Friday, 9 August 2013

Honesty, Without Compromise....By Rev Logsdon

It is always a common practice for an author to exaggerate any given situation. But to falsely lead is never a good thing. When the reader is to find out the truth he not only feels betrayed but all worthwhile lessons are lost due to deception. One thing you will always get from me is truth and honesty. Same as our faith in Creativity. It delivers hard, cold, calculated facts based on historical, biological and cultural accuracies.

 One thing we can never do is dance around the truth, like so many of our enemies make their careers out of. I understand there is salesmanship and presentation to any idea or program, but we must always hold true to the ideal of what our faith teaches and that my brothers and sisters is REALITY. Whether we like it or not. We understand that we are losing and losing bad! We understand we are fighting a steep uphill battle that will shake the very foundations of or existence. And if we do prevail we will prove once and for all that we are natures finest.

Let me give you a story of honesty, both based in shame and pride upon myself. When I was 15 years old I was not living at home, I moved out at 14 years old as I came from a very violent upbringing. My father a disgruntled combat Vietnam vet, was going through extreme struggles with disability, surgeries and alcoholism. So I could not take it and moved out, lived many different places mainly with whatever guy my sister was dating that week. Without going into more details of my young life, I will get to the point of the story.

 Once again when I was 15 my sister was dating a man who was in a wheelchair. he had no use of his legs but had allot of money, hence why my sister was dating him. His money mainly came from drug deals, this man despite being a cripple was a degenerate. He screwed over my sister quite
good and she came to me and my friend and asked us to get back and him without hurting him as he played the cripple part good despite being said degenerate.

 So we went and wrecked his lake house pretty good. Two days later an article came out in the paper about it, entitled "burglars rob and pillage". I went to my fathers house, as we still talked frequently even though I didn’t live there. My sister was there going on and on about this person did it and this person did that, in regards to the article. My dad just listened, I sat quietly. When she paused he turned to me and asked me "did you do it?". Before I tell you my response I will turn back to a lesson he taught me long ago in my youth. I have told many of you readers this so forgive me repeating myself. But he told me this "you can lie to me, you can lie to your mom, to your teachers, to your friends. One person you cannot lie to is yourself. When you lay your head down at night you have to live with yourself."

 That is a lesson that has always stuck with me. So my answer to my father was of course yes. He got up slammed a few things around then came over and I expected a fight, but he reached his hand out for mine. He shook it and said he couldn’t be mad at me because I was honest. That followed me a long way.

Of course there is a restriction to this law and that is when it affects others. Silence is never dishonest. When put in a situation of danger in regards to law enforcement, then silence is your best virtue never dishonesty. Understand my brothers my point to the story and this article is one of honesty, mainly towards yourself. You can never know who you are without it! If you view yourself in a dishonest, altered light you are only lying to yourself. So remain true. That my brethren is true honesty, true honor, without compromise! Trust in your honesty, and keep your honor true!


Rev Logsdon

June 40AC (2013)



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