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Interview with TCM Canada

What are your relations with other pro-White groups and activists in Canada? I've heard you have attended some demos and have good relations with people like Paul Fromm for example. 

Yes, I am very fortunate to have a man like Paul Fromm to listen to and learn from, he has a wealth of information and knowledge, I just try to soak up what I can. Mr. Fromm is the most active and longest serving Racial Loyalist in Canada,  I get to attend many of The Alternative Forum and Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) meetings and encourage Racial Loyalists across Canada to attend the meetings when they hit your town.
I am also very fortunate to be involved with the Southern Ontario Skinheads. Max Hynes created S.O.S  to bring together Racially Loyal Skins from Southern Ontario, since its early inception S.O.S has sponsored two White Pride marches, held meetings in several Ontario towns and continues its rapid expansion across Ontario. We also work with the Canadian branch of Right Wing Resistance and The White Nationalist Front and will work with any other White Racial Loyalist(s) I look forward to meeting more aware Brothers and Sisters in Canada and together hopefully we can awake many more.

You have frequently been corresponding with Rev Hale the past few years. As of last year he's been denied mail correspondence again. To your knowledge and information, how's he holding up in prison and what can you say about the influence your correspondence with him has had on you?

Well, the good news is that Rev Hale has had his writing "privileges" restored. After being turned down for his latest bid for freedom Rev Hales attorney has filed a petition for a writ of certiorari at the supreme court of the United States asking for a review of his denial for a re trial from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. On how he is doing in prison I will quote him........ " I  have spent about 3,650 days, my entire imprisonment, in solitary confinement. I say this because I want you to understand that if I can endure the extreme hardships of being an innocent man locked away within a dungeon for thousands of days, you can endure anything that you face as free men and women fighting for the salvation of our racial life."  I think that quote from Rev Hale answers both of the questions, he is holding strong and as he wrote, if he can endure being locked away in solitary for thousands of days I can endure anything they throw at me as a free man!  His influence on me is that of perseverance! 

Canada is known for it's "hate laws" or could we say "anti-White laws"  How hard is it to be an activist in Canada?

Anti -White laws would be a more accurate assessment of the Canadian "Hate laws" as virtually every case brought before the commission involves a White Racial Loyalist. Several Loyalists such as Brad Love, Marc Lemire, Author Topham and Terry Tremaine are still battling charges brought against them.



The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) is nothing but a kangaroo court where the facts and the truth are not a defense. Truth and facts are trumped by the hurt feelings of the complaining "victim"  The CHRC has an unprecedented conviction rate, close to 100%  This intimidation causes anyone who wants to be active and voice their opinion to remain anonymous or in most cases inactive and silenced. The Anti Racist Canada (ARC) organization also does its part in the intimidation process by publishing names and pictures of activists.

This harassment by the ARC also causes potential activists to re-consider any future involvement in the movement. There has been a recent victory against the CHRC, the unconstitutional section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act   (The communication of hate messages by telephone or on the internet) has been scrapped. This was accomplished because of the great efforts made Paul Fromm's CAFE organization. 

How big is the interest of Racially conscious people in Canada for Creativity? Are there many inquiries about TCM, especially considering some 20 years ago the Canadian branch of our Church was a successful one.

We get a few inquires almost every week about the Creativity Movement in Canada, most have no idea about our beliefs and usually find that their pre conceived notions about Creativity are false. About half the people interested become disinterested when they discover that we do not worship any spooks in the sky. We also receive a lot of fake inquires from the Anti-Whites trying to get information, or to provoke us to say something we are not allowed to say and drag us before the CHRC or just to cause mild disruption.

Twenty years ago the Church was very successful indeed. George Burdi  (aka Rev Eric Hawthorne) was the leader of the Canadian Church back then, had the largest membership numbers of any Creator Church in the world, formed the highly successful band RAHOWA, started Resistance records also a magazine by the same name with a circulation of 13,000. Burdi's Church worked very closely with Wolfgang Droege and the Heritage Front providing security for their events. In 1993 after a RAHOWA concert in Ottawa, Ontario members of the Church the Heritage Front and other White Racial activists marched to Parliament Hill encountering a large group of Anti-Racist Action (ARA) agitators, several fights ensued. Alicia Reckzin an ARA leader was allegedly kicked in the face by George Burdi, he was sentenced to a year in jail. Upon his release he renounced racism and married an Indian Women. Also that same year 2 Church members Elkar (Carl) Fisher and Drew Maynard were charged with kidnapping, forcible confinement and assault causing bodily harm for abducting a Heritage Front member suspected of stealing membership lists. The treacherous actions of Burdi and the arrests of other members would soon result in the demise of the Church in Canada. So even with the Church being highly successful twenty years ago the actions of Burdi erased all the good things they accomplished and does nothing to help us recruit today. 

Canada has a certain level of non-White immigration as well as the USA, but to some extent it is far easier for Europeans to migrate to Canada, looking for work etc, than to the USA, which on the other hand freely lets millions of Mexicans and other Latinos infiltrate US borders. Am I correct here, or just making false assumptions?

Canada has far more non-White immigration/refugee's than European migration. The rules for Europeans wanting to come to Canada to start a new life are much stricter than that applied to non-Whites. For example an Irish friend who came to Canada to live and work was given restrictions as to where he could live for the first year, he was not allowed to live in a major city such as Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, he had to have a skilled trade, had to have a certain amount of money in his bank account he also had to sign an agreement not to seek Government assistance in the future. These restrictions do not seem to apply to the non-White invaders, they are able to move to any major metropolis as soon as they get off the boat,  given free health care, a place to live, free food and do not have to speak either English or French. 

Is there any pro-White music scene in Canada these days?

No, there is not much of a pro-White music scene in Canada to speak of. There are a handful of bands such as Kremator in Ontario and some bands in Montreal, I'm sure more across the country that I am unaware of. I think the bands play almost exclusively at pro-White events. Maybe a band will come along that is as good as RAHOWA was and a scene will explode! 

Now, I know you describe yourself as a Skinhead, as well as many in our movement. These days political movements depict Skinheads as something "obsolete", unlike in the 80's and 90's when Skinheads were actually the moving force of street activism. Do you think they are losing potential recruits with that stance? And how do you generally look at the Skinhead scene during the past few decades?

There certainly are not as many Skins as there were in the 80's or 90's at least in the fashion sense, Skinheads have evolved and still have numbers just not as visible as in the past. A lot still wear the bomber jacket and even the boots, but braces and straps are a very rare sight. Skinheads "obsolete" I don't think so, I think everyone has a place in the movement and it would be beneficial to political movements to utilize every tool available to them. I think it is unfortunate that the political elite types feel that if they distance themselves from Skinheads that all of a sudden the everyday citizen is going to be receptive to their doctrines or that the media will start to help promote their organization. I have been to many politically based meetings as mentioned earlier and as the only Skinhead in the room, I have never been made to feel un-welcome or un-comfortable, in fact quite the opposite. Perhaps a lot of these political types sounding off over the internet about Skinheads have never even met one and have been duped by the media's contrived negative portrayal of Skinheads. 

What do you think of the recent actions and ambitions of our well known comrade Craig Cobb in North Dakota? 

I have a lot of respect for Craig Cobb he is one of the most active White Racial Loyalists on the planet! Brother Cobb is also a long time Creator who does our creed proud. I have been following the unfolding story in North Dakota like every other Racial Loyalist and of course support Brother Cobb's ambitious attempt to create an all White town. As soon as the media starting reporting about North Dakota Brother Cobb was fired from his job thanks to pressure applied by the SPLC.


I would really love to see Brother Cobb succeed and create an all White township but it seems to me that he just has too many obstacles in his path to fulfill his vision at least at this time, there are too many eyes on this project now that do not want this to happen and are plotting against it. It is so admirable that Brother Cobb has the balls to make such an attempt, maybe his actions will inspire other White Racialists around the world to do the same and all White towns will start to appear everywhere.       

Any final thoughts?

Yes, I would like to thank all my Brothers and Sisters from TCM for all the work they do spreading Creativity's message. I would also like to thank all the other WRL's that I am privileged to work with and learn from much love and respect to all. 
     For Natures Finest
  Brother Smith
Originally published in IMPERIUM

The Creativity Movement online Magazine



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