I’ve been absolutely "clean" for almost three years now, and I can tell you I used to be a heavy drinker in times. I am also proud to tell you, that not so long ago few new people joined Polish TCM chapter and they all are Straight Edge. Hopefully they are not the last ones. My dream is to work with SxE Creators exclusively. Stay away from drugs people, drugs are bad – just watch some lectures of Russian professor Zhdanov, if you still don’t believe it.

You work on translating books, do you focus only on Klassen's books or do you translate other authors also?

I scheduled translation and printing of four books, that is: "Nature’s Eternal Religion" by Ben Klassen, "Jewish Supremacism" by David Duke, "March of the Titans" by Arthur Kemp and "Erectus amongst us" by Richard D. Fuerle. We translated first two and released the first one so far, the second one is going to be out soon. As you can see, there is only one strict "creator" book on that list. I chose those fantastic books because I intend to expand what Klassen said in "NER" – he gave us the overall image of Jewish conspiracy, but Duke gives us tremendous details, especially in modern times, quoting mostly Jewish (!) sources. Klassen said that we, whites, are the great ones with glorious past and great achievements; Kemp proves that this is true and shows us evidences that ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and India were white, for instance, just as Klassen said. Klassen said that we are genetically unique and there is a huge distance between us and colored races, and also, that race mixing leads to white genocide and to decline of civilization. Fuerle’s book gives us tremendous evidences here and sends so called "Out of Africa" theory to a trash can. It is also relevant that none of those books is in conflict with our creed, with a little exception of Duke’s views on Christ-insanity. After releasing all those books we plan to make a professional movie based upon all of them, in style of "Zeitgeist" or "Endgame", excluding any bogus information those movies contain, and broadcast it for free in the Internet. We also translated the article written by Spanish nationalists behind Europa Soberana blog, entitled "New racial classification", that is a huge step in physical anthropology since Third Reich times.

Do you get a lot of inquiries from people in your country?

We could say so, but there are weeks of deaf silence too. People showed a big interest after medial slander that took place in 2010, there were also a lot of e-mails after we announced "NER" is out. Alas, some people asking about the book apparently think that 8 Euros is far too much and reply never again. I suppose it is not too much for them to pay 8 € for couple of beers on Saturday night, however. Most of people who ask about membership never replies when informed they must end up for real with their Catholicism (or any other religion) by apostasy and to be unconditionally active in their neighborhood. Thus all such inquires are being treated as spam or anti-white provocation attempts.

Some people tend to qualify Creativity as an ''American thing'', despite the fact that Klassen was born in Ukraine, of German ethnicity, and his work is universal and applicable everywhere. But still, some characters use the fact that this movement originated in US as a so called proof that it is not applicable to Europe. How do you respond to such claims?

This is the most common argument of people who claim to be dedicated to the most anti-white and egalitarian religion (namely Christ-insanity ) that was created by totally alien, Jewish element, whose biggest faction is being controlled by the foreign country of Vatican, whose officials come from various countries and even from few different races, that includes niggers and Jews among others. That is cosmopolitism and multiculturalism at its best, but being a hypocrite is a typical Christian behavior, that’s nihil novi. Now, all those "conservative" and "traditional" Christians, focused on obscure "hereafter" rather than reality, and controlled by such a multiracial egalitarian agenda claim that "TCM wants to replace traditional national heritages and European traditions with white multiculturalism".

Let’s see how hypocritical those people are by claiming "something that originated in a foreign country is not applicable here". Christianity was invented by the Jewish tribe in Palestine, monarchy originates from the Ancient - "pagan" - Egypt, the idea of democracy (so much different from the present one) was invented in Ancient – "pagan" - Greece, origins of Senate come from ancient – unchristian – Rome, and so on. Now, our (Christian) adversaries incorporate (or used to incorporate) all of these more or less ALIEN ideas as their own and claim them to part of OUR civilization while they were invented by other nations, after all (some of them related to us racially, yes, but that’s not the point here). Either they should drop all these non sequitur argumentation of "how adapting alien ideas is bad" when it comes to accepting Creativity or drop ALL inventions of other nations aside their own for good – that includes foreign cuisine, money invented by Phoenicians, gun powder invented by Chinese or martial arts created by various Asian nations and so on. Let me make this clear – let’s say you’re a Croat and you don’t want to accept Creativity, just because it originates the States, the foreign, alien country. Fine. Then never again get in the car – it was invented by a Frenchman. Throw out all your light bulbs, because they were invented by an American, as well as your telephone, invented by a Scot. Otherwise you are a big hypocrite, my friend, because some really USEFUL and PRODUCTIVE "alien inventions" are good by your standards and some are not, obviously. Remember – there is nothing immoral or unjustified in using any "alien" inventions, if only they are beneficial for us. Just see how all non-white races use everything we invented against us. Are we going to let them win?

Recently, there are some nationalist orgs in Slavic countries that explicitly promote pan-slavism, as sort of a solution for all of our political problems. What are your views on pan-slavism?

This is very outdated idea and it’s not enough for our present situation. The only positive aspect of it nowadays could be better relations with our Eastern, often hated white Slavic neighbors – Byelorussians, Ukrainians and Russians, who suffered really hard times because of Jewish red terror. They often are portrayed as our communist oppressors what is very biased information. But on the other hand, I’d be more happy to see my country having better relations with the strong state of Russia, rather than licking ass of EU and USA/NATO. We all know that Russia is being controlled by ex-KGB agents and Jewish criminals, but somehow it didn’t support Israel in it’s recent clash with Iran. I’m not a "fan" of Iran, but if they wiped out the Zionist state from the map and heavily suffered themselves in such a conflict, it would be good for us, whites. Multiculturalism still isn’t strong in Eastern European countries (I mean there is virtually very few non-whites when you compare those countries to Western Europe/America/Australia), there is a lot of living space there and resources hidden under Russian territories will be important for our survival in near future. Be as it may, we can hardly find any "pan-slavism" or "pan-germanism" whatsoever anywhere outside Internet forums these days, so let’s just focus on our job that is building racial consciousness as a prelude to future white racial socialist community.  

We have all met racially conscious people that abandoned Christian religion because they saw what it really stands for, but some of them went from Christian spooks in the sky towards occult and their version of spooks. Some even believe that white race descended from some aliens thousands of years ago etc. What do you think of that?

I cannot agree with you. If those people who abandoned Christian spooks and fell in love with "Aryan" spooks had saw what Christ-insanity is really all about and how it affects the white man’s
life, they most probably would have chosen Creativity instead. The problem is they know nothing about Christianity nor about Judaism. They think Christianity is a silly religion of good and cherish people, while they are "militant bloodthirsty neo-Vikings, practicing religion of our forefathers. They claim to "practice" it only because it used to be a religion of our forefathers, not because it has any practical application. In a fact, they failed to see most religions have practical application, while paganism doesn’t have it at all. If they had knew what is the purpose of Judaism and what Judaic scripts like Talmud and Torah tell the Jews, they would have stand by our side. Our goal is to show such people religions are systems of moral values which shape human mass into a form. Once they understand it, they will most likely join us in the real fight for survival of our race.

There are those people who think that Russia is the last hope for white uprising, there are also others who think the same for US, and there are also those who live in their little nationalist fantasies and think that small nations of 5 or 10 million people will win their freedom on their own. What do you think is indeed going to happen in near future when we hit the critical mass?

I predict that in next few decades Western Europe and at least part of US/Canada declines, just as it happened to ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, Greece and Rome. For example, recent forecast says that Norway will become majority non-white in around ten years’ time, Britain in thirty and so on.; due to promotion of "diversity" (white genocide) sexual assaults have increased 500% in Sweden etc. In my opinion Eastern European countries and areas like Pacific Northwest/Northern parts of Canada/Alaska are the last hope for our survival. We should do our best to wake up our people in Eastern Europe so we could send back all the non-whites from these countries and we should promote white re-immigration among the Westerners – I’d love to see Afrikaners,
who are great farmers, moving to Eastern Europe rather than being killed by bloodthirsty black savages in the RSA. I would love to see Germans migrating back to Silesia, Pomerania and Prussia and rebuilding their beauty and greatness rather than being mixed with hordes of non-whites in their present state. Most of Lower Silesian, Prussian and Pomeranian villages are highly devastated and have been extremely poor since the day Jewish communists came and drove out their German inhabitants. Germans are very productive and harmonious nation, I strongly believe they could rebuild beauty of these lands and give decent jobs to their poor and often unemployed Polish inhabitants.
 The historical record is clear: those people who do not possess a territory in which they form the majority population, are doomed to extinction. We should start new, exclusively white racial state in the Eastern Europe, where whites fleeing from the West could settle in peace. Similar state could be formed in the Pacific Northwest/Canada/Alaska. The resources of vast lands of Russia and Arctic would be sufficient for us, vast fields of Poland, Ukraine and Russia would feed many of us. In few generations, with much higher birth rate, we could start re-conquer those lands occupied by the non-whites and expand our territories once again. Some skeptics may say, that all those whites migrating to the Eastern Europe wouldn’t have anything to start a new life in here. That may be only a half-truth – first whites who migrated from Europe to America after Columbus didn’t have much either, just like whites who settled South Africa and Australia, nevertheless they build powerful countries by their own hands. Remember, that we are not talking here about any mud parasites looking for a welfare and easy life, but about productive and hard working white people. If they will have a higher goal (that is survival and expansion), they will work twice harder. The new Ice Age is coming, and when Northern Europe, Alps and Carpathians will be covered with glaciers again, niggers and muds will start to drop like flies, due to a lack of vitamin D.
So, either they die out in all those once white lands, or they will be forced to move southward and it will be much easier to defy them. Note that they will have no new technologies nor good medical care; will be just savages involved in tribal wars. Our Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal ancestors survived previous Ice Age, so we, more advanced technologically, can survive it all the more. The only problem is some small group of white people must survive until that Ice Age comes, that is like approx. one thousand years. If they do, they will rebuild white population once more and this time white man will forge his future according to the eternal laws of nature, as Ben Klassen foreseen.

What are you biggest roadblocks in spreading Creativity in your country, and what are you future plans for TCM in Poland?

Money. Quoting Jack Nicholson from the "Shining": "Just give me the money and I’ll do &*% for you". The Jews are so powerful in brain-polluting our people because they have a lot of money, not because they’re clever or tricky. I know exactly what to do to awake our white people but still I need more men and more money. Our future plan is to grow in numbers, to release those 3 books I mentioned above and to make a professional movie based upon them. Thank you very much for this interview. Racial regards to all good white people from Croatia.

Brother Thomas



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