Thursday, 15 August 2013

Political Salvation..... By Rev Logsdon

     Brothers and Sisters, I have never sought politics in anyway. I find it hypocritical to complain endlessly about how corrupt our political system is, then turn around and want to be a part of that same system. To try to run for office and be a part of what most know is a far disease ridden unsalvageable system, or to support certain politicians as a lone voice in a sea of adversaries that will fight any good he tries to do... I find that hopeless. It is like throwing a good apple into a barrel of bad apples, what will happen is inevitable.  I have always chosen the path of religion, religion has proven itself to be far more powerful and durable then any political system. Regimes and political ideologies rise and fall with the change of the wind, the change mutates never staying the same course or the same direction. They are easily manipulated and corrupted. That is why I chose Creativity as my path. However, I am willing to give my opinion on what works and doesnt work in todays society.  

  This is my opinion and I hope some can take use of it if not just a passing thought. Either way politics like anything can only grow if their are those willing to put in the work.
            Ok let us first examine the American two party system. As we know it is flawed. Filled with corropt rich individuals who only seek to further their goals. Mostly financial but some simply want to change society and do not need the money. Most of these types are extreme narccicists who feel they know whats best for you, yet some just like immune to the shear power and publicity. Either way all power corrupts in its own fashion and no one is immune to that.


       I am not going to do a history lesson here on how and when the rise and fall of both parties. Leave that to those who obviously cannot figure out how we got here, those who want to debate on this and that searching desperatly for what to do instead of making a decision on, What to do now! Many of us in the White racialist cause get tied up into this downward spiral of regurgitating information to one another without ever presenting a solution or fighting for one. Us at The Creativity Movement should defy such actions whenever we can. As is with this. Getting back to the point. The two party system has turned into conglomerations, businesses that seek only to enrich themselves and not the people. We need to first and foremost direct people away from the ying and yang system of american politics. We do not have the power, the media or the financial backing. Even the Tea party was formed from the conservative right republican party. So it contains the same curroptness and disease. No we need to think more simple, more local.

      By developing a new local system free from political curroption that comes with ties to a larger political party. Yes, you lose the promotion of a larger entity. But in the end you gain the backing from who all these curropt politicians should of been fighting for and that is the PEOPLE! But many will ask how? For one you cannot fight them on the national level in anyway. Like a flea trying to fight and elephant, you might get a taste of blood now and then but at the end of the day, your still a flea and they are still an elephant. Let me give you an example of an idea for localised propaganda:

Dear Citizen,
I come to you today with a message of hope and determination. I seek to serve the people of this community and this community ONLY. I hold no loyalty to any political party or any purpose that does not serve this community better. Whether they are Democrat or Republican they owe their first loyalty and purpose solely to their political party. Not to the people, they may say otherwise but it is a lie and their actions speak volumes to their true purpose. The two party system has become a billion dollar business for both sides that only line the pockets of those same politicians. We elected them to represent the people of our community, to aid and serve Our community and what have they done other then serve themselves and their political agendas

          I propose this to you, elect someone that will serve this community and this community ONLY! Someone that if elected will not fight for one side or the other but instead do nothing else but what is for the greater good of this community. Our party is and shall be local and only serve the people of this community. Our representatives will be from here and live here. Not represent us from afar. We elect Senators to represent our state, yet they move to Washington DC and are suppose to represent our state, our communities that they dont even know! This is lunacy that must end! We do not have a history of curroption or greed, like the two party system has. We will listen to the needs and wants of people in this community. Because we seek only to serve you THE PEOPLE.
Blah, blah... I am sure most of you get the jist of that and it would follow with a more personalized message as like replacing "our community" would be replaced with your home town. Of course it would also be followed with the message of purpose (ideas, plans etc ) that would aid the community.

      If you want to put a party then choose one that signifys that loaclity of the party, say like your home name party, or something that symbolizes your community would give some credence. For example here in Bloomington I could put BloNo peoples party, Heartland community party, land of lincoln party, etc. And touch on issues that effect people personally, obviously. Your running for mayor or city council, mention the local unemployment and bringing more oppurtunities into it, road conditions, traffic, crime, whatever might effect the people and gain their interest.
Now as I stated before I personally dont seek political means with my message or goals. But if one does I ask you to consider these ideas with moving forward. Quit fighting the battle on a bigger scale and think smaller, local. Stop trying to jump to the finish line and take your first steps. Gotta crawl before you walk. I hope that gives some insight, ideas and inspires, if not just another opinion.
 Thank you,
 Rev Logsdon
Aug 40AC ( 2013)

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