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Interview with TCM Croatia


1.) Tell us something about your chapter, for how long have you been active, what are your activities?

Well, TCM Croatia was formed in 2006, although I must say that gained most success in recruitment and activism in last few years. We mostly do propaganda work, from writing articles, publishing our magazine and website, some audio and video propaganda, translating Creator books,... We also have our music band that we are proud of, Invictus, that plays Creativity inspired rock music. Mostly our activism is based upon propaganda work, and I think we have set a ground work for future activities.

2.) Do you work with other organizations in your country?

There are no such orgs here we could work with. In fact I don’t think there is any org here that promotes white racial loyalty. Sad but true.

3.) As a European, how do you implement to your circumstances some precepts that mostly apply to US when Klassen wrote them?
Not quite sure what you mean by that. Creativity is universal White Man’s religion, not a regional religion. It doesn’t apply to US or Europe exclusively, it applies to the whole world. Our ideas are same in US, Europe of Africa. The only difference is strategy. We have different laws here, a minimum or no free speech at all, we have to be very careful what we say in public. Everything is more ‘underground’ here. Also, one difference is that Europe is still filled with nationalists who are against white cooperation. But we don’t care much about them, they are destined to fall in the long run. As I’ve said it, major difference is lack of free speech and we have to work with that burden.
4.) Croatia has a troubled past, you are probably the only country in Europe that went through full scale war to gain freedom from communist regime. You also fought off Serbian aggression. What can you tell us about your relations with Serbia these days?

Not much to say, the war has ended, there will always be some political tensions here and then, but situation is stabilized. We don’t cooperate with Serbs, but we aren’t making propaganda against them either. Whoever tries to harm our people will feel our wrath, not matter who we are talking about. Don’t mess with us, and everything will be fine, lol. We have fought with Turks, the Ottoman empire for 500 years, and they never managed to conquer our country, while many others fell, that speaks for itself. Unfortunately we are weak when it comes to preserve our nation’s interests through peace and politics, like today when our country has been sold cheap to EU.

5.) What do you think of whole European Union concept?

Well, political union of European countries is not a bad thing. Europe has to be united against foreign threats. But this EU has nothing to do with Europe. They promote multiracialism, mass immigration and egalitarianism. It is a completely Jewish creation, the whole purpose of it is to easily control all our countries from one place through unified parliament, constitution and laws. European economy is completely devastated, all of the industry has been sold to the Far East, for interest of a chosen few. Pathetic.
6.) There is still a big influence of Christianity in Europe, many in nationalist circles, and I suppose in your country also. How do you plan to recruit those people to Creativity?

The majority of those people only declare themselves as Christians, but in fact are hypocrites, they know nothing of their religion. Many people say they are Christians just because of tradition, they are not real followers of that philosophy. When you think of it, that is not a problem, because we want people that think for themselves, people that do not compromise and lie to themselves. If I would declare myself a Creator and behave opposite of what Creativity teaches, I would be hypocrite. Same with Christians. Creativity is about revolution of values and changing of our people’s thinking and way of reasoning. Those who manage to do that, they are cadre for us. We don’t need wide public approval, we are not heading for votes, we are not political party, we need only activists that will devote part of their time for spreading of our creed, and thus saving our race. We are ideological and religious movement, we do not compromise, that is where our strength is.

7.) I know you have been rather active in cooperating with other national chapters on international propagation of Creativity. What are your experiences working with other chapters?

Well, experiences are mostly positive, we mainly worked with US and Polish Chapters, and Slovakian one when it was still active. It’s all about individuals, an organization is active as much as their members are. There are always certain individuals that make things go further. We need such people who are organizers and motivators for other members.

8.) What do you think of current downfall of Creativity that lasts for a decade now? When will we fully recuperate?

Creativity really went south back then, but we are still here though. It is however very unclear to me why the huge loss of members and chapters happened. How is possible that whole national chapter, one of the largest in the world, disappears just like that? I am talking about Ruthenia section, for example. I know they were under huge pressure from ZOG, but still, you can lower your activities for a year or two, but no word for the past 8 years? Same with many others, US chapters too. Retreat, recuperate, reorganize and fight back.

Interview by TCM Europe
Originally published in IMPERIUM
The Creativity Movement online Magazine

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