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Interview with Michelle Erstikaitis-Lisson

 Michelle can you give our readers a summary as to why you are infamous?

I am infamous for several different reasons, such as my checkered past, notorious people that I have been associated and affiliated with, as well as my seemingly incongruous work in politics.

 In the past two years I have received press for reasons other than my troubled past, including my work in the last Federal election for the Progressive Conservatives, which was mentioned in Maclean's magazine.

 Most recently I had an interview with Toronto Sun reporter Michele Mandele about my deceased friend Ashley Smith.

 Ashley committed suicide at nineteen years of age in Grand Valley Prison for women while Correctional Officers stood at her door watching and filming her in October 2007. Not only was Ashley Smith my friend, but I was there on the day that she died, in the cell next door to her. I was the last person she ever spoke to.

The Anti-Racist Canada blog recently posted a piece about you, once again bringing up your past, they have not moved on, have you?

Yes I have certainly moved on from my past, as the media writing about my political involvement proves. The ARC tirelessly reference my past as a way to keep from legitimizing me politically, because they know that they have reason to fear me.

The repeated Paul Bernardo mentions are antiquated, because as a Goth teenager in the 90s I was fascinated by horror movies and serial killers and I started writing to Bernardo because I thought it would be cool to write to a serial killer. Then one day my friends and I foolishly thought it would be amusing to place a prank phone call to the mother of one of Bernardo's victims and I was charged. We also pranked Bernardo's mother, but were not charged. The reason the ARC mentions of Bernardo are antiquated is because the 90s were a very long time ago- most people in the WN movement were just small children back then.

 Of course, unfortunately an acquaintance of mine who is also fascinated with serial killer culture was recently charged in the homosexually motivated murder of a Chinese man. Naturally I am referring to Luka Magnotta, and I wish it to be known that I do NOT support Luka at all, I am disgusted by his homosexuality and his crime.

 The ARC had access to my private Facebook profile recently and discovered a link between myself and Luka, which surprised them because they had recently written about Luka because of his StormFront posts. When they wrote about him, they mentioned that he reminded them of me... but what they don't know is that Luka was on StormFront BECAUSE of me, trying to get my attention. He use to pursue me online and ask me out, and I had posted on StormFront a couple of years ago as Snowhitevil .

 Of course he is NOT a White Nationalist, but he knows that I am,so that is how a freak like him came to invade our political world. Because Luka has made the news recently, my connection to him has given the ARC fodder to once again reference my past.

Once again referring to the ARC blog post about you, they imply that you are not a racial loyalist or politically aware or active, care to respond?

 My response is to laugh uproariously, because the notion that I am not politically aware or active is outrageous. My political involvement is well known and documented in the media. There are public photos of me working on the Progressive Conservative Federal election campaign in 2011, and the ARC chooses to ignore this because it clearly makes them nervous that a woman who has been involved in Federal politics actually supports White Nationalism.

 Do you subscribe to any white based religion such as Creativity or Odinism?

Historically I have been heavily into Occultism and Wicca, although my practice has diminished over the last year. However, I do believe in God and I agree with certain tenets of the Baptist faith, particularly their rigid position against homosexuality. I have only just learned recently of Creativity, and so far I certainly find it to be compelling and insightful.

  What role do you see yourself playing in the WN movement?

 I believe that because of my fairly ample experience working in all three levels of government politics (I.E. municipal, provincial and federal as well as the political science degree that I am currently working on at a Toronto University, I will be invaluable in assisting the men in the movement who have political ambitions on a lofty scale. Paul Fromm is planning to run in another election fairly soon and I will be providing assistance to him.

 Another role that I would like to assume is as a friend to any of the distressed youth in the WN movement. I would like it to be known that my phone number is available to anyone who needs to talk, if they just want someone to listen or if they need advice. Nothing shocks me, I have been there and done that.

We have a lot of Goth teenagers in the movement, and it was not so long ago that I was a suicidal Goth myself: I've still got the scars to prove it. As a service to the memory of my deceased friend Ashley Smith, I am available at ALL HOURS to anyone in the movement who needs to talk: to obtain my phone number, please telephone Paul Fromm at 905-566-4455 and ask him for it.
Is there anything else you would like to say? 
Just one more thing. All of the WN drama and infighting needs to stop, NOW. We are all in this movement for a common purpose, and if we do not stand together as brothers and sisters should, we will never become organized. If we do not become organized, we will get nowhere, and we will accomplish nothing.

Those in the movement who are not willing to respect and protect their brothers and sisters should leave the movement right now, because they are not our friends and they are dragging us down. Just remember: he or she who is against her own brother is not to be trusted, and is not a person you should want fighting beside you in battle. Even if you do not personally contribute to infighting, you can help stop it by telling your friends that you don't want to hear the drama, that we are all brothers and sisters.


White Pride World Wide
 Michelle Erstikaitis-Lisson 
 June 2013



Former Paul Bernardo fan charged in US Consulate attack...Toronto Sun

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  1. You seriously know Luka? I wish I did.

  2. I take it you are asking Irstikatis that question. Her interactions with Magnotta are documented in the interview, insofar as I know. I wish you knew Magnotta as well, he could chop you up send your body parts to some politicians and you would be famous like the Asian kid. Why would you worship such a pussy like Magnotta? Put him in General Population!

  3. Why would you say something so awful when all I did was ask a question? Michelle likes Bernardo who is far worse of a person than Luka so I don't know how you're fine with that yet are saying I deserve to be killed. He is not a "pussy", and I wish people would leave him alone and just stop already with the hate. I admire him because he is intelligent, wise, unique, emotionally strong, compassionate, and gentle. He went through Hell growing up and has never been able to catch a break or be truly happy, yet he stays optimistic and offers consolation and advice to others. Unlike almost all other murderers he's not a monster, he's simply a mentally ill man who turned to murder. I am able to see good in him and unfortunately others are not. I don't even care now whether Michelle knew him or not and I'm not reading anymore of this blog or commenting. I don't appreciate you saying what you did. Since you and her hate Luka, I resent you as well and want nothing to do with you ever again. Thanks for being nasty for no reason whatsoever, totally appreciate it.

    1. I would say something "so awful" because anyone who worships Magnotta is a mental defect and the world would be a better place without you in it. As for me being fine with Bernardo, I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion? I interviewed her, it is not the place of an interviewer to interject his/her opinion,at least it shouldn't be. But since you brought it up... Bernardo should be put into general population so he could be raped and tortured,everything he did to those girls times 10! Your patronage to this blog will be greatly missed but we will try to carry on.

    2. "I admire him because he is intelligent, wise, unique, emotionally strong, compassionate, and gentle".

      Did you see the murder video he filmed and uploaded online? I've seen it, and it was extremely disturbing. Not only did he stab the man dozens of times with an ice-pick, he also filmed himself dismembering him with a kitchen knife, and at one point in the video, he filmed himself having anal sex with the dead mans torso. The head, arms, and legs had already been completely removed, and he's f**king the ass of the torso. There is also a video of Mr. "compassionate" lovingly petting some cute little kittens before sticking them in a clear plastic bag and then using a vacuum to suck all the air out of it while he watched and filmed the poor things literally suffocating to death. Yep, a compassionate and gentle man indeed. By the way, there are millions of kids who went through hell growing up who NEVER did the things Magnotta did. What is it with peoples fascination and obsession with psychopaths?

  4. Lmfao, Michelle's "position" on homosexuality is absolutely hilarious, I am a female prisoner from grand valley institution. I did time with Michelle I spent about 5 days with her in gen pop where we had a brief romantic encounter, yes I ducked her pussy and she LOVED IT! SO much that when we were in seg together and after I was released she continued to write me love letter. Obviously this is not my proudest moment, but her white nationalist I hate homos from is FAKE. she asked me if I'd marry her under the apple tree outside the parole trailer. Xoxo carrot muffin

    1. I don't doubt it. She is bat shit crazy. "Ducked"?