Sunday, 12 January 2014

Let them wither on the vine........By Ben Klassen

They are not our kind,
they are not our brothers,
and they are not our concern!

 It has been my experience when being interviewed by reporters, talk-show hosts and race mixing liberals in general, the prime question they will usually zero in on is this: – Since you want to get rid of the mud races  just what are you going to do with them? Do you want to kill them all? 

This is a tricky question, and a loaded question. It implies that we Creators are haters, killers, and bent on genocide. It Is Important that this question need be answered directly and in the correct context of our creed.

            Our answer to the question is this:

– No, we don’t want to kill anybody. Nowhere in our books or our literature do we say we plan on killing anybody. If you have taken the time to read our Bibles, you will find that instead of being prone to violence, as our enemies would like to portray us, our creed and program is fully committed to law and order, to the constitution and to obeying the law. We want to point out that nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it say that we, the White working people of America, who pay most of the taxes, have any obligation to subsidize, feed and carry on our backs all the freeloaders, the shiftless parasites and the scum of the world, both at home and abroad. We demand that our government stop sending foreign aid to all and every of the some 126 countries of the world, most of whom are our enemies, are hostile to us, and hate us with a passion. None of them show any gratitude.
 We see no reason why we should, for instance, send some four billion dollars of aid a year to the parasitic state of Israel, who has done nothing for us, but has permanently poisoned the friendly relationship we once had with the Arab nations of the world. We see no reason why we should subsidize Egypt to the tune of several billions a year just so it will remain friendly towards Israel. (We deem this as sheer blackmail.) We see no reason why we should ship millions of tons of food each year to India, which does nothing but expand Its wretched population and proliferate the unending misery that exists in that country, as it does in Pakistan, in Ethiopia, in Sudan, and dozens of other mud countries. We are not responsible for their problems, nor is there anything we can do about their inherently wretched social and genetic deficiencies. Nature has made them the way they are, and so be it.

 As a result of our governments idiotic policies of robbing the White productive American taxpayer in order to subsidize and feed all the parasites and all the scum of the world, we are witnessing an explosion of the mud population, the likes of which the world has witnessed never before. This “our” Jew-controlled government has done deliberately in their sinister program in order to overwhelm, crush and exterminate the White Race, not only in America, but throughout the world. (Read again “Proliferating the Misery” in R.L. No. 22.)

The program of the Church of the Creator is reasonable, nonviolent and legal. We demand that we, the White Race, worldwide stop subsidizing the mud races, wherever they are. Since they are incapable of competing with the White Race in culture, technology and productivity, and incapable of feeding themselves, we will just let Nature take care of them, as it has in the past for thousands of years. Their populations will then revert back to their natural levels before the United States adopted its insane policy of subsidizing all the scum of the world some forty years ago.
In short, our non-violent policy is to take care of our own, and let the mud peoples shift for themselves, both at home and abroad. Our deliberate and unflagging policy is to stop subsidizing the mud peoples of the world, and let them wither on the vine.
We should never have disrupted Nature’s plan in the first place. In the future, let Nature take care of the mud races on their own merits, and Nature will properly reduce their numbers to where they will never again pose a threat to the survival of Nature’s Finest. (Read again our Booklet No. 103 “Operation Rip-off – the World’s Ultimate Patsy - the White American Taxpayer is the prime target for all the scum, freeloaders, pirates and thieves of this hungry and overcrowded world.”)
Ben Klassen
Founder of Church of the Creator
Article taken from.....


 RACIAL LOYALTY # 60...17AC (1990)

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