Saturday, 16 March 2013

Silence before the storm or fear before the fall: What is the cause of inaction in the white racialist cause?

I have been giving a lot of thought on the dormancy and redundancy of our racial kin as of late. The causes and reasons behind the lack of concern and lack of action. I have always been extremely annoyed with the "intellectual" and "political" types within this movement. Their inaction is not what I am referring to. Their inability to create real change stems from cowardice and fear. They will debate and regurgitate endless arguments until the end of all things and will always be the first to fall and sell their souls for a chance at peace or a few shekels. No, it is the dormancy of the warrior that I refer to. It is not fear nor cowardice that cause his inaction but that of indecision. Which brings me to the two above reasons mentioned in the title of this article.

Silence before the storm. While the inevitable outcome approaches the beast rears its ugly head. We see the Jew reveal himself more and more everyday. More brazen then ever seen. His arrogance in these days borderlines taunting. Pushing the elections of politicians that we would never believe possible. Saying things we would never think they would say. For instance the statement several years ago made by Ariel Sharon "we control America", referring to Israels tight grip on US politicians. Their recent action is nothing more then pride before the fall and not confidence. The true warrior is humble in victory. As we see them come out of the shadows thinking their victory over us is secure, our racial brothers sit with a firm grip on their weapon, sitting silently waiting for the right time to unleash our racial vengeance.

Fear before the fall. I say this because I believe strongly that there is a high level of fear amongst us. And rightfully so, fear is natural and smart. But not fear of our enemy, it is the fear of losing what we love. What we have worked for and the things we hold dear. The future the post war will leave our children and the fear of war itself. It is the fear of loss of life, of pain to our children and love ones that we know this war will bring. The destruction of our civilization that we have built and the fear of what twisted future it could bring. We know it will never be the same but hope it will bring something better. Fear cripples many but not the warrior for it is the ability to operate beyond fear that defines heroics.

Which is it? It is both the fear and anticipation that restrains the hands of fate. But do not fret my brothers and sister for it can be restrained but never stopped. We stand on the brink awaiting an inevitable war. But we must do what we can while we can. For how do you want history to remember you? Did you cower or conquer? For within all of us lies either outcome and it is entirely your decision not fate. Fate merely leads you to that crossroad what path you choose is your own and you must live and die by that choice. I hope you make the choice of your ancestors and fight. Join our ranks and do your part and together we will win this racial holy war.

Rev Logsdon
March 40AC (2013)


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