Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Creator Craig Cobb fired for his Racial activism

After the following story came out my friend Craig Cobb was fired from his job. His employer even admitted that it was not for his behavior at work but his off work racial activism.

Neo-Nazi Seeks To Turn Depressed North Dakota Town Into His Very Own Commune Of Racism And Hate

Leith residents want white supremacist out; he says he is staying

Please contact his former employer at the phone number and address below and ask him to give Craig his job back because Craig has every right to do racial activism outside of work.

April Gaede


Message from Craig Cobb

Here is a test for nationwide White Nationalists. This is the owner of Border States Paving, Dan Thompson, who fired me. I'd appreciate it if you'd call and email him that I should be re-hired, because I am a Creator and was merely practicing the precepts of my religion as laid out by Ben Klassen, and doing it while off the job. There are dozens of positive and comparative mentions about NS, the Third Reich and Hitler in our holiest books. I am a Creator, not a "Neo-Nazi". The lying SPLC knows this fact.

His number is PHONE (701) 237-4860 OR (800) 245-5965 Free . I am sure his voice mail box will fill up rapidly, so here are the emails.

 Fax (701) 237-0233
Border States Paving, Inc. :: Official Site
4101 32nd St N Fargo, ND 58102

If he thinks WN's are nobodies, I will make direct appeals to all oil workers and truck drivers in the Bakken oil counties of Western ND and to the county purchasing agents who hand Mr. Thompson tens of millions of dollar contracts every year--that he is anti-worker rights. If enough oil workers and truck drivers call and email county purchasing agents and authorities and tell them that Border States Paving should not be receiving any road building contracts for 2014, this will have very real impact.

I ask all WN to call or email or petition and to get their friends. I ask Jeff Schoep and NSM88, Terrible Tommy Metzger and all his thousands of lone Wolves, April Gaede and her friends and fans,
Vanguard News Network Forum and all Alex Linders friends and supporters, David Duke's supporters, Stormfront - White Nationalist Community , Golden Dawn, Jamie Kelso and his massive White News Now White News Now - The Front Page
out of Fargo, the very same city where multimillionaire Dan Thompson's "Border States Paving" is based. I ask the help of the general public too, if you are or are not WN. Thank You.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
Henry Ford


  1. Letter to Border States paving..........

    I have been informed that you have terminated Craig Cobb because of his Racial activism. Brother Cobb is a Creator and is just practicing his chosen Religion as is protected under the American constitution. Would you have terminated a Muslim or Jew for trying to expand and advance their Religion? Hopefully White people start standing up to corporate whores like yourself, spread the word about you and stop using your service. It would be great to see Brother Cobb take you to court for Religious discrimination and collect a large payment.

    Brother Smith
    Creativity Movement Toronto

    1. CANADA

      Paul Fromm, B.A., B.Ed., M.A. Director

      August 27, 2013

      Dan Thompson,

      Border States Paving,

      4101 32nd St N.,

      Fargo, ND 58102

      Re: The Firing of Craig Cobb

      Dear Mr. Thompson:

      I am the director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Canada's foremost free speech advocacy group. Your former employee Craig Cobb, a dual U.S. - Canadian citizen, was charged under Canada's thought control laws, the so-called "hate law." He was targeted for You Tube postings of his rightwing political and religious views.

      Although Canada has an undeserved reputation for “human rights”, it throws dissidents in rison for the non-violent expression of their political views. You might wish to Google the names of such political prisoners as Brad Love, Terry Tremaine and Arthur Topham In some cases of political dissent the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled neither truth nor intent are defences.

      In late 2010, Mr. Cobb wisely returned to the U.S. He is a hard worker.

      I am writing to protest your decision to fire Craig Cobb from your company. Apparently, he was told it was not because of job performance. He was recently the subject of some overblown press reports. Your firing of Mr. Cobb violates his First Amendment rights to hold and express his political or religious views on his own time.

      Your action is unfair and would seem to impose political correctness on your employees. I urge you, in the name of fairness, to re-instate him.

      Sincerely yours,

      Paul Fromm

    2. Great reply Paul! Thompson's actions show how the JEW $$$ puts pressure on cowardly whites to oppress their own kind. Pathetic!

  2. Dear Mr. Thompson,

    Please reconsider the employment of Craig Cobb. He is only trying to do what our Country is not: ensuring a safe place to raise the children it's founding people. He should be commended not punished. You said yourself he was not terminated on grounds relating to an inability to complete his daily duties; you would have a nasty lawsuit on your hands had you done this to any member of a "minority" group.

    Thank you for your time,

    Richard M.

  3. Is Craig Cobb really part black? I'm just wondering.