Thursday, 28 November 2013

TCM press release.... Brother Craig Cobb

I have seen many things, claims, accusations and assumptions in concern to brother Cobb. Craig was a member of the WCOTC and as succecsion had the right to re apply to TCM. As we spoke, we TCM honored his membership and from my suggestion he founded his own church. To keep independence, plus to promote localization for his own actions,this remained a part of TCM as me and him talked frequently.
 His owngoings and actions in ND have been filled with mistakes undeniably,however he remained true to the cause of racial activism despite his mistakes and poor sense of judgement when it came to affiliations. It has caused both promotional and negative imagery aspects for Creativity,but let me make one thing abundently clear TCM stands with Brother Cobb. Our loyalty doesnt shutter or falter at the words of ZOG or supposed "pro whites". We stand with him as we have stood with Rev Hale and any of our kin who are victimized by the hands of our enemies.

 Many do not know the circumstances concerning what really happened in ND. The harrassment and ZOG influence is in great abundance in everything he did. There are many factual things I can present that would shock people and change their tone, however I am restrained due to Bro Cobb's ongoing case. However the day he was arrested, that morning an american Indian woman ran into his yard an ran down his dog. When he contacted the police they simply laughed and blew him off. The same response he got from the vandalism to his house and car days before. So when him and his roomate did their daily "patrols" of town (mind you this is about 3 blocks) they did so with weapons. Something completly legal in ND. They arrested them on simple "intent" and not an actual crime.


He stands a great chance in court, however if we have learned anything from Rev Hale's case we know there is no legalalty for white racialists. But one key thing to mention here is this is not a federal case. I took a great burden off Bro Cobb on the phone when I told him the realities of this case. For those unfamiliar with the legal system let me explain. They came at you hard, like in sales, say you are negotiating, they go high you go low. Hence why they come at you so hard, so they have negotiating power. Hoping we will go with the first offer. It is nothing more then a game that they play when in reality he is only looking at anything from 1 to 10 years. If anyone doubts this I can show them case comparisons. Irregardless, we have to support him in his time of need. He was going to sign over 12 lots to our religous foundation (for safe keeping) but is offering them to the city of Leith in exchange for dropping charges. We will see if they agree or not. Either way this is no time to abandon our religous brother. We must remain viligant in our defense of him. As stated before we do not agree with all actions and if history has shown we do not bend to popular opinion. We are Creators and we stand with ours! If you want to know how to help feel free to call...
 Rev James Logsdon


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