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White Democracy..... By Rev Logsdon March 40AC (2013)

A Racial Democracy and preserving the American idea.

      I know that abroad the general census's of America is not good and rightfully so. We have let our corrupt politicians drag us into conflict after conflict to further their personal financial interests. The interests of Israel and of ZOG's globalisation. We have alienated ourselves from all nations that have helped us get where we are. Now on the decline we see more and more the dissent we have caused over the years. The rising animosity from all who we wronged. Up to this point most have had to put up with what we tell them because of our financial influence, military intimidation and global authority. The days of power dwindle away just like our racial superiority and majority. While the warriors power wanes the weak surround him and will eventually overtake him. While we see the slow death of the current American system I ponder at the thought of many wanting to replace it with something far worse.

       The Idea of freedom, democracy and liberty America was founded on is the most noblest of causes. Out of desperation, to fight against oppression from corrupt kings only out to further their kingdoms. Not by ALL people but by White farmers and outcasts of the aristocratic rich of England who found a new home in a new land. Only to find the same persecution follow them. They rose up and fought against the tyrant with bravery, courage and determination and won the day. Built a new land and country on ideals we all should hold dear. That is of Freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

      Let us not forget these men that founded this country did not covet non-whites, in fact the opposite, they lashed out at them. They considered blacks to be no more then property, as cattle to be owned and traded. They knew the Jew for the parasite he was and expelled him from our societies. The Jew however is the master of disguise and patience. While the founders of this country flourished in their new land, pioneering the unknown and making this country what it was the Jew sat back and waited, manipulating currency and buying up what they could. Waiting for their opportunities to strike when they could. This wasn't something they destroyed in a day. In my opinion the true America wasn't completely lost until the 1980's. From the death of our founding fathers, to the assignation of Lincoln, the rise of the Jewish financial power in the late 1800's, etc... all leading up to the rise of Zionism through the beginning of the "civil rights" movement. I could name hundreds of specific attacks by the them but I am not here to give you a history lesson nor is this article intended for that. The America that once was is no more. But that doesn't mean we should completely give up on it's tenets, its ideals and principles.

     I understand we as Creators believe in Racial Socialism, that's fine but the beauty of Creativity is their is no such thing as blasphemy and I tend to not agree with any form of government that has a boot on my neck.
What you might ask is the point to this, well I will do my best here to explain it. History has shown us no form of totalitarianism works, oppression in any form is only doomed to find resistance. The vicious cycle of power and corruption to rebellion and up rises. I find it sickening how so many within the White Racialist cause embrace National Socialism without even knowing the first things about it. Simply on the popularity of Nazi idolising. If these people researched it in depth they would find they probably wouldn't promote it. The idea of pushing for freedom with the notion of oppression is madness. As much as I myself respect many tenets of what they were trying to accomplish and the racial aspects behind the cause I still do not support most aspects of it.

         As we know, no politician can be trusted regardless who or what they are. All power corrupts. If you will replace a Jewish oppressive reign for a White controlled dictatorship you will find the same sort of problems minus the racial extinction. I am in this and I hope you are too my kinsmen not only for our existence of our bloodline but for our spirit as well. Are we just out for the preservation of our race, like fighting for an endangered species or are we out for a better future for our children. I am sure many of our European brethren are just as sick of starving and being poor as we in America are. It is easy to always blame the Jew for this but there are just as many corrupt white politicians in their pocket, perhaps more. So no form of heavy handed government will prevent this, remember all power corrupts!

       So what then? I am not going to pretend like I have all the answers, no one does. But here is my idea. A Racial Democracy, like America was founded on, but with much stronger racial overtones. Our founding fathers felt no need to go into depth on this because in their day and age it was a given, but I bet if they were able to look into the future and see what this nation has become the declaration of independence would look allot like the send half of the NER!

       But to break it down, a government powered by the people not business. Ran 100% by elected white representatives, to short term periods of power with a limitation on years spent, after an individual has spent his years he would be barred from holding any governmental position again. This is how you eliminate that "power corrupts" problem and put an end to monopolising political office like we have seen many times here in America. More power allocated to local government in decisions on what is best for their local people (like it was originally intended). One aspect I do agree with from socialist governments that should be adopted would be utilities regulated and controlled by the government but locally not nationally as to eliminate it being turned into a profitable business instead of a service for the people like it should be. Laws that make sense and sentencing that is fair. I could go on and on and I probably will write something to this effect in depth but the biggest positive about this, is the idea of Freedom, of choice. Liberty to pursue happiness without the interference from the government.

     The idea of liberty both Racially and nationally is a far more convincing reason to fight then one of control and simple preservation. I know many will say this is a pipe dream but is anymore of a pipe dream then believing Americans will ever adopt National Socialism?
This is just my opinion but it is very strong. I encourage any feedback on this and any ones opinions.

Thank you.
Rev Logsdon
March 40 AC (2013)

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