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TOTAL WAR....Hatred is My Life (Video)

                                Banned on YouTube # 12
                          TOTAL WAR...Hatred is my Life 


Thursday, 13 December 2018

American Boys Sent to Die for Israel...By Ben Klassen

War in the Middle East

American Boys Sent to Die for Israel
At the bottom of this whole Middle Eastern furor is Israel. The JOG has decided to pull the awesome might of the U.S. military power over to the hot sands of Saudi Arabia and smash the potential threat to Israel by Iraq or any other Arab country. White Man, instead of joining the Jewish Occupational Government’s pro-Jew army, join our pro-White movement for White racial survival, expansion and advancement!

For years Israel has been trying to conjure up some scenario that would induce the mighty power of the United States to move its awesome forces into the hot sands of the Middle East and smash Israel’s Arab neighbors. Now, seemingly they believe they found such a pretext. At least the inflammatory rhetoric that is spewing forth from President Bush’s mouth would seem to try to convince the American people that they now have a moral issue, a holy cause with which to make such a colossal blunder. In any case, whether the confused American public is convinced or unconvinced, Bush is moving vast military forces of the United States to the deadly 120-degree sands of Saudi Arabia. The very fact that his insane rhetoric is so highly inflammatory strongly indicates his intent of igniting a shooting war.

Let us examine both the issues and rhetoric.

Bush says our "vital interests" are threatened by a "new Hitler," by a madman. Not true. Whether one Arab or another controls the oil of Kuwait makes little or no difference to the United States. Saddam Hussein had no intention of withholding the oil of Kuwait from the United States or anyone else. In fact, the Iraqis are most eager to sell all the oil they can since it is their financial life blood. Furthermore, the U.S. import of oil from Kuwait was only a meager 1.5 percent of its daily consumption. So what is the big deal? It makes very little difference to us whether some fat billionaire sheik or emir (Saddam says the emir is "retarded" that sat on the throne of Kuwait) sells us the oil, or gouges us, or whether we buy it from Iraq. Certainly, it makes no damn difference at all to the young American boys who are placed on the hot burning sands of Saudi Arabia to sweat and die.

Second Point. We are there, Bush says, to defend Saudi Arabia from Iraq’s Saddam, and we "believe" he "intends" to invade Saudi Arabia next. How idiotic can you get? If we are to go to war and defend every lousy mud country in the world from another whom we "suspect’ of having aggressive intentions on their neighbors, we would be deploying our forces on at least fifty frontiers spread all over the globe.
And since when did we usurp the right to be the policeman (or bully) of the world that we have a right to go in, invade and smash every foreign potentate against whom Bush has a personal vendetta, or more accurately – whom his Jewish overlords want us to destroy?
Third Point Bush sanctimoniously and deceitfully tries to make this a "matter of principle," a moral issue where we cannot allow big bully dictator to invade a smaller dictator. We cannot allow the rule of "might makes right," says the two-faced hypocrite that is "our" president, or more correctly, the political prostitute and upfront stooge for the JOG, who is really pulling the wires. What about his big bully invasion of Panama less than eight months ago? What about our invasion of Grenada several years earlier? Some years back, Bush as director of the CIA, had Noriega on his payroll and there is a cozy photo around of the two of them discussing some sinister shenanigans, probably how to make more money in the drug trade.

Where were we when Israel wantonly invaded Egypt during the Six-day War?
Or when Israel occupied the Golan Heights, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, all of which it still holds and tyrannizes to this day?  
Furthermore, where was the United States ten years ago, when Saddam Hussein and Iraq invaded Iran? Why, we were supporting him and supplying him with arms against our then "bully of the year" the Ayatollah Khomeini. But now we switch sides, like the treacherous bully the United States itself has become, to seek the help of Iran to fight against Iraq. Shifting American policy for the last several decades has had only one consistent feature: to betray and destroy those who thought the United States was their friend. With "friends" like that, who needs enemies?
Fourth Point. Bush calls Saddam a liar. It is the kind of rhetoric belligerents use when they want to make damn sure they will provoke a shooting war. Saddam returns the compliment the next day and calls Bush a liar, but who is the biggest liar, and I believe Bush wins this dubious prize hands down.

At least when Saddam invaded Kuwait, he captured a rich prize for his country, and he is a celebrated hero to his own countrymen. When Bush went into Panama, he captured his former buddy, Noriega, no rich prize, who, by the way, still hasn’t been tried after cooling his heels in the pen for the last eight months. By the looks of things he may never be tried, and if he ever is, it is extremely questionable whether he will be convicted. Furthermore, he could, and undoubtedly will, reveal some embarrassing facts about Bush’s duplicity. After all, what right does big bully George Bush have to invade a sovereign country, smash its infrastructure to smithereens, then forcefully kidnap its head of state, bring him into the United States and try him for alleged crimes committed in a foreign country?

If we were to consistently pursue such policy on a worldwide basis, we would be hauling in all the criminal heads of governments from some 140 countries, starting with the criminal thugs at the head of the parasitic state of Israel.

Fifth Point. As in the case of the insane and tremendously costly Vietnam war in both lives and money, the President of the United States Is peremptorily and rashly rushing us into a stupid war without the Congress being consulted and making a formal Declaration of War. This is an obvious and flagrant violation of the Constitution for which Bush should most certainly be impeached. Since imposing a blockade is an outright act of war, he is using such weasel words as interdiction of the vessels and ports of other countries, even such countries as Jordan, our supposed friend, against whom we have no quarrel.

Which brings us to the final point, which is this: our boys are not being sent over to sweat and die on the hot sands of the Middle East either to protect our vital interests," nor our oil supply, nor of restoring the "legitimate" fat and retarded emir of Kuwait to the throne, nor to protect Saudi Arabia from invasion, nor as a matter of some fictitious but dubious "holy" principles such as imposing our brand of "democracy" on some unwilling recipient. Nor is George Bush or the United States really calling the shots. The Jews are calling the shots in their own sinister interest and those of Israel. At the bottom of this whole Middle Eastern furor is Israel. The JOG has decided to pull the awesome might of the U.S. military power over to the hot sands of Saudi Arabia and smash the potential threat to Israel by Iraq or any other Arab country. Meanwhile, Israel is keeping an unusually low profile, as if it were only an innocent bystander, and had nothing to do with It all. But they are not fooling any one, least of all the Arabs, and to a lesser extent the European toadies like England, France and Germany, who are unwillingly pressured into "supporting" the United States’ unholy campaign. The most confused and baffled of the whole mess is the American public, who will pay the highest price of all for this wanton and dastardly treachery of the Jewish Occupational Government.

With all due credit to the treacherous and insidious antics George Bush has pulled off, we must realize that he is not his own man. Like President Reagan before him, he is only a front man, a shabez-goy, a despicable stooge for the Jews, who behind the scenes control this country and the world. So as to whether Bush or Saddam is the biggest liar, or the most flagrant aggressor, it is a moot question, and really immaterial. What we must do to rid ourselves and the world of this perennial Jewish plague is to build a formidable power structure for ourselves, the White Race, on a worldwide basis, starting here in the United States.

The Church of the Creator, with the creed and program of Creativity, has the one and only Winning Formula on which such a power structure can be built. White Man, instead of joining the Jewish Occupational Government’s pro-Jew army, join our pro-White movement for White racial survival, expansion and advancement! Join with us and let’s wipe this alien scourge from off the face of the earth, once and for all. Delenda est Judaica!

Ben Klassen
Founder Church Of The Creator

                                  ARTICLE TAKEN FROM RACIAL LOYALTY #63
                                                             SEP 17AC (1990)



Wednesday, 5 December 2018

ODIN'S LAW.. White Revolution (Video)

                                Banned on YouTube # 11
                            ODIN'S LAW...White Revolution


Monday, 3 December 2018

Lessons of the Mexican War...By Ben Klassen


1. The most obvious and important lesson we must learn is that America, as every other country, empire, or civilization, was built by conquest. It was by force of battle, by spilling blood, by conquering the enemy that the White Man forcibly took the land from the Indians, or the Mexicans, and even their independence from the British.

2. The Jewish writers, always working against the best interests of the White Race, have downgraded President James Polk (the greatest president of them all!) and the Mexican War (the best war of them all!) as an "insignificant" part of our history. Instead, the Jews keep rehashing the Civil War, the "nostalgia" of it all, the "colorful" generals, and so on, ad nauseum. The fact that the Mexican War, under the supreme leadership of President James Polk, was a most constructive and productive war, and the Civil War a terrible ghastly blunder, perpetrated by the Jews themselves, is never pointed out.

3. We White Racial Loyalists – Creators – regard the wars against Indians and the Mexicans as of far greater significance than the war of the American Revolution against England. After all, Canada has prospered equally well, although it never formally broke away from England. Its smaller population is solely due to the fact that only its southern fringes lie in a hospitable climate.

4. If the Mexican War of pushing back the mud races and settling it with White people was so productive in the past and was the "American Way," why scrap a winning formula? Why not apply the same successful program to the rest of the land areas of the world, not just for the U.S., but for the White Race as a whole? We White Racial Loyalists – Creators propose that this is exactly what we not only can do, but must do, if we are to survive. We have the intelligence, we have the power, and Nature has given us the natural right to do so. In its credo the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion – Creativity also furnishes us not only with the moral right to do so, but also the moral obligation to do so.

5. For those insipid bleeding hearts (whose minds have been polluted and perverted by Jewish propaganda) we throw down this challenge: If you really believe that the White Man was wrong in conquering America, if you don’t believe in the American way, who don’t you set an example of demonstrating your convictions by deeds? Give your property back to a Mexican or an Indian, renounce your American citizenship and crawl into a hole and die. That’s the bottom line of your idiotic conclusions, whether you know it or not.

6. We White Racial Loyalists – Creators take the contrary position. We take a position that both Nature and history have taught from time immemorial, and that is: Land and Race are Everything. Land is essential to the life and the preservation of our race. The survival, expansion and advancement of race is the most vital goal in our existence. We White Racial Loyalists – Creators believe not only in expanding American territory, as did our glorious ancestors of 1846-48, but of following the same great "American way" of expanding the living area of the White Race all over the world, until the White Race inhabits every hospitable square mile on the face of the earth.

7. The Mexican war also provides a lesson and a warning to all race traitors of today. Under orders of General Winfield Scott, 65 American deserters, who joined the enemy forces, were tried by court martial and sentenced to hang. Let that be a warning to all traitors. We White Racial Loyalists – Creators taken an even tougher stand: as part of our religious creed we believe that racial loyalty is the greatest honor, and racial treason is the worst crime. We content that being a traitor to your race is even a more heinous crime than treason to country or army. We, too, shall have a day of reckoning with all those traitors who today believe they can betray the White Race with impunity. We, too, shall render good old-fashion frontier justice to race traitors. We shall never forgive or forget.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church Of The Creator

AUGUST 17AC(1990)