Thursday, 16 May 2013

Delusional Pipe Dreams of a White POLITICAL Revolution

  Gun control, immigration, and Obamaboo’s proposed federal budget are the three current hot topics of "debate" on Capitol Hill. "Our" elected government officials are yet again set to enact more destructive policies aimed at further advancing the Jewish agenda of White genocide. I’m sure most of you reading this are already fully aware of each bill’s objective; nevertheless I will briefly reiterate the intention of each piece of legislation.

Gun Control:                     

At the moment politicians seek to pass strict gun-control laws that will demand back ground checks for all gun purchases (specifically those sales made at gun shows, also including all private transactions), and also require all American citizens that own a firearm to register it with the Federal government, just so JOG knows whose doors to kick in when it’s confiscation time.

Immigration Reform:

These same traitorous politicians wish to grant citizenship to the 20 million (estimated statistic, most likely much higher than) non-White mestizo aliens that broke the law by entering the country illegally to begin with. These new, potential "U.S." citizens stubbornly refuse to properly assimilate into American society, and many are disease-ridden felons whose only ambitions in life consist of rape, murder and drug-dealing. Aside from the obvious consequential anarchy and destruction that will accompany mass amnesty (as if it wasn’t bad enough already), there will also be severe political repercussions, at least for White people. By importing millions of spics, the Jewish elite hope to politically disenfranchise Whites, leaving our racial values and interests irrelevant. This demographic shift is an essential part of Jewish strategy to undermine the political sentiments of White voters. The left has already begun its campaign to mobilize the mud races in my home state of Texas.

Obangos Budget: The U.S. is over $16 trillion in debt to the Jew-owned and controlled Federal Reserve (Yes, $16 trillion! $16,000,000,000,000! That’s a 14 figure deficit!), and is nearing $17 trillion. Instead of making serious budget cuts and trying to reduce spending, or simply just abolishing the Fed, "our" mulatto president wants to increase funding for welfare entitlement programs, and foreign aid. The plan is to cut spending to federal programs that will have a profoundly negative impact on White families, while making sure the niggers and all the other lazy, shiftless muds are well fed and subsidized. And welfare expenses are expected to continually increase at a rapid rate, especially once the treasonous politicians in D.C. grant amnesty to the millions of illegal wetback invaders, who come to America not to work and earn an honest living, but to take advantage of the numerous benefits generously offered up by JOG in the form of local, state, and federal "assistance" programs so they can continue to pop out more state-dependent mud babies. Also, let’s not forget JOG’s charitable foreign aid policy, which obviously Obama has no intentions of decreasing. Au contraire! Thanks to zealous lobbying efforts on behalf of AIPAC, Obango plans to INCREASE the flow of tax payer dollars to Israel from $8 million a day to $11 million.

It’s fairly evident that all three legislative proposals are strategic maneuvers that the Jews intend to deploy against Whites. The fact that all three of these issues have the support of not only the "minority" population, but a good portion of the White population, is troubling. So, we as a race must respond accordingly to the tidal wave of anti-White aggression that threatens to drown us. But many of our racial brethren are confused and belief the salvation of our people lies within the political spectrum. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Can we ever expect a pro-White candidate running for any major political office to receive the required number of votes necessary to win an election? Fat chance. Not in today’s multicultural democracy, where the combined population of non-Whites greatly exceeds that of Whites. Any pro-White politician would certainly have a hard time convincing the mud races to vote for any platform that advocates White interests, much less any platform that seeks to end their free handouts and that calls for their deportation. Whites will not regain control of their nations by pleading for the votes of non-Whites. NO, the solution is not a political one, but a religious one. And the rotten disease of christ-insanity must be replaced by the dynamic creed of Creativity. Once our people are united under the common banner of the Church, we will retake our lands either by peaceful means or by means of force.


Bro. Kyle
May 40AC (2013)  


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