Sunday, 18 August 2013

Rev Matt Hale's Attorneys File Petition At Supreme Court! Aug 40AC(2013)

Attorneys for Reverend Matt Hale filed a petition for a writ of certiorari at the Supreme Court of the United States today, asking the high court to review the decision of the Seveneth Circuit Court of Appeals that wrongly turned down Reverend Hale's bid for freedom this past March.

 Reverend Matt Hale is the foremost religious prisoner of conscience in America today. From 1996 until 2003, he led the World Church of the Creator, then the fastest growing pro-white organization in America. Referred to by some as "the White man's Nelson Mandela,"

 Reverend Hale has been imprisoned now for over ten years in solitary confinement on trumped up charges that he supposedly solicited the murder of Chicago federal judge Joan Lefkow in late 2002. However, there is no evidence that any such solicitation occurred and Reverend Hale has consistently maintained and proven his innocence since his arrest.

Nevertheless, rather than obey their oaths to treat all who appear before them fairly and impartially, the courts have thus far refused to free him because of disdain for his beliefs and because of the political fallout that would ensue were it admitted that Reverend Hale, a controversial advocate of worldwide White racism, was denied a fair trial and has been unjustly imprisoned.

 In other words, the federal judiciary has thus far refused to free an obviously innocent man so as to maintain the fiction that one of the most esteemed leaders of the pro-White cause is guilty and that the American people are blessed with a "justice" system that deserves their respect.

      The petition filed at the Supreme Court asks the high court to review his case on two essential grounds:

  1) That he was excluded without his consent from nearly half of the jury selection process, thus violating his Fifth Amendment right to be present at all critical stages of his trial and

 2) That the Seventh Circuit made a major mistake of fact in its ruling against Hale that so grossly distorted Hale's case as to deny him an effective review of his appeal, violating his Fifth Amendment (due process) rights.

 A decision as to whether the high court will take the case is expected in the fall.

      From his prison cell at the infamous "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colorado, Reverend Hale had this to say:

      " The issues that we are presenting to the Supreme Court are extremely important ones, not just for me but for the rights of all criminal defendents in federal court. No American should be tried in absentia as I was and every American should receive a fair hearing of his case regardless of whatever views he holds."  

For a copy of the petition for a writ of Certiorari at the Supreme Court of the United States, email


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