Wednesday, 19 June 2013

An Honest Assessment of Popular Christian Concepts ......By Brother Kyle


From my perspective, there are two sects of Christians, the mainstream Israel-first Christian Zionist crowd, and the racially-aware CI crowd. While the racially-aware Christians appear to be a step up from the diluted herd of mindless Christian Zionists, the CI ilk still has a skewed pattern of thought. The problem is that they put their Jewish spook higher than racial loyalty on their totem pole of priorities.

 It is beyond me how they could be so gullible as to fall for the mythical fables espoused in their book of fairy tales. Now, I have heard some Christians exclaim that the wild stories recorded in the bible were not originally intended to be taken literally, that they are for philosophical purposes only. Well if that is the case, I suppose I, along with the majority of most individuals, somehow overlooked the forward written by Gawd at the beginning of the Bible affirming such intents. And seeing as his "philosophical" teaching have been drastically taken out of context by a major portion of his followers, maybe Gawd should have put forth a more concerted effort to ensure that there was no room for any accidental misinterpretation of his biblical anecdotes.

 Even if the loony fables were intended only for philosophical implications, what exactly can we take from these teachings? Regardless of the validity of such biblical fairy tales, the fact remains that the Christian philosophy is a suicidal one, one that contradicts all aspects of the eternal laws laid forth by Nature.

On the topic of Christian Identity, I'm about as inclined to believe the boot-lip groids claiming they are the true (black) Hebrew Israelites as I am to believe that Aryans were the true Israelites. Both groups base their claims on their own wishful interpretations of the Jew-manufactured scriptures. I, just as Klassen, cannot understand why anyone would wish ancestral connection to this incestuous tribe of pimps, thieves, and liars to begin with.

 Nevertheless, these same Xstains like to claim the Jews have perverted their religion. If that is true, why the hell would Yahweh allow the Jews to corrupt his word that was originally intended for Whites? Just like the unanswered question concerning the creation of Satan, why the hell would the almighty spook even create the Jews, or any of the mud races to begin with? Why do these "Christian Patriots" even give a damn about the survival and well-being of the White Race when this is obviously a worldly affair, which is brief and insignificant, in comparison to their next guaranteed eternal life in heaven (only granted if they are a good submissive Christian pacifists and abide by the strict, precise demands of their Jewish master)? Truth is, their religion has proven itself a highly instrumental tool that has been utilized by the Jews to instigate and further the destruction of our race.

 How do they respond when confronted with this honest observation? Why, by calling us Christ-bashing atheists, and by proclaiming that the Jewish communists were atheists, so naturally that must accordingly mean that we are Christ-bashing Jewish atheistic commies. Jewsus-Christ-dewitz, give me a break. See, by making this asinine assertion they are attempting to divert the attention and topic of conversation away from the fact that they are unable to conjure an intelligent rebuttal in response to the original questions.

 In regards to the "atheist" misnomer which is maliciously hurled at us by these Christian zealots, I would suggest that they read our founder’s article, "We are not atheists, we are Creators!" published in Racial Loyalty Issue 4 (See Expanding Creativity , a compilation of issues # 1-12.) along with Rev. Hales excellent editorial piece A Short Response to ''A Critique of Creativity''

 I would also highly recommend that our critics also read the entire collection of Church Holy Books (found online here. Also available for purchase here at the Creator Storefront).

 The communist accusations might hold relevant if we were advocating the Judeo-Marxist principles of multiculturalism, egalitarianism, and blatant White hatred, but obviously this is not the case, since we fully reject these hostile ideologies. When it comes down to it, the need to believe in an all-powerful, almighty gawd that dictates and controls every situational aspect of an individual’s life is a sure fire sign of personal weakness on the behalf of said individual. Sure, there have been a few historical events, such as the crusades (a common subject brought up by those who seek to defend x-insanity), may have had some minor religious implications partially related to Christianity, but I can assure you that the victorious outcomes enjoyed by our ancestors in these historical events were the result of their healthy racial instincts and were accomplished in spite of their suicidal religion, not because of it.

 These natural instincts could not be suppressed, but had our White ancestors followed the literal teachings of Christ, and turned the other cheek to the hordes of invading Muslim Orcs, Europe would have today be known as "Euro-Abia". There is no doubt, had our White ancestors possessed the dynamic religious gift of Creativity, the world would be a completely different place, but unfortunately our race can be found in its pitiful current condition largely due to its collective spiritual acceptance of a foreign Semitic religion as its own. This alien religion has been the primary cause behind the disastrous, unnatural phenomenon of White racial altruism. Our people must be cleansed and purified of this cancerous mental disease, and reintroduced to the realm of reality. And Creativity is the religious mediator we must utilize to accomplish this significant feat.

On an off topic side-note, I feel it necessary to reiterate the official policy of The Church which clearly states:

 "THE CREATIVITY MOVEMENT is a Professional, Non-Violent, Progressive Pro-White Religion. We promote White Civil Rights, White Self-Determination, and White Liberation via 100% legal activism. We do not promote, tolerate, nor incite illegal activity"

 I, as a law-abiding citizen and member of TCM, adhere to the policy established in the above statement, and take it very seriously. Any previous references to violence made by me in any of my previous articles are merely observational statements, and are not, in any way, an attempt on my behalf to incite or encourage violent, illegal acts or actions. Should I say something to the effect that many White Americans are beginning to awaken from their slumber and have come to the realization that a drastic armed uprising may be necessary in order to protect and retain their constitutional rights and individual liberties from the tyrannical, oppressive Jewish Occupied Government, as reported in the recent article 

"Nearly 30% of Americans advocate for an armed rebellion", this does not mean that I am personally encouraging any TCM members
or anyone for that matter, to go out and commit illegal acts against the U.S. government or any of its citizens. On the contrary, I discourage and condemn any and all forms of illegal activities which, as stated by other Church members on numerous occasions, only prove detrimental to our cause and give the controlled media outlets more ammunition that will be used against us with the underlying intent being to discredit the motives and legal credibility of our Church.

 As I said, I am simply making an observational statement, which is no different than those made and reported by the various news agencies. I apologize if anyone has mistakenly misinterpreted any past article exerts, for deliberate insinuations of illegal activities. I will say it again, one last time, we, myself included, do not advocate, nor condone any illegal activities. Thank you.

Total White Victory!

Brother Kyle




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