Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Bill Rhyes, host of the Might is right power hour does a series of interviews with Rev Logsdon of The Creativity Movement (TCM)  These very informative interviews are linked below for your listening pleasure.

PART ONE....................


Reverend James Logsdon is the leader of The Creativity Movement (TCM). He discusses the White racial religion known as Creativity, new approaches for creative activism, disinformation/legal covert activities, Matt Hale & hard core propaganda vs wimpy soft core propaganda.

PART TWO................


Reverend James Logsdon is the leader of The Creativity Movement (TCM). He will discuss Creativity, effective activism, the environment, animal "rights", Christianity, CI, the Talmudic Jew Tim Wise & his White genocide crusade.

PART THREE...........


Reverend James Logsdon is the leader of the Creativity Movement (TCM). He will discuss Creativity, Craig Cobb's arrest and his current state of mind, the FAR project and Yertle the Turtle!   

PART FOUR...........


Rev. Logsdon is the leader of The Creativity Movement (TCM). Topics = Craig Cobb, unity/competition or a bit of both, Christianity, Karma, Matt Hale, & Creativity. CORRECTION - The  Pax Romana period did NOT involve democratic politics. Rome was ruled by emperors during that period. 

PART FIVE............


Rev Logsdon Leader of the Creativity Movement (TCM) Topics include... Activism, White separation, Non political participation , Home schooling, CI, Racial Movement unity

The Might Is Right Power Half Hour

A Natural law Nietzschean/Darwinian podcast. Topics of discussion are Nationalism, racism, interracial hate crimes, lone wolves, leaderless resistance, environmental issues, religion, feminism, history, economics, politics, healthy living, Natural Hygiene, prepping, survival training, 9/11, conspiracies, the truth movements, esotericism, logical fallacies & Independent rational thought. Interesting individuals are interviewed. Important books & articles are discussed. I read from the book "Might Is Right" often. Christ Insanity is exposed. Controversial subjects are discussed. Hypothetical situations are explored. I don't advocate for violence or any illegal activities. Hardcore, hard hitting, brutal truth podcasts. Man up/woman up & be here! Live podcast days vary though the times are usually between 11am & noon eastern time & at 11pm eastern. Tom Metzger is on Thursdays at noon eastern. twm1938@hotmail.com

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