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Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case).....ORDER (Declaration of Non-Service of Brief)


Plaintiff- Appellant


Defendants - Appellees.


This matter is before the court on Appellant's "Declaration of Non-Service of
Appellees' Oversize brief," which the court construes as a motion for extension of time to file the reply brief. As construed, the motion is granted. The reply brief shall be filed and served on or before September 18,2018. No further extensions will be granted on the Clerk's authority.

Entered for the Court

No. 18-1141


Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)...Declaration of Non-Service of Appellee's Oversized Brief and Motion for Service of the Same


Plaintiff / Appellant

V.                                             (Case No 18-1141)

Defendant's / Appellees


   Regardless of how the court rules on the two filings which Reverend Hale has submitted in opposition to the filing of the Appelees oversized brief, he is obliged to inform the court , under oath, as of today, August 26th he has still not been served by the Appellees with a copy of said brief even though it was ( presumably) filed nine days ago today.

In other words, the Appellees failed to serve their brief upon him, for whatever reason, and he is obliged to notify the court and Appellees of that fact. Hale obviously cannot reply to a brief which he has never seen and he naturally must protest the fact that the Appellees have failed to serve their brief upon him as the rules require. Therefore, Hale moves the court to order the Appellees to serve him with whatever brief and filings the Appellees made on August 17th , or order whatever alternative relief it deems just and appropriate in this regard. He will then naturally need a full two weeks in which to reply to the Appellees oversized brief once that service has actually taken place., assuming of course that the court has not stricken the Appeellees oversized brief altogether as he has moved it to do.



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ETHNIC CLEANSING...The New Racism (Video)

Banned on YouTube# 3

                                       ETHNIC CLEANSING... The New Racism (Lyrics)

Okay, get it through your fucking head...
There is no such thing as God or Christ
There is no Messiah, there never fucking was...
No Spirit, No afterlife
No Heaven, No Hell...
And no silly fucking Satan

There is only Nature
There is only the mind
You are your own God
Controller of your own destiny
If you fuck up, you redeem yourself
You control your fate

If you act like a fucking nigger then your future will reflect that
So get that fucking beer can out of your hand and stop fucking around
Get your fucking act together!

The more time you waste in a drunken stupor
The more useless you become to the Resistance. And
 we don't stand for useless fucks...
We come down on them like a ton of fucking bricks

So, take your booze and your heavy metal racket & get the fuck out!
Straighten up or you'll be walking...
Walking the fucking plank

Now, back to your Jew Bible...
It is time to get your heads out of the clouds...
Denounce Jesus Christ!
Reject Christianity...
That fucking Semite religion
It's 100% pure fiction...
Lies, fucking lies

Remember, Christ is a crutch & society is crippled. Society is fucking botched!

So, kick that rotten Cross out from under the masses. Splinter it off
Break it apart!
Shred your Jew Bible into 6 million pieces...
Cast it into the flames...
Into the fire...
Burn baby, burn...
Watch it burn...
Fucking burn!

Jesus Christ never fucking existed...
He's a fraud. There is only Adolf Hitler
That's right
Adolf Hitler is the closest we've ever come to a fucking God
At least we know that Hitler existed...
We know he is real
And we know that he was right
Hitler was right!
Hitler was right!
Sieg fucking Heil!!!

Your Jew God cannot be documented... He cannot be verified. He's a Middle Eastern myth... and you're fucking stupid enough to believe it! Your faith is delusional. In fact, our mental institutions are literally overflowing with Jesus Freaks. Don't be one of them! Boycott booze, burn your Bible & walk away from the church That's right, we are atheist racists... We reject your Jew God. You people have become a pollution...We are here to elevate the fucking race!

Genetics, Natural Law, Evolution!
This is the new fucking racism!

So fuck you and fuck your Jew God!
We Hail Hitler and we Hail AIDS!
This is the new fucking racism!
So, fuck you!

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Unification of the White Race... By Ben Klassen

Conclusion of Two Part Series on If not Creativity, what else is there? If not now, when?
If Not Creativity What Else is There? If not now, When?...By Ben Klassen 

Unification of the White Race
In the last month’s analysis of the present world scene we came to the inescapable conclusion that the break-up of worldwide communism and the huckstering of "democracy" would not solve any of the ills that now beset our sorry planet. The Jews will still control the world – its finances, Its propaganda, its multitude of bickering governments and nations, in fact the whole ball of wax, the same as they have been doing in the past, only more so. The Jewish mania to destroy the White Race will proceed unabated and with increased fury. The various divisive problems that have plagued the White Race for centuries will not only remain, but will in fact be exacerbated and fanned Into new virulence.
Unless the White Race can unite on a common ground, unless it can be aroused, organized and mobilized into one powerful battering ram, as the Jews have done for themselves, the White Race is doomed. As I have pointed out, the Jews have been great masters at the "Divide and Conquer" technique in manipulating the multiple factions of the White Race, in fanning their multitude of differences, in waging war against each other and thereby destroying themselves. The Jews have euchred the White nations into killing each other by the millions, and no other force on earth can kill White people more efficiently than the White people themselves.

The three most pernicious and persistent divisive forces amongst the White people of the world, as we pointed out in the previous article, were nationalism, religion and language. In this article we want to explore these three destructive and divisive factors in greater detail and show that whereas in the past each faction of the White Race has zealously and jealously guarded and nurtured each of these elements with pride and bigotry, nevertheless they are the key elements in our coming destruction. They must be dissolved into oblivion and only a total unification of the White Race, polarized around the bond of our common biological base, can now save us from the onslaught of the Jewish juggernaut. Only by total unification and total mobilization of its resources can the White Race save itself from drowning in an overwhelming sea of mud races that is now flooding the world. No longer can we indulge in the continuous bickering between ourselves over our multitude of self-imposed differences. Either we unite, or we are finished.

Let us examine In greater depth each of these major dividers that have plagued the White peoples of the world from time immemorial, especially in the continent of Europe, the seed bed of the modern White Race.

Language and Nationalism
The longest (relative) period of peace and prosperity that the civilized world has known in Its turbulent history was the two hundred year era known as PAX ROMANA (ROMAN PEACE). It was a period during which the genius of Roman civilization, organization and government held sway over most of the White people of Europe. The great Roman language, Latin, was the universal language that bound the Empire together and was avidly being learned by the conquered peoples of the great Roman civilization. Latin remained the universal and dominant language of Europe for more than fifteen hundred years and during the Renaissance it was the basic language of all scholars and intellectuals. Practically all major books, theses and scientific works were written in Latin. It was the finest and best organized language ever invented by the genius of the White Race and it remains so to this day.

The one thing the Romans did not have to hold their great Empire together for all time was a racial religion. They did not realize that their inherent greatness lay in their genes, in their gene pool, and since they were unaware of this vital factor, they foolishly left it unguarded and untended. Their basic loyalty was to the Roman Empire, when it should have been to their racial heritage and their unique and superior gene pool. Because they failed to realize this one vital factor, their ‘Empire" was soon inundated by hordes of polyglot peoples from Africa, Asia and Europe, diluting the White Roman racial stock and making the Roman Empire an easy prey for Jewish Christianity. As the tentacles of this new cancer spread across Europe, the empire fell apart into many feuding "nations," and the Dark Ages enveloped all of Europe for over a thousand years. Learning and civilization not only stopped, they retrogressed into a dismal quagmire. Europe disintegrated into a Babylon of multiple languages and a polyglot of political confusion. It remains as such today.

People identify themselves as "nations mostly by the language they speak, and the language they speak is basically that which they were taught by their parents. If they speak German, they think of themselves as Germans. If they speak French, they think of themselves as Frenchmen. If they speak Hungarian, they consider themselves Hungarians, and so on ad infinitum. Around their language such people also build an "ethnic culture," of which language is the base. This ethnic culture is then guarded with a great deal of fanaticism and zeal and becomes a divisive rallying point of "us against them," In short a highly divisive factor among the White peoples of the world. It has especially been the bane of the White peoples of Europe. Countless strife, wars and dissention have been caused by these "ethnic" differences, of which language has been the base. Little do these people realize that language is not an inherent ingredient of their genes, but merely an artificial attribute that has been acquired. A German could just as easily have learned Romanian or Italian or Russian as he could learn German, had he been taught such as an infant. And, I might add, any and all of these people could just as easily have learned the great Latin language, had it been properly promoted, and thereby saved themselves a great deal of hassle, confusion and controversy.

But, no. Strangely and stupidly they take tremendous pride and tenaciously cling to their "mother tongue’ I pick up the morning paper and read a headline spread across the top of a page. It is entitled "Fighting words resurface as old English-French feud splits Canadians." Most of Canada speaks English, and it is the official language of nine of its ten provinces. But Quebec was settled by the French, starting back in the early 1600’s, or even earlier. In 1763, the Seven Year War between the French and the English was concluded with the Treaty of Paris. England won Canada by sheer conquest of arms. Ever since, although their huge neighbor to the south spoke English, and the settlers in the rest of Canada also spoke or assimilated English, the French of Quebec, however, have never forgotten that in 1759 British General James Wolfe defeated the French under general Marquis de Montcalm, and they have clung fanatically to their French language. (As a side note to history, both generals died a hero’s death in that battle, Wolfe dying just at the moment of victory.) So the animosity has festered on and on for more than 230 years. Not only has the language difference never abated in all those years but in recent years it has resurfaced with a new virulence.

I lived in Montreal for more than two years during W.W. II working as an engineer for Northern Electric. At that time English was universally spoken in most stores, businesses, and used in official government circles. However, in the countryside, Quebec City and other smaller cities, French prevailed, and even in the more sophisticated and "international" city of Montreal (Canada’s largest) there was an ongoing animosity between the French and the dominant English.

Since then, especially in recent decades, the French in Quebec have gone all out to become "nationalistic." The Quebec government has not only gone stridently French province wide, but now tyrannically persecutes any use of the English language in any shape, way or form. Quebec’s Bill 178 mandates French as not only being the official governmental language for everyone in Quebec, but all store signs must exclusively be in French, as well as all other signs, proclamations, or whatever. In the article I referred to earlier, the president of Ralph’s, a shopping mall clothing store, put a sign in his store "Sale: Ties" in English. He was notified by the French language police to cease and desist using English in said sign. He then advertised raincoats, also in English. He received a registered letter that he was violating Quebec’s Bill 178, and that he was subject to severe fines if he did not change his sign into French. And so the language war goes on, as it has for more than 230 years. Quebec is ready to secede from Canada and cut it alone, and is feverishly working towards that end. All this, despite the fact that the French and the English are both White and have a common genetic and biological bond, their major difference being the artificial barrier of language.
Quebec is only one instance in a microcosm of a conflict that is raging all over Europe and other parts of the world. For example, the Dutch Boers and the English have been at it in South Africa for more than a hundred years. Their language-based enmity has kept the White Race in South Africa divided when they should have united against the Jews and the niggers. As a result, they are most likely to soon lose all to the Jews and the niggers, and their laboriously built civilization is going to crumble back into the hands of the black cannibals. But it is Europe that has been most fractured, splintered and divided, and the Jews have had a real ball playing their game of "Divide and Conquer." Europe is plagued with an endless hassle of old wars, boundary disputes, ethnic islands within larger ethnic groups, ethnic groups speaking different languages in the same country, and nationalistic groups speaking different languages in different countries. So we have endless animosities and conflicts ensuing from this mess of a Babylon of polyglot languages. Every ‘nationality" is "against" and wants to break away from their neighboring White nationality. For example, the Ukrainians against the Russians. (In fact, Russia alone has a passel of 230 different ethnic groups with even more languages and dialects, although not all of those groups could be comfortably embraced by the White Race.) The Hungarians against the Romanians. The Serbs against the Albanians. The Germans, the most progressive people in the heart of Europe, are beset by endless border conflicts with the French on one side, the Poles on another side, not to mention the Czechs, the Slovaks, the Italians, and a number of other ethnic groups which contain "Islands" of German-speaking ethnic groups.

So we see that whereas language differences constitute the basis of a nationality, the latter in turn forms the basis of a politically independent country. Were there not a language difference, there would be much less likelihood of this divisive hubris of nationalities and ethnic groups, a term that has been expressed as the "Balkanization" of Europe. What is inherent in the term is a splintering of biologically similar White people into a plethora of hostile ethnic groups, of which the Balkans are the most hostile of all and most typical of the fractured and divided mess in Europe.

A typical example is Czechoslovakia, which during the last winter has ousted the Communist party that has dominated and tyrannized the country for the last 45 years. Having done so, the parliament has argued for the last several months as to what name they should now adopt for their "liberated" country, which consists mostly of Czechs and Slovaks. The parliament agreed that they should drop the word "Socialist" from their nomenclature. But should they now call it Czechoslovakia or should they hyphenate it as Czecho-Slovakia? The Slovaks argued fiercely that the hyphenated form would emphasize to the world that the Slovaks, who make up a third of the country’s population, were not the same as the Czechs, and they were determined not to lose their identity. The issue was not resolved to the satisfaction of the Slovaks, and chances are, this and other disputes will never be resolved as long as they speak two different languages in that country.

Another example of the regrettable European fragmentation is demonstrated by the three Baltic republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Although the peoples of these three countries are biologically very similar, yet they have three distinct languages, three distinct political entities and governments, and they are determined to keep it that way. Their "ethnic" hubris would have it no other way. Yet all three countries put together constitute a land area slightly smaller than the state of Missouri, and a population less than the state of Michigan. Does this make sense? Not really, unless you prefer to aid and abet the Jews’ game of divide and conquer. It is obvious to any thinking person that small and divided no country will be able to cut it alone and shuck off the tyrannical stranglehold the Jews have on every country of the world.
The moral is: United we can prevail, divided we will be (already have been!) enslaved. Only Creativity has the total answer: One universal language, namely Latin, for all the White people of the world, one racial religion for one people.

We go back to the title of this article: If not Creativity, what else is there? Let us now examine in more detail what the present White Man’s religion, Christianity, and all its thousands of splintered factions have done to the White peoples of the world, and compare it to what the religion of Creativity, when universally adopted and replacing Christianity, can do for us.

Christianity proclaims that it, too, is interested in solving the racial problem, and that such a problem exists. Just how does it intend to solve this problem? To get some answers I look at the religious page of the Atlanta Constitution. There in big black headlines is an article entitled INTERRACIAL MARRIAGES URGED and a subtitle beneath proclaims "Key to peace, says church leader." The article refers to Rev. James A. Boughman, president of the Unification Church of America. He is on a tour lecturing to students at Clark Atlanta University, Georgia State University, the University of Georgia, Kennesaw College and Emory University. He is telling these young people that interracial and international marriages are the way to world peace. A former Roman Catholic, he himself was married to a Korean woman in a mass marriage of 2074 couples a few years ago. The mass marriage ceremony was officiated by the head of the pro-mud church, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and the couples were paired at random, although making sure that most of them were racially mixed, mostly Whites with Asiatics or some other mud. The Unification Church plans another such mass marriage event, even larger, in 1991, to take place in Korea. Peace! Peace! they scream, all the while mongrelizing and destroying the White Race with a vengeance.

Now, the "Moonies" are not yet considered as quite being in the religious mainstream of America, However, they are getting there, and they are Christian. But let us see what the "mainstream" is doing. On the same page as the Moonie article and adjoining it, is another big black headline proclaiming METHODIST CHURCHES TO GET PASTORS OF DIFFERENT RACE. In the article it explains how the United Methodist Churches of South Carolina are planning to place ministers of a different race in their churches as an ongoing goal, in other words, put White ministers in black congregations and nigger ministers at the head of White congregations. How do you like that for a potpourri of interracial chop suey? The South Carolina United Methodist Annual Conference has about 250,000 members, of which 50,000 are black.

Are the Moonies and the Methodists exceptions in the Christian drive for race-mixing? By no means. They are right in the "mainstream" of Christianity, not only in America, but now all over the world. Practically every Christian denomination and every cult is now screaming for race mixing from the pulpit and through the T.V. boob tube. Not only are the Christian churches pushing race mixing with a vengeance, but at the same time they are telling you to love your Jew neighbor, that the Jews are God’s chosen and to send more money to Israel. The Mormons are doing it, the Catholics are pushing it, the Presbyterians, the Baptists and every other big or little tin-horn Christian group is pushing race mixing and love thy Jew. At the top of the heap, the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches is leading the way for the rest of the Jew-dominated churches to follow – race-mixing with a vengeance. The average church member doesn’t like it, but from the top the Christian hierarchy is promoting the hell out of these two ideas (race mix and love thy Jew), and the average brainwashed churchgoer is following them like a puppet manipulated on strings – which he is. Meanwhile, the Jews in the background are pulling the strings.

What kind of a world will a mongrelized planet be like? Well, there is no need to speculate. We have large enclaves of mongrelized mud areas in most parts of the world now. Take a good look at Haiti for example. Peace? I have another recent (March 24, 1990) article in my files that says "ANOTHER NIGHT OF TERROR IN HAITI LEAVES 17 DEAD." Peace through mongrelization? Read again C.C. No. 30 in the White Man’s Bible entitled "The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo – a Forerunner for White America." Also read the article on Burma in Racial Loyalty No. 41 and the article on Burundi in Racial Loyalty No. 43. If you want more examples, look at what is happening in Ethiopia, in Sudan, in Pakistan, in India, and in fact, in every nigger or mud country in the world. Every one of them has the stench of death, famine, disease, filth and crime. But we need not go abroad. We have any number of nigger and/or mud enclaves right here in the United States. Nigger Inundated Washington, D.C. and Atlanta are vying for the title of crime capital of the U.S.A. But close on their heels are Detroit, Los Angeles and all other major cities now infested and overrun with black savages.
The Christian churches’ cry "Christ is the answer!" is no answer at all. It is, in fact, the original problem that is destroying the White Race. There is only one way we can now save the White Race, and that is for all the White nations and peoples of the world to unite under he banner of Creativity: one religion, one language, one people! Total White racial unification is the answer. If we don’t do that and do it soon, we will be hopelessly swamped in a sea of mud races which are now expanding like a horde of rats, thirsting for a White bloodbath.


The main battleground for winning the war against the Jews and the mud races of the world will have to be fought right here in America. In fact, the war is on, and getting hotter every day. Only the White people are asleep at the switch and won’t face it. If we don’t get our act together here, all is lost. Just as a multi-racial, polyglot nation is impossible to govern, so too is a polyglot mess of "racialist" parties, groups, movements, a useless and ineffective mob against a highly organized enemy. The Jews are united, they are organized to the hilt, and they have a definite detailed war plan for the destruction of the White Race. It is all embodied in the Judaic religion, and has remained resolute and steadfast for thousands of years. What does the White Race have in comparison? Well, it has Christianity, but as we have already observed, it is no answer at all, it is, in fact, a deadly tool designed by the Jews for our destruction. Only a powerful racial religion can now persuade our people to unite around the White racial banner. If a bad religion such as Jewish Christianity can mislead the White Race into the suicidal nonsense it now pursues, surely a good religion can also lead them to common sense, racial unity and racial survival. The only organized, comprehensive, fully-structured counterpart the White Race has to Judaism is Creativity. What we must do is to unify under its banner. We must, or the White Race will die.

Just as Germany during the ‘20’s had a polyglot mess of 2000 "nationalistic" parties, they were completely impotent until those members of the polyglots joined and united under the Nazi party. It was then that the Germans finally had the power and the clout to take their government away from the Jews and into their own hands. Unification was the answer! So, too, must we now unify all the White peoples of the world under the one and only Racial Religion the White Race has ever had. The time is past when we can indulge in the luxury of playing the polyglot game. To just bitch and gripe, deplore and lament will no longer do. We must have our own creed and program, our own battle plan, and Creativity has it all. We must unite under Creativity, and we will do it because we must. Other than Creativity, there is nothing else on the horizon. The future of "humanity" rides with the rise or fall of the White Race, and the survival of the White Race now rides with Creativity.

White Man, what is your answer to the vital questions:

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator

                                   ARTICLE TAKEN FROM RACIAL LOYALTY # 59
                                                                  MAY 17AC(1990)  

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Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case) 3 Docs...Response in Opposition / Motion to Reconsider and Motion to Strike / Denied

To read the last 3 Rev Matt Hale Civil case court documents.....
Visit the FREE MATT HALE Site...………….

Rev Hale's Response in Opposition to Appellee's Motion to Exceed word count  Matts Response In Opposition to Motion To Exceed Word Count 

Motion to reconsider and Motion to Strike Oversized Brief
Matts Motion To Strike The BOPs Oversized Appeal Response Brief

Motion to reconsider and Motion to Strike Oversized Brief...DENIED
Matts Motion To Strike The BOPs Oversized Appeal Response Brief Denied

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)...Appellee's Supplemental Appendix Volume One

NO. 18-1141






D.C. NO. 1:14-CV-00245-MSK-MJW





United States Attorney

SUSAN PROSE Assistant U.S. Attorney
1801 California Street
Suite 1600
Denver, CO 80202
Telephone: (303) 454-0100
Attorney for

Mr. Hale is a federal inmate who is incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary—Administrative Maximum, and therefore was not consulted concerning his position on this Supplemental Appendix.

 (Will post link when comes available)  


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ANGRY ARYANS....Brown Town is Burning Down (Video)

The VAGINAL JESUS Banned on You tube vid 
was popular, so as more of my vids are either placed on restrictions or out right banned, why not start a Banned on You Tube collection. The second addition will be the ANGRY ARYANS
                   Brown Town is Burning Down...……           

ANGRY ARYANS...Brown Town is Burning Down...…….

Driving through the city, blackened ghetto is all you see
Direct result of permitting the niggers to run free
They destroy their own community and shoot each other down
Abandoned homes are torched to ashes
Inner Zulu tribal clashes
Browntown burning down
Cities getting sacked, it's coming down
Browntown burning down
Negro in flames rolling on the ground
No longer welcome in our cities 'cause you'll get beat
Extreme White racial violence!
Is what the darkies can expect to meet

Monday, 20 August 2018

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)... Appellee's Answer Brief

To read this document in it's entirety, see...FREE MATT HALE  Site.....
(Will post link when available)   

Some quotes contained in this document ………….

"Before he was sent to prison for soliciting the murder of a federal judge, Hale was the leader of a white supremacist group known as the “Creativity Movement,” or “Creativity.” Hale was the group’s Pontifex Maximus—its “highest priest”—at the time he solicited the murder. The undisputed record shows that Hale’s adherence to Creativity was the motivating force behind the crimes for which he is now serving a 40-year sentence at the United States Penitentiary—Administrative Maximum (“ADX”), the highest-security prison in the Federal Bureau of Prisons (“BOP”). "

"The undisputed record shows that Creativity is a group directed toward securing societal dominance for whites. It routinely engages in violence to forward its political program of destroying and degrading Judaism and others deemed to be “mud races.” "

" Creativity’s focus is white societal dominance.
 Creativity originated in a white supremacist political party.

Creativity began as a political party based on secular maxims of white supremacy and anti-Semitism. In 1970, Ben Klassen founded the Nationalist White Party, a “movement” based on the “guiding principle” that, “[e]very law that is passed, every action that is taken will have this as its basic and only consideration: Will it benefit the White Race?” V:133, V:785¶46. "

"  There are over 200 variants of the word “n****r” and over 2000 references to Jews and “k***s” in Nature’s Eternal Religion. "

" Creativity is a BOP-designated Security Threat Group.
The BOP designated Creativity as a Security Threat Group (“STG”) in 1993. V:644¶6. BOP intelligence personnel have determined that STGs pose unique security threats, based on an assessment of the groups’ history, resources, and special skills. "

" The BOP has incarcerated at least 94 known members and associates of Creativity—a group that had only 300 paid members on its rolls when Hale was arrested. "

"  Creativity inmates have committed violence in BOP facilities, including murdering other inmates and instigating the Hitler-day riot at the United States Penitentiary in Florence, Colorado, on April 20, 2008—one of the most violent race riots in recent BOP history."

" William White was convicted of soliciting the murder of the foreperson of Hale’s criminal jury. United States v. White, 610 F.3d 956 (7th Cir. 2010). "

" Hal Turner, a radio talk show host, was convicted of threatening to assault or murder three Seventh Circuit judges, based on a written statement that discussed Hale, Judge Lefkow, and the murders of members of Judge Lefkow’s family."

" In a July 2016 telephone call, Hale told one follower that he blamed the outcome of his criminal trial on the closing argument of the federal judge who was the subject of the “press release.” V:660¶44. The follower then called Mr. Hale his “Fuhrer” and told him he would follow Hale “to the ends of the earth! I would jump out of an airplane for you!”, to which Hale replied: “[T]hat’s what every leader wants to know.” V:660¶45. Shortly after that telephone conversation, a second follower informed Hale that the follower with whom Hale had spoken by telephone had stated that he was willing to “take out” a prosecutor or judge for Hale."

" On June 2, 2017, Hale confirmed his continuing desire to lead the Creativity Movement. V:664¶55; V:743-744. In a sworn statement, Hale stated that he rejects the recent election of a new Pontifex Maximus for the Creativity Movement, and that his personal involvement is required for such an election to have legitimacy: "

" Though I have been told that a new Pontifex Maximus for my church has been chosen, I am personally compelled to reject that selection since it goes against the guidelines set forth by our founder Ben Klassen in his final book, Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs.
I furthermore remain interested in the possibility of myself assuming the position of Pontifex Maximus pro tempore so that I can successfully oversee a true, legitimate election of our next Pontifex Maximus pursuant to our teachings. "

"  Hale was placed on Restricted General Correspondence again in January 2013, after he attempted to send directions to Jeff Schoep, the “commander” of the National Socialist Movement, one of the largest neo-Nazi groups in the United States."

" Hale encouraged Schoep to employ “mass activism tactics” as the “only way that we can win,” and to “make sure . . . the Holy Swastika is seen everywhere."

" First, the undisputed record shows that Creativity’s core beliefs are the same as the secular maxims of white supremacy and anti-Semitism of Klassen’s political party, which he founded just a few years before he recast that political ideology in “religious” garb. "

" The undisputed record evidence about Creativity itself—which Hale scarcely references or acknowledges—overwhelmingly supports the district court’s conclusion that immediate white dominance is the essence of the ideology. Virtue is defined entirely in terms of “what is good for the White Race,” and sin in terms of “what is bad for the White Race.”

" Hale’s danger lies primarily in his communications. V:781¶30. His criminal conviction was based on his communications, not his personal involvement in violent conduct. Id. He still wants to lead the Creativity Movement. "

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case)..Appellee's Motion to Exceed Word Count and File Consolidated Brief of 19,000 Words or Less


Case No. 18-1141


Appellees move the Court for permission to file a single answer brief of 19,500 words or less. Appellees recognize that "extraordinary and compelling circumstances" are required for a brief to exceed 13,000 words. 10TH CIR. R. 28.3(A).1 Appellees respectfully state that they believe this requirement is met under the unique circumstances present here.

Mr.  Hale is a federal inmate who is incarcerated at the United States Penitentiary—Administrative Maximum, and therefore was not consulted concerning his position on this motion.

Mr.  Hale brought a total of eleven claims against the Federal Bureau of Prisons ("BOP") and twelve BOP employees in their individual capacities. Mr. Hale has appealed the district court’s decisions against him on all claims but one, requiring that Appellees’ answer brief address ten claims for both injunctive relief and money damages.

 Mr. Hale raised claims against all defendants under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act ("RFRA"), and the First and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution. Given the number of issues, Appellees considered asking this Court for permission to file two answer briefs, one addressing the injunctive-relief claims brought against the BOP and the other covering the claims for money damages against the individual defendants. However, after evaluating that approach, Appellees believes that a single, if somewhat longer, brief will be more clear and easier to read.

 The total word count of Mr. Hale’s brief, based on a typed version of that document prepared by United States Attorney’s Office personnel, is approximately 14,578. Mr. Hale did not request the Court’s permission to exceed the word limit of 13,000.

Mr. Hale’s numerous claims are evaluated pursuant to different multi-part tests. The answer brief must discuss this Court’s five-factor analysis for evaluating whether beliefs are religious in nature. United States v. Meyers, 75 F.3d 1475, 1482 (10th Cir. 1996). The brief must evaluate arguments pursuant to the four-factor test for determining the reasonableness of prison restrictions in Turner v. Safley, 478 U.S. 78, 89-90 (1986). Mr. Hale has also raised procedural due process and equal protection claims, which are analyzed pursuant to separate legal standards. See Elliott v. Martinez, 675 F.3d 1241, 1244 (10th Cir. 2012); Brown v. Montoya, 662 F.3d 1152, 1172-73 (10th Cir. 2011).

Moreover, every individual defendant has raised the defense of qualified immunity, which must be discussed for each defendant in connection with each claim. And recently, the Supreme Court has emphasized that Bivens is a "disfavored" remedy, indicating that a Bivens remedy is not available in the context here. Ziglar v. Abbasi, 137 S. Ct. 1843, 1857 (2017). Appellees’ answer brief must also address this significant issue.
Finally, the additional words requested here will also allow Appellees to provide a detailed summary of their arguments, as well as appropriate headings and subheadings, that will serve as a roadmap of the numerous issues Mr. Hale has raised on appeal.

Appellees respectfully state that it was not possible for them to file this motion earlier. 10TH CIR. R. 28.3(A). Before making the decision to request additional words, it was necessary for Appellees to thoroughly evaluate the numerous issues raised by Mr. Hale and to decide how most efficiently and effectively to present their response to the Court. In the process of drafting the brief, undersigned counsel attempted to reduce the word count by as much as possible. In addition, the brief was required to be reviewed by Department of Justice personnel in Washington, D.C., which limited counsel’s control over the word count. It was not until a complete draft of a single brief was prepared that Appellees were able to decide how many additional words would be necessary to address all issues Mr. Hale raised in his brief.

For the reasons set forth in this motion, Appellees respectfully request that the Court permit them to file a single answer brief, not to exceed 19,500 words in length.


DATED this 13th day of August, 2018. Respectfully submitted,
United States Attorney
/s/ Susan Prose
Assistant United States Attorney
1801 California Street
Suite 1600
Denver, Colorado 80202
(303) 454-0100
Attorneys for Defendants-Appellees





Sunday, 12 August 2018

If Not Creativity, What Else is There? If Not Now, When?...By Ben Klassen


First of a Two Part Series

If not Creativity, what else is there? If not now, when?

Dramatic changes in Europe
With the dramatic and far-reaching changes that seem to be sweeping Europe, there seems to be a euphoria of hope that we Americans are winning the battle against communism and that a better and more peaceful world is in our future. Communism is a dead horse, our newsmedia exult, and democracy, American style, is the wave of the future.

One mudhead from the U.S. State Department’s "think-tank" went even so far as to suggest that the world has reached "the end of the history of ideas," because, according to him, from now on "liberal democracy will be the universal, dominant, unchallengeable and irreplaceable ideology all over the world for all eternity..." (Obviously, the think-tank mudhead has not heard yet about Creativity – the new racial ideology-philosophy-religion of the White Race – which completely and categorically rejects all Jewish ideas, including the Jew-concocted "liberal democracy," and thereby challenges "the end of the history of ideas.")

Democracy! Democracy! Every country in the world must have democracy, the Jew-controlled U.S. government shouts, whether it be Europe, or Nicaragua, or Panama, or South Africa, or be it the mud countries of the African continent such as Ethiopia or Swaziland. One man, one vote, that is the solution to the world’s problems – it’s the only way to go – a free society and equality for everyone...

Breakdown of the "Evil Empire"
Recent events would seem to indicate that the breakdown in the former "Evil Empire" of Communism is indeed moving towards democracy, American style. The Communist empire with its headquarters in Moscow is visibly disintegrating before our eyes. East Germany has "voted out" the Communist dictatorship and is rapidly moving towards a reunion with the West German Federal Republic. Hungary has shucked off the Communist monopoly, as has Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czechoslovakia and a host of others. Romania did it the hard way, after thousands were murdered and finally the Communist dictator Ceausescu and his wife were summarily executed by the rebels. The Ukrainians are chafing at the bit and seething for autonomy, as are the Moldavians, Azerbaijanians, Armenians, Tadjiks and a host of other ethnic groups. As a most dramatic development, on March 11, 1990 Lithuania has declared its complete independence from the Soviet Union and is currently engaged in a war of nerves with Moscow. There is no doubt about it, the Soviet Communist empire is falling apart at the seams, and neither Gorbachev nor anybody else is going to be able to hold it together or restore the former status quo.

The Death of Communism
Communism is a dead horse. It is, or was, a form of Jewish tyranny imposed upon Russia in 1917 by a well organized band of Jewish Bolsheviks and aimed to become a vehicle for establishing an ironclad Jewish dictatorship throughout the world. By now its deceit and defects are so obvious that it is dying of its own dead weight. So, good riddance! Democracy is the coming thing and the answer to the world’s ills, we are told. What is our response to this claim?

No doubt, the death of communism is a welcome phenomenon and some of the changes in Europe are for the better and irreversible. The reunification of West and East Germans, ending a diabolical heavy-handed partition imposed upon the Germans by the victorious Jews after World War II, is one of the constructive changes, looking at it from the White Man’s point of view. The breakdown and discrediting of Jewish communism, per se, is another favorable and historic turn of events. Shaking off the tyrannical iron grip from Moscow is also a step in the right direction for many of the ethnic groups of the polyglot Soviet empire.

However, we Creators are not at all convinced that we are moving toward a Whiter and Brighter World. Nor do we buy the garbage that democracy, American style, is the answer to the multiplicity of problems in this world overcrowded with mud people. On the contrary. As the French saying goes, the more things change the more they are the same.
Yes, the system of tyrannical Jewish Marxism, whereby all property is "collectively" owned by the state with the resultant waste, mismanagement and non productivity, has now been conclusively discredited for all time. Marx, son of a rabbi, is finally dead – physically, ideologically and philosophically. But, we must remember that Marx was a nonentity and that the cruel imposition of Marxism was accomplished only by the powerful direction and manipulation of Judaism, and Judaism and the Kehilla are still very much alive and in control of the world today. In fact, it is they that are now promoting democracy with a vengeance, and – I have no doubt – are willfully and deliberately throwing Communism overboard. Evidently, it has served its purpose, and it is now time to scuttle it and change tactics in their unswerving plan and program to enslave all the peoples of the world as set forth in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Analysis from the White Man’s point of view
Now in reaching the conclusions I will be coming to, I want to make It clear that I am using the criteria as set forth in Creative Credo No. 2 of the White Man’s Bible. We Creators look at everything from the White Man’s point of view. Not from "America’s" point of view, not from the Jews’ point of view, nor that of world "humanity," nor are we looking at it from the niggers’ point of view, nor "through the snake’s eyes." The bottom line is – what do all these dramatic changes occurring in today’s world bode for the future of the White Race?

The answer is – more dangers and accelerated race-mixing! We must remember that Democracy, like Christianity and Communism, is a Jewish invention, a tool used to divide and conquer, the main target being the White Race. The very fact that the Jewish press is huckstering "democracy" with a vengeance, should raise a red flag by itself. Also, the fact that Communism seems to be dismantling itself relatively peaceably, without a major cataclysm such as the Bolshevik revolution, or World War I or II, is in itself very strange, especially so when we consider the fact that the world’s No. 1 Communist leader, Mikhail S. Gorbachev, seems to be spearheading and masterminding these great events. He didn’t get into the No. 1 catbird position without the massive help and approval of the Jews themselves, that is certain. The fact that he has been so highly touted, has received such glowing approval from the American Jewish press in every move he takes and every utterance he makes, should further convince us that he is their fair-haired boy.

"Democracy" – another Jewish tool
So, what are the Jews up to, what do they have in mind? Well, I am neither a mind reader, nor do I have a crystal ball. All I can do is to look at the facts and put two and two together, using the principles of logic and common sense.

Let us first look at the Jewish concept of democracy, that great, great sacred word that is always at the forefront of every utterance made by Jimmy Carter, or Ronald Reagan, or George Bush, or any other political prostitute in the service of the Jewish Occupational Government. We have "democracy" in the world’s "greatest" and "most affluent" society today. How is the White Race faring here and who rules the United States, this, supposedly, the world’s greatest "democracy"?

The answer is – the White Race is not faring very well. The Jews own and control their own private Federal Reserve (the world’s largest counterfeiting ring); the Jews own and control most of America’s newsmedia; the Jews own and control most of the nation’s major businesses; the Jews control our cultural and educational facilities and are using them to brain-pollute, race-mix and degenerate our society, especially our youth. Furthermore, the Jews are in complete control of all branches of our government in Washington, and in every state, county and city as well.

So how is the White Race faring under democracy? Not very well! It is targeted for extinction by "our" Jewish government. Practically every major city now has a stupid nigger mayor who is, of course, manipulated by his Jewish masters who put him there in the first place. The White productive worker and his family are having a hard time making ends meet while they are being taxed to death in order that "our" Jewish government can subsidize an ever increasing horde of freeloading niggers and other mud races (Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Haitians, etc.). While the White taxpayers work and slave and hold back on raising a family of their own, the niggers and the mud races feed and breed, subsidized by the largesse of the exploited White taxpayers. At the same time "our" Jewish government not only leaves our borders wide open for all the free-loading scum of the world to enter into our domain, but actually encourages these hordes to come here and pollute our once pristine domain. That, my dear White Racial Comrade, is democracy in America, the model for all the world.

Meanwhile, productive White entrepreneurs, like Rev. Rudy Stanko, sit in jail, robbed of their business and reputation, on trumped up charges contrived by a vicious Jewish conspiracy. He is not alone. Thousands of other White loyalists are also behind bars for no other reason than that they are for the White Race and therefore a threat to the Jewish conspiracy. You are, of course, free to enjoy the fruits of the great American Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and you can say and think anything you like, except, of course, don’t mention the Jewish behemoth. That, too, is an integral part of "democracy" in America.
How is the White Race faring in once "Great" Britain, that mother of all parliaments, democracy, and all those other shibboleths? Well, the Skinheads, who originated in Britain, pretty much summed it up in a few lines of their brave song: "Once we had an Empire, now we’ve got a slum." Niggers of all stripes from Africa, Pakistanis, Hindus and a plethora of other scum and mud races now infest British cities, and the Jew-controlled British government, as in the U.S.A., coddles sweetly to these parasites, but takes an extremely hard stand against any White Man who dares to take a pro-White position and defend White racial purity of his once great country. That is "democracy" in England.

We now take a look at the German people, the most productive people in the very heart of Europe. Since democracy is supposed to exemplify rule by the majority of the people, undoubtedly, Germany under Hitler from 1933 to 1939 had the finest democracy of all time, since Hitler’s regime enjoyed the popular endorsement of over 90% of its people. But, of course, it wasn’t a Jewish democracy; in fact, it was hostile to these miserable scavengers. Therefore, to hell with the will of the people, it had to be smashed.

Despite draconian partitions and extortions imposed by the Jewish victors on a defeated Germany, the German people by sheer strength of their talent, hard work and perseverance managed to rebuild their smashed and devastated cities, factories, transportation systems and farms. In the Western part of partitioned Germany, they had the American-style democracy imposed on them, whether they liked it or not. They could vote for any scoundrel they chose, but they could not vote for freedom from the tyranny of hostile occupation forces, nor could they vote for the kind of government they had enjoyed (National Socialism), nor could they vote for re-union with "East" Germans, nor their kinsmen in Austria who were part of the German Reich in 1939. So they were free to do anything at all as long as it conformed with the wishes of their Jewish slave-masters. All of which, of course, didn’t leave them much choice or much room to maneuver, but that was what was now called democracy. In the meantime the Jews saw to it that the "democratically" occupied Germany be polluted with Turks and other mud races to make sure their gene pool would be on its way to major pollution.
Now that union of "West" Germany with "East" Germany seem inevitable, all Germans will have a unified "democracy" – to be ruled, exploited and tyrannized by the worldwide Jewish powerhouse. That is what democracy has in store for a unified Germany.
Inter-ethnic conflicts – the Jewish plan to divide and conquer

Meanwhile, in the other countries breaking away from the Soviet communist monolith we already find a passed of major inter-ethnic conflicts. Poland is hostile and apprehensive that a united, strong Germany may try to reclaim its former territory carved out of eastern Germany and forcefully joined Into a Poland that had its own eastern territory "given" to Russia (very democratic, was it not), with the blessings of the Jew-controlled "democratic" United States, Britain and France.
Inter-ethnic conflicts are the curse of Europe. I pick up the morning paper and I read that another incident of ethnic violence is stirred up in Yugoslavia where 417 ethnic Albanians were hospitalized due to poisoning, and about 4000 ethnic Albanians gathered in the streets of Podujevo and beat up some 15 Serbs and Montenegrins, accusing them of deliberately poisoning the Albanian students. Another article on the same page tells about thousands of anti-Hungarian demonstrators rallying for the fourth straight day in protesting the intended take-over of Transylvania by Hungarians. This clash between Romanians and Hungarians left seven dead and 300 wounded. Meanwhile there are deadly ethnic clashes between Turks and Greeks on Cyprus, as well as border disputes between Greeks and Albanians. The list of examples of ethnic strife in Europe and elsewhere is endless.

Is Europe going to enjoy peace and prosperity once communism is dismantled? No, not hardly, if the Jews can help it. Already all the hundred-year-old grudges, feuds, animosities, ethnic hatreds are being fanned and revived in the same old Jewish game of divide and conquer.
The fact is this ethnically splintered and fractured world is never going to enjoy either peace or prosperity as long as the Jews are in control, and at this juncture in history they are fully in control, as they have been to a lesser degree for the last two thousand years.
What is the solution?

Is there a solution to ever bringing peace and prosperity to this polyglot, fractured world? Can even a once White and civilized Europe achieve peace among its various nations? Can they settle all the age-old grudges, rivalries, border problems, former territorial acquisitions, the problems of ethnic groups within other ethnic groups? Can they solve the thousand and one other problems, such as languages, religions, etc., that have been and will be the cause of endless wars even after communism is eradicated?

My answer is no, under the present system of values in the existing religious, economic and social system they will never be peacefully settled. Let us take, for instance, the problems of one single country, namely Germany, as a starter. The boundaries between Germany and Poland will be an eternal ulcer and can easily escalate into a military war again. Germany’s borders with France, especially Alsace-Lorralne, are an ongoing grudge, and will remain so. Its borders with Czechoslovakia will heat up again, as well as the question of unification with Austria.
Other examples: Belgium has problems of religion and language dividing it. Ireland has an ongoing civil war about religion that has been ulcerating for four hundred years. Britain and France fear that a reunited Germany will again become too powerful and will out-compete them in international trade. The laundry list goes on and on.

I repeat, is there no solution to the endless problems of the White Race, even amongst themselves? And again, I come to the same conclusion: not under the present system of values.

Without confronting the enormous problems of an exploding mud population that threatens to overwhelm the White Race, before the White peoples of the world can get their act together, there have to be some major fundamental changes in their thinking and in their attitude about themselves. There are thousands of minor divisive issues that have plagued the White Race over the centuries, but the major dividers have been these: nationality, religion and language. The Jews, who have developed the art of divide and conquer to a fine technique, have skillfully utilized and exacerbated these fundamental divisive factors and managed to keep the White nations of Europe (and the world!) in turmoil, at war, and in ever-increasing debt.

Creativity is the answer
Hasn’t anyone in the highly intelligent White world ever come to a solution to the problems of divided nationality, religion and language? Yes, Creativity has come to a sensible, non-violent and logical solution based on the revolutionary idea of White Racial Loyalty and Solidarity.
We want to educate White people of all nationalities, religions and languages that their first and basic loyalty belongs not to any particular nationality, religion or language, but to the White Race. Based upon the idea of White Racial Loyalty, we want to promote global White Racial Solidarity and Unity as the only way for the White Race to survive in the world which is becoming increasing flooded with the mud races.
One global White racial language
Creativity has the answer to the divisive problem of the different languages. We Creators advocate one common language for all the White people of the world, and we suggest Latin as "lingua franca" of the White Race. Latin – the classical language of the glorious White Roman Empire – is the most beautiful, melodic and logical of all Aryan languages, and in addition it is non-partisan. It has a great historical significance and tradition for the White Race: Latin was the official common language of all educated Europeans until the 16th century, when the Jew-instigated "Reformation" crushed Renaissance (the great European cultural and academic revival) and plunged Europe into fratricidal, religious and ethnic wars. Furthermore, classical Latin – even 2000 years after the Jew-instigated destruction of the White Roman Civilization – is still the best structured, organized and phonetic language in the history of our race. So let us polarize around our one and only great classical, traditional and historic language – Latin, the language of noble and magnificent White Romans. Let us White people of the world unite in the spirit of White Racial Loyalty and Solidarity and finally understand each other by speaking the same language!

One global White racial religion
We next examine that explosive issue of the different religions In which the White peoples of Europe and the world are enmeshed. Without a doubt, Jewish Christianity is the overwhelming prevalent religion with which the White Race has been plagued for nearly two thousand years. But besides it being a deceitful Jewish invention which brought down the once great White Roman Empire, it now has the added disintegrating factor that it is fractured into thousands of major and minor factions all of which are jealous of each other, and overtly and covertly at war with each other.
There are the Catholics and the Protestants, there are the Eastern Orthodox, there are the Mormons, and the Baptists, the Presbyterians, the Unitarians, the Calvinists, the Anglicans, the Mennonites, ad infinitum. Even the Korean-originated Moonies claim they are Christian. The list goes on and on, and even among the main groups there are endless divisions (for instance, even the small sect of Mennonites has 32 different divisions or denominations).

More blood has been spilled over this Judeo-Christian Idiotic spooks-in-the-sky swindle which the Jews have foisted on the White Race, than probably any other issues, of which the devastating Protestant vs. Catholic Thirty Years War (1618-1848) is only one example.

We Creators reject all existing religions which are based on myths and detrimental to the best interests of the White Race. We Creators are determined to convert all White people of the world to the one and only true White Racial Religion – Creativity, which is based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, History, Logic, Common Sense, and is dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.
One global White racial nation
Ethnic/regional/state nationalism is another strong divisive tool in the Jewish arsenal of weapons for manipulating and destroying the White Race. Who is it but a National government that has the power to declare war, to mobilize armies and to order attacks on another group of White people under the dominion of another national government. Nations go to war and, more often than not, White nations kill the people of other White nations. And in this category no other nations are as devastatingly efficient in raining death and destruction on their fellow kinsmen as the White nations themselves.

We Creators want to unite all White nations of the world into one global White racial nation, and we will move heaven and earth to see to it that never again will White men go to war to kill other White men, women and children. If we are going to go to war and kill, lets make damn sure we kill our racial enemies, who are our real enemies, Jews, niggers and the mud races.
Creativity – the New Renaissance of the White Race
We have addressed the main categories (language, religion, nationality) of divisiveness that over the centuries have prevented the White peoples of the world from ever getting their act together for their own best interests, for their own survival, expansion and advancement.
The main problem has been that, foolishly, they have never really thought of themselves as members of the White Race per se. They have considered themselves in terms of cultural, or religious, or regional bonds, such as French, or British, or German, or American, or Catholic, or Protestant, or Anglo-Saxon, but never considered that most significant of all the bonds we share – the biological bond which by its very crucial nature overrides any and all other bonds. Nor have they realized the overwhelming importance and privilege of being a member of Natures Finest – the White Race.

With the White Racial Religion – Creativity, all that changes.

We Creators consider our biological racial heritage and our White gene pool as the most significant and precious value on the face of the earth. It is this vital biological bond on which we focus our dedication, loyalty and inspiration. It is our centerpiece around which our religion is structured and polarized. We Creators consistently affirm on a daily basis: Our Race is Our Religion!

By converting the White peoples of the world to the one and only White Racial Religion – Creativity, we have the total solution for overcoming, peacefully dissolving and eliminating the most vexing and pernicious problems – namely, differences in language, religion and nationality, – problems which have divided and plagued the White Race since time immemorial.

If we all joined in one global White racial religion and embraced one global White racial loyalty, polarized around our biological bond and stressed our White racial heritage, then all national boundaries would become meaningless, and we could better use our talents and energies providing for a richer, healthier and fuller life – better housing, culture, happy families, healthy children, clean environment, etc., rather than continuing to devastate each other in endless wars of self-destruction.

Also, we would benefit in a multitude of other ways as well. We could easily communicate In any other country of the White world through our universal Latin language. We would reap the benefits of a longer, healthier and happier life through Salubrious Living. Since the White Race by then would have come to its senses and have purged the Jewish-Christian brain-scrambler from out of its system, religious prejudices and hang-ups would no longer exist.

And above all we would get the goddamn Jew off our back, once and for all, never to reappear again. Never again would this parasite invade, infest and destroy our pristine society. In other words, by implementing the Creed and Program of the White Racial Religion – Creativity, the White Race would achieve a New Renaissance of unparalleled prosperity and magnificence.
No alternatives to Creativity
Now whereas we are the only comprehensive, fully structured White Racial Religion in 6000 years of civilized history, we have no rivals, no worthwhile competition in that arena. However, there are a number of other White racist organizations of different stripes and moulds in America and to a lesser extent in other countries who claim to have plans to save the White Race. Let us view and review what the landscape looks like in America.
One of the older ones is the still existing Klan. It had an opportunity to build meaningful political clout and free this country of Jews within the 1920’s and early 1930s. At that time it had as many as four million members that included Supreme Court Justices, many governors, mayors, congressmen and other figures of prominence. What happened to it since then? Well, obviously it botched its job, and is now a small, fractured and fragmented group of confused yokels who don’t know where they are going, nor how to get there. They are now one of the most maligned and ridiculed group of people in the United States, even by the majority of the White people themselves.

Why have they failed? I can think of several basic reasons. In the first place, the "new Klan was organized by a group of Masons in about 1915. Since the Masons themselves are a Jew-spawned organization, designed to do the bidding of the international Kehilla, it makes sense that they were organized in order to attract those Whites with racial instincts, then lead them down a blind alley into oblivion. Secondly, they embrace Jewish Christianity, a creed designed for slaves, and again spawned by the Jews. Thirdly, they have a build-in contradiction that splits the White Race down the middle: whereas they are for Christianity, they are as hostile to Catholics as they are to Jews. Fourthly, parading in their pointed hoods and white robes, burning crosses at their ceremonies, makes them look pretty ridiculous to friend and foe alike.
So what else is there on the landscape? Well, there is the Aryan Nations out of Idaho, led by septuagenarian Richard Butler, who has had triple by-pass heart surgery. It is obvious he won’t last too much longer, and with his insane "true Israel" Identity creed, which says that we, the White Race, are the real Israelites, he will leave absolutely nothing of value behind. He has come up with no basic new ideas, written no meaningful books. His only "accomplishment" is that he has confused a number of already too-confused Christians in wanting to be "real" Jews.
Then there is Tom Metzger’s W.A.R. group. Tom himself has generated a considerable amount of publicity to his credit. He and his son John have appeared on a number of major Jewish talk shows. However, the message that he espouses vacillates from one contradiction to another, and his main theme seems to be to gather as many divergent and fragmented ideas as possible, throw them all into a melting pot and hope to come up with some kind of palatable chop-suey that will sell. He has been a Klansman, a Christian, and anti-Christian, has supported the "true Israel" Identity lunatics, then repudiated them. He was for the White Race retreating to a small segment of the United States and leaving the rest of the country to the niggers. But then recently has repudiated that position and agreed with the C.O.T.C. that "we want it all." Well, RAHOWA! He has even supported Creativity, but then also attacked it when his ego and hubris got the best of him. He has also tried to get together with that voluble nigger, Louis Farrakhan, and even Muamar Khaddafi. What Tom really thinks and believes remains shrouded in mystery, and he, too, has written no books or even spelled out his creed or program, content Instead to ride on the coattails of a multitude of diverse and contradictory assertions spelled out by others.
There are also the Nazis, but they are history. Hitler was a great man, the greatest of all them, but after he lost the war against the Jews, his exclusively pro-German, nationalistic "Deutschland uber Alles!" approach is no longer applicable in a changed world where Whites can no longer afford fratricidal nationalistic rivalries. What the White Race in America and the world needs now is not divisive pro-German Nazi imitators, but inclusive pro-White racial loyalists.

Of course, there are hundreds of other minor groups whose only merchandise is to deplore and lament, bitch and gripe, but they haven’t the slightest idea of what to do about the sorry mess, nor how to come up with a solution.
If not Creativity, what else is there?

So, outside of Creativity, what else is there? The answer is – nothing! If we fall to coalesce, polarize and unite around Creativity, there isn’t a ghost of a chance for the White Race to survive more than another generation. Creativity has all the answers in solving the multitude of idiotic and pervasive problems of nationalism, religion and language, as well as a host of others, including our polluted environment and the polluted mud scourge that now infests Planet Earth. A polyglot, confused and contradictory program of half-truths and mixed goals will no longer suffice. Creativity has the whole bail of wax. It has the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.

If not now, when?
We now come to the question of how much time do we have left to save the White Race? The answer is damn little. If we don’t get busy now and make hay while the sun shines, it will soon be too late. I would say we have to make or break it before the end of this century, or it will be the end of Nature’s Finest. So, White Racial Comrade, get with it today! Remember we are at war, and in this life and death struggle time is of the essence! If not now, when? White Man, make up your mind and join the White Racial Religion – Creativity now!

Ben Klassen
Founder.. Church of the Creator

                                    ARTICLE TAKEN FROM RACIAL LOYALTY # 58
                                                                 APRIL 17AC (1990)