Monday, 11 November 2013

Arguing with a brick wall...... By Rev Logsdon

I have been asked several times what I think about recent activism. For one, any action is better then no action. If people hit the streets and confront our enemies its far better then sitting on the Internet and complaining. Unless of course they are designed specifically for distraction and negative imagery and/or control resistance, which I will get into and another time. However recent actions leave me pondering several things and asking questions.

As a Creator I stand strict to the teachings of "never again through a serpents eye". For those that are unfamiliar with these teachings, please look it up in the White Mans bible. But it essentially teaches us to never look at life through the eyes of our enemies. To never justify, sympathize, or relate to the standpoints of our enemies. These are tactics of our enemies to pacify us to the plight of those working for our destruction. To detract us into relating to them which leads to our wanting to "work" with them because "we are working for common goals". But yet these racial enemies do not know nor care for the "plight" of the white man. They simply will use you then stab you in the back. Same can be said for christian militants who simply want to use us then openly say they will "hunt us down and kill all none christians" after the race war. However, point being I cannot justify wasting time debating or arguing with those who are too stupid, or refuse to learn the truth. Many know the truth yet still engage in our destruction because that is their goal.

Which is the topic of this article. Arguing with communists, liberals or anti whites is nothing more then verbal masturbation. You are not going to convince them any different, because their goal is to destroy our people. If you beat them in an argument, which is easy to do, to what end. To quite the anti white crowd listening to you? Yea right, they are shouting and chanting constantly to drown out what you are saying for a reason, because they know what you are saying is right!!! They just don't care. Is it for the videos put on YouTube which 99% percent of viewers are already awakened whites! Yea that's real constructive. No matter how you view it, it does not aid our cause nor does it awaken our people.

We as a people need to get away from this thinking. Instead, I will present this solution. Fight fire with fire. No not protest their event like they do ours. I am talking about their true tactics of fear and intimidation. Example, this recent Tim Wise event, in which as i can applaud those that attended (simply because action is better then inaction. And it is their choice not mine so far for me to judge.) I essentially have to ask "to what end"? What did it accomplish and how did it aid our people? It might of made a few young already anti white students double think for a second, but then they get home turn on MTV or CNN and its gone. Wasting time on those with no hope or future is essentially futile. However, getting back to the point of fight fire with fire. Find out where these people like wise live. "And before any ZOG agent or informant takes that the wrong way I am, nor will never present or participate in any illegal violent actions."

But after you find out where he lives, go to his neighborhood, go door to door with his picture and address, present truth about who he is and what he represents. Put out flyer's about him in his own neighborhood along the same lines. Essentially turn his own community against him, the same way they do to us! Protest in front of his house, hell flyer his neighborhood with a flyer that has his picture and say under it "Wanted for criminal sexual assault to farm animals"! (make sure you put for entertainment purposes only. As to avoid libel) anything you can do to make his life hard and send him in the shadows like they do to us. Take the fight to them, instead of meeting them on THEIR battlefield. On THEIR conditions.

And before anyone says this is easier said then done, I have done it! In my home town we had a group called NIOT (not in our town). This was more of your political intimidation and extortion based group. They used a Jewish mayor by the name Markowitz to further their gains. They succeeded in putting Racism crossed out signs on every entrance into town. The straw that broke the camels back was when my mothers work received this letter. Now there was no ties to her with me or her work, it was simply random to all local businesses. The letter stated that they were doing a seminar on racism in the workplace, it was essentially anti white with the guise of anti racist.

They were inviting all employers to attend. My mothers boss was annoyed by it. My mom called me and I went down to her work to look at it. On the letter it states in order to attend said seminar/dinner you had to RSVP. So her boss called to refuse and tell them he was not interested. After saying they were not interested they told him "Sir we do not want to label your business a racist business but we will if we have to.". He told them to F* off and hung up. That is extortion and intimidation! We called the police and they told us they could not do anything unless they actively defamed or protested the business because of its refusal to attend. This is essentially mob style tactics. Pay us for protection or we will send people in to rob you. Instead pay us to say your not racist or we are going to tell everyone your racist. Granite this employer called their bluff but think of how many simply paid out of fear! So between me and some locals we did our homework. Without going into detail we found out dirt on these people and exposed them. This was in 05 and as they still claim to have an office here they have not held a public seminar nor gained any foothold. The mayor who backed them was not re-elected and they slipped into obscurity.

In closing, the Jew Einstein coined the term of insanity best. Insanity: repeating the same things over and over again expecting a different result. That has been this "movement" in a nutshell. We can blame its failure on many things but the outcome of every action will be the same if you do not evolve and adapt. My racial comrades, think outside the box, trial and error and evolution are our keys to success.

Rev James Logsdon
Oct 40AC (2013)

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