Thursday, 18 July 2013

Love, Honor and Loyalty By Rev Logsdon

My Brothers and Sisters, one of the hardest things for our brethren to embrace is Love. Most of those in this cause are in it as you know for the wrong reasons. As I have stated many times before, they are social outcasts that never fit into and groups or social circles growing up. They were isolated and felt abanded. They find the white power movement so easily excepting so these people enter it only to fill that void they never recieved in life. Many join simply out of hatred and anger at a system that has betrayed them. Some join as a form of rebellion from that system, family and society. Others join simply out of boredom, as a hobby. These reasons are fleeting and do not last. As the person will abandon this cause as those emotions abandon his or her hearts and minds. Or they find a new outlet to fill those needs. The only true emotion that should drive you is that of Love.
    Love is not fleeting, it is emotion that when truly felt fills you with a sense of pride, of warmth and a deep sense of postivity. A feeling that can only be defeated by yourself. Love does not show resentment, it does not despise or cause loathing. Love can however cause hate and hostility for those that betray it and put it in danger. Hate without love is the most dangerous however, not only for others but for yourself. Love of ones race must be solidified with and I dislike using terms so commonly associated with christian values, but it must be filled with hope and faith. Hope that our people will realise their worth and importance. Faith that our actions will not be in vain, that we will carry on and see a better future. For without these love will only lead to depression from fear of our destruction. But when fully realised, understood and embraced you will find that true power to change the world. One of the strongest emotions attached to Love is Honor.

    It is a way of life, a code one lives his life behind. A code of conduct, of image and prestige. Ones honor will give him the courage to stand his ground, to defeat his foes and protect that which he loves. It is Honor that maintains our respectibility that seperates us from the animals without it. A man without honor is a man with nothing. Honor in the face of life and death have moved the wheels of time and have broke the bonds of fate. There is no more greater deed then that of Honor and no greater humiliation and loss then that of DisHonor. Honor is courage in the face of danger, honor is never betraying that which you love, honor is what seperates a man from a boy. It is also what causes the sometimes misguided but just as powerful emotion and action of Loyalty.
     It is what keeps one going even upon the edge of defeat. It is Loyalty that makes a man stand when others run. It is Loyalty that maintains the family unit by remaining true to ones spouse. It is Loyalty which keeps what one loves alive, when others would not maintain it. Loyalty is what seperates Hero's from cowards. Loyalty to ones friends, to his family, to his people is one of the greatest Honors. Loyalty is what keeps a man going when everythiong thing else says quit. It is Loyalty that defys all others who say give up. Loyalty is looked upon as foolish by those that do not have it! Loyalty can be given freely but rarely earned, but one only earns Loyalty by showing Loyalty
My Brothers and Sisters, Love, Honor and Loyalty are our keys to success. One without the other is a falsehood. Because one can never truly exist without the other. Love without honor and loyalty is pointless. Honor without love and loyalty is fruitless. Loyalty without honor and love is Lie. But once you fully understand, embrace and bond all together it becomes a driving force very few can challenge or sway. It is something that will carry you even past death and live on in hearts and minds of those who have effected. It is Immortal. Every great man or woman in history have had these things driving them as we need them if we will succeed. There is no threat, no weapon, no enemy we cannot defeat if with we have Love, Loyalty and Honor driving us.
Rev James Logsdon
July 40AC (2013)


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