Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ongoing Racial Strife in Texas.... By Brother Kyle

As all of us are aware, the nations of the West are on the verge of a Racial Holy War. Many say this war is already in the process of being waged. If this is true, then it appears our race is seemingly losing this conflict in terms of casualties. Along with these dismal figures which stem from the impulsive acts of violence committed against us by our natural enemies, many of our fellow racial comrades have grown increasingly apprehensive due to the current non-White population explosion that is projected to reach its climax around the year 2050. My home state of Texas is one of five minority-majority states in the U.S.
The quotation below is from the text-linked article published by The Texas Tribune, which states:

"More than half of the 2011 Texas population, 55.2 percent, was of a race other than non-Hispanic white, according to demographic data released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau. That makes Texas one of five "minority-majority" states in the country. The release of new population estimates reveals that trend will continue to spread nationally, as 50.1 percent of babies younger than one in 2011 were a minority race."

It is no secret that the jews are behind the massive wave of third-world immivasion that undermines American national security and threatens to demolish our already unstable economy. Traitorous politicians such as Arizona Senator John McCain (who is nothing more than a cowardly sell-out, a certified kosher shill, a shabez goy -toy, a dreidel of JOG, a jewish plaything, a…. well you get the picture) continue to betray White Americans by promoting "immigration reform". McCain is actively collaborating with his liberal counterparts (the gang of eight) by promoting a (jewish) objective that demands amnesty for the 12-20 million criminal muds who have already entered the country illegally, and calls for a total overhaul of the American southern border policy. McCain and his wimpy sidekick, Lindsey Graham, will stop at nothing to please their jewish masters. And as if the sinister intentions of the puppet politicians weren’t obvious enough, under the pretentious guise of the "apocalyptic" "sequester", ICE, following the direct orders of the Department of Homeland Security, recently released 2,000 illegal immigrants that were facing deportation after being detained by law enforcement for various criminal offenses and immigration violations. DHS has indicated that it plans to release another 3,000 by the end of March. The federal government continues to exhibit a total lack of concern for the immediate safety of White Americans, along with a habitual disregard for the law and Constitution.

While these troubling observations may leave many within the Movement stricken and paralyzed with fear and pessimistic uncertainty, for me, the population statistics conjure a vision of one great historical incident in particular, in which the legendary participants found themselves in a similar situation that bears striking resemblance to the current scenario we face today. The infamous event I am referring to is of course the Texas Revolution. The White Texans were at what many would consider a severe disadvantage in their war against the mestizos to the South. The White settlers were vastly outnumbered by the Mexican forces as specifically showcased in the Battle of the Alamo. But in spite of these overwhelming odds, our courageous ancestors valiantly fought to the death and although they may have lost that particular battle, the sacrifices they made were not in vain. The scene that unfolded at the Alamo served as a motivational rallying cry for the Texas Army, and as we all know, Santa Anna’s band of brown savages were defeated at the battle of San Jacinto, and the territory of Texas then rightfully belonged to the White Man!

But today we are witnessing another all-out offensive on the behalf of the descendants of the vanquished Latinos, to retake Texas (including the states of California, Arizona, and New Mexico, which also share an unprotected "border" with Mexico) by means of invasion. Along with crime, poverty, and disease these filthy invaders bring with them an undeserved sense of entitlement. Instead of making a honest effort to gradually assimilate to the American culture by learning the national language (English), the border hoppers expect us honkys to provide them special accommodation by offering a "para espanol, marque el numero dos" option for every single encounter of daily life that requires communication through language. They take advantage of the free health care provided to
them by JOG (paid for by White tax $), yet they themselves pay absolutely no taxes. And to top it all off, the mestizo invaders harbor fanatic hatred and resentment for the "gringos" they leech off of.

My point is, today we find ourselves in a familiar situation. Like the heroic Texan soldiers who fought and died obtaining independence from Mexico, we too are vastly outnumbered by our enemies. Regardless of the number of muds we may face, the fact remains that we are inherently superior in all aspects of being. There is simply no comparison. Nature has blessed us as her finest creation. No matter how bleak the future may seem, there is no doubt in my mind that we have the potential to achieve the beautiful White society our great founder, Ben Klassen, envisioned. It is not a matter of if we will attain our Whiter and brighter World, it is a matter of when. The arrogant rat faced Jew has convinced himself that the White Race is on life support, on the brink of extinction, but little does he realize that each hostile act of aggression he afflicts against our people brings us one step closer to that cataclysmic event. The Jew has made a crucial miscalculation in his nefarious plan to exterminate the White Race. He has yet to recognize the resilience of the ancient ancestral spirit that dwells deep within our people.


Total White Victory!

Bro. Kyle

April 40AC (2013)




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