Monday, 21 October 2013

White Mans Bible Banned in Canada?

A recent article found in The Daily Mail UK titled....

 Amazon has now been revealed to sell Holocaust denial and white supremacist literature.

In this article Creativity's Holy books are discussed as well as the assertion that the White Mans Bible is banned in Canada.


"MailOnline’s own investigation also uncovered several white supremacist-promoting materials with the following titles.
Building a Whiter and Brighter World, The White Man’s Bible, and Expanding Creativity, which – despite its innocuous title – is actually the latest in a series of writing to which the two books named just before it belong.

The WMB’s description boasts that is banned in Canada and is ‘considered as most dangerous literature for modern liberal values.’
The description further states that some ‘areas of concern are extremely important to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race' are detailed in its pages"

"Part of a series: These two books, along with Expanding Creativity promote an all-white religion with the goal of an all-white world population"


It is good to see Creativity's Holy books available for all to read and at cheap prices. I bought Natures Eternal Religion for 3.99  last year. The White Mans Bible, Expanding Creativity and Building a Whiter and Brighter World were not available at the time. We can only hope that Amazon does not bend to the censorship demands coming from the usual cast of Anti-White/ Anti-Free Speech organizations. Banning books such as Creativity's White Man's Bible or William Pierce's Turner Diaries in my opinion just helps promote the "offensive" book(s) When we are told we are not allowed to read something it just piques the curiosity, it's Human Nature.

 Perhaps the distributors of WMB at Amazon added the " banned in Canada" to its description to do exactly that, pique the interest of the prospective buying public. I have searched for a list of banned books in Canada and am having trouble finding it, there are cases of books being banned by Schools and Libraries but only a short list of books "once" banned by various levels of government, this short list includes the Turner Diaries.  I have heard first hand about books being confiscated/held at the Canadian border, the border guard being the judge as to what books he/she feels should be allowed into the country, without a government issued list of banned books. So is the White Mans Bible banned in Canada? It does not seem to be "officially" banned but on any given day it could be confiscated at the border by a guard who doesn't like the name, the White Mans Bible. Had your copy of the White Mans Bible confiscated at the border? You can read on line here...........
For Natures Finest
Brother Smith
TCM Toronto

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