Saturday, 6 April 2013

Cannon Fodder for the Fray

I have been in this struggle since I was 16-17 years old, I am 33 now. I have seen many things in these years and one of the most devastating things I have seen, is a selfish act of retaliation. With the recent denial of Rev Hale's appeal, I fear the same will happen and I NOT ONLY I Implore, but DIRECTLY ORDER that any who have this thought to NOT act upon it. Let us look at the past selfish acts of violence, without naming any given situation we can see it only leads people away from our cause. And if anyone is interested in our church because of such acts, BEWARE! I and my family have been victimised by ZOG because of such things.
When the Lefkow killings happened (that we had nothing to do with-PROVEN) the counter-terrorism task force used that as an excuse to raid my fathers home. In a very disgruntled way, they abused their power and violated a mans Constitutional Rights. A man who is a highly decorated Vietnam vet who suffers from multiple diseases and has had over 54 surgeries because a chemical they dumped on him while he was serving for the army! Still these men did what they did. Any situation you can name, an individual goes out and commits a random act of violence targeting random people, what does it lead to? A few deaths of non-whites and the death of a racially awakened white. The outcome? Multiple arrests and harassment of innocent people, future legislation's against our First Amendment.

Now I am a far from a pacifist, but I am a realist. I see a growing rise against the tide, I stand fast, as you should my Brethren. Smile in the face of adversity as you see us growing. Do not turn the other cheek and simply use it for ammunition until the day they fear comes! A man alone is nothing without a purpose and a plan, a plan and purpose is nothing without MEN! We need all to do their part to spread our truth to the people.

I have been a number many years of my life and trust me as much as you claim Honor to it, it is flawed. I spent over 5 years behind maximum security walls, including Statesville (which is 99% black) covered in WP tattoos), I have been stabbed multiple times and fought and succeeded in many endeavours within. I am here to tell you that is for not! No one knows nor understands the trails you may face. It is not the path. The path of a Creator is this- it is simple; to spread Creativity! We must reach as many as we can with our message. Simple! Of course being a realist, I understand not all of our kin will adhere to our faith as some need a false sense of something greater than themselves. However, ALL should be touched by our creed in some way. A brother in Seattle said something to me last night that I have heard before and will use it again. If common sense is common why is it so rare? A funny analogy.

Now, in closing my brothers, going back to the title, we need all of you to reach as many as possible not to be a number, a statistic, or the cause of new laws but a pioneer of truth!

Rev Logsdon MP
April 40AC (2013)

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