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Three Cheers For A United Germany!.....By Ben Klassen


But, if the White Race is to survive, Germans and all other Whites must put Racial Loyalty above National Loyalty

There is much rejoicing and great jubilation in Germany these days. In fact, there is an air of euphoria prevalent with all Germans all over the world. East and West Germanys are to be united! The Berlin Wall has been torn down! Communism Is collapsing! For the first time in 45 years eighty million Germans can pool their resources and face the world as one. It is indeed a great historical epoch for Germans.

Looking further into the future, beyond the present day euphoria, let us try and visualize the course of future developments, not from the perspective of Germany and Germans, but from the viewpoint of the total White Race and its present domination and enslavement by the conspiratorial Jewish network of evil gangsters. Although I personally am proud of the German people, am proud of my German heritage, I basically consider myself a member of the White Race, and it is there that my first loyalty belongs. Racial Loyalty in our book by far overrides and supersedes National Loyalty. With this in mind let us see what we can expect to develop in both the short and the long term course of world affairs.

Whereas the Germans are jubilant, their European neighbors are fearful and most apprehensive. Jew-loving stooge Margaret Thatcher is fearful that German, now with a population of 80 million energetic and industrious people, is going to dominate Europe and will out-produce and outtrade Britain and relegate Britain’s already shabby economy into utter chaos. And, she has good grounds for those fears. The Poles, who have seemingly thrown off the communist yoke, and whose economy is in utter chaos, are fearful that the Germans, once they have again established themselves as a major world power, will want to reclaim vast areas of their former lands that were forcefully torn from the Germans after their defeat. They, too, have solid grounds for their fears. Weak and debilitated France, who has feared a resurgent and expanding Germany ever since the beating France took in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, is fearful of German revanche, that Germany will not only push France’s tottering economy into further disintegration, but will eventually want to avenge herself for the atrocities heaped on Germany after both World Wars I and II, and might even want to reclaim Alsace-Lorraine. Russians, on the other hand, are now in such desperate straights, in such utter confusion and so preoccupied with their own mess, they have no particular fear of German as such, but only hope that a resurgent German economy will help bail out their hopeless predicament in Russia itself, a mess left them upon the collapse of their odious Jew-imposed communist legacy.

Within Germany itself there is much optimism and a resurgent spirit of Nationalism. As multitudes of hundreds of thousands of Germans gather to jubilate at the Brandenburg Gate, we can hear them again singing "Deutschland! Deutschland, uber Alles! Uber Alles in der Welt!", their hallowed national anthem that preceded World War I. It is their epitome of nationalism – Germany above everything in the world! However, they are far from being home safe, and their problems are prodigious. Seventeen million Germans in formerly East Germany are almost as destitute as their Soviet oppressors. Their housing, their factories, their roads and bridges, their whole city infra-structures (sewers, water systems, etc.,) are in a state of decay and neglect and that whole section of the country has to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Even more of a problem is the whole mental disorientation of the 17 million East Germans, who have been subjected to 45 years, two generations, of Jewish communist propaganda and ideology. The result, not surprisingly, is that most East Germans have been inculcated with the slave mentality of having their lives planned and directed by the state. This, of course, has destroyed much of the natural initiative inherent in most Germans, and also the opportunity to develop the ability to spawn private enterprise, a deficiency that cannot be restored overnight.

However, despite all these handicaps, I am confident that the Germans, being an intelligent, industrious and resourceful people, will not only overcome the 45 years of repression, but will in a few years rebound and become the most prosperous and economically powerful nation in the world, surpassing even the United States. Despite their new burdens, the Gross National Product of West Germany for this year is projected to Increase by 4.0%, ten times that of the United States, whose projected increase is only 0.4%. One big advantage the Germans have over the United States is that they will not only be a united people, but they will be a homogeneous people, the vast majority of which are industrious and competent, whereas no matter what the United States tries to undertake, it is saddled with vast hordes of niggers and other incompetent mud races, which threaten soon to become the majority in what was once a White Man’s domain of enterprise and opportunity. As they say, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

We now come to Germany’s political situation, which is not nearly as bright, and in fact, contains a multitude of sour notes. For one thing, the Jews still run Germany, as they do the rest of the world. Also, there are still 250,000 U.S. soldiers in West Germany. Since the Soviet Union is a bankrupt and broken down collection of polyglot factions and no longer a military threat (if it ever was), what are those 250,000 U.S. troops, on more than 100 military bases, doing in Germany? I’ll tell you what they are there for. They are in Germany to protect the parasitic Jews from the Germans and to make sure that the Germans will never be able to install a government of their own kind and of their own choosing. Then there are still 350,000 Soviet troops in East Germany. That is a pretty heavy army of occupation for a small geographic area containing only 17 million people. What are they there for? They were originally there to impose Jewish communism on the Germans and hold them in the communist tyranny’s slavery and bondage. Now that communism is crumbling in Russia itself, as well as most other Eastern European countries, they will probably move out at the insistence of a revitalized Germany, but I am sure not without extracting a heavy price, a heavy handed piece of blackmail, to make the Germans pay to help bail out the rotten Soviet economy.
However, whether the 250,000 U.S. troops and/or the 350,000 Soviet troops will pull out at all, Is, in my opinion, still very questionable. It will depend very much on events in Russia, in Europe, in the Middle East, and, above all, in the home power base of the Jews, the United States itself. We can be fairly certain the Jews are not going to release their stranglehold on the Germans, whom they fear more than any other people on the face of the earth. And for good reason. The atrocities the Jews have heaped on the Germans in the last one hundred years are so horrible that if the Germans ever get into a position to do so, and are inclined to wreak vengeance, the total price would be to wipe out the Jewish population in toto. (Read again "Avenge Dresden!" in R.L. 51 and 52.)

However, even if Germany again should get its house in order and control of its own destiny, which is not likely, the problems of the present mess in Europe under existing ideology and accepted values, are Impossible of solution. The Jews have seen to that. Here is an excerpt from the newsletter of July/August, 1990, called Teutonic Unity, which is published by Manfred Roeder, a long-time German patriot who has spent several years in prison for his Germanic views. I quote:

"Yes, the Poles should live in secure borders, just like any other nation. I sincerely hope so. But this is just the reason why I can never accept the Oder-Neisse-Line as Germany’s border. Only a just border can be secure. Injustice can never guarantee security but rather the contrary: unrest for generations to come. And the Oder-Neisse is blatant injustice, it is a crime, dictated by Stalin and meant to perpetuate the hatred between Germans and Poles.
I cannot accept the Oder-Neisse-Line because I do not want a new conflict or war about it. And no German Parliament or government can foresee how coming generations will think about this robbery of territory, and therefore nobody can guarantee anything for the future. Beyond the Oder-Neisse lies one fourth of undisputed German land that has been German for 750 years, as long as Berlin.

Accepting this annexation means that Germany will be entitled In the future to retaliate likewise and – if circumstances change (and they change all the time) – take not only all her lost territories back but in addition one fourth of original Polish land up to the gates of Warsaw. And we would have the ‘right’ to expel all the inhabitants of this territory and connive the death of a few million in the process. And we could do it with no bad conscience at all, for up till now no Pole has ever regretted this crime against the German people or apologized for it. On the contrary, inflamed and sanctioned by the Catholic Church, one propagates in the most shameless manner historic lies of the ‘homecoming of ancient Polish lands’. And on top they demand reparations for damage during the war. Can we build a new Europe on such a foundation of lies and effrontery? Never!"

Now Manfred Roeder is not a man of any great influence in Germany or anywhere else. But the bottom line is that what he is saying represents the gut feeling of the vast majority of Germans, and once they have the power, they will demand a return of their stolen territories, that I can guarantee.
The present reality of the European situation is such that, communism or no communism, its nationalistic hatreds, grievances, boundary disputes, religious feuds and a hundred other problems are insoluble, if Germany again becomes the world power of which it is capable, promises or no promises, it will on nationalistic grounds demand a return of its lost territories. So will a number of other polyglot political divisions whose ethnic groups and convoluted boundaries are an insoluble nightmare. Europe will then be back to Square One, where it was in the 1930’s and war will again ensue. I repeat, the linguistic, political, religious and ethnic mess in Europe under the present state of values and ideology is insoluble. Two of the most implacable villains in the piece are Nationalism and Christianity.

Is there a solution? Yes, there is, and Creativity and only Creativity has the solution. The answer is a complete Revolution of Values through Religion. Unless we can persuade the White Race to think in terms of their most important value of all, their biological bond, instead of their national and linguistic differences, we will never solve any of the world’s problems, and the Jew with his diabolical technique of "Divide and Conquer" will again set the world on fire and destroy us all.

Think about it, White Man: Survival of the White Race, or going through the same old suicidal rat race of Whites killing Whites?

Remember, Whites now constitute less than 10% of the total world population, and, if present demographic trends continue, in 80 years Whites will be less than 1% (one percent!) of the total world population. It is high time for all Whites to unite as a racial entity and fight for its own survival. United under the banner of Racial Loyalty we can build a Whiter and Brighter World, but divided under banners of National Loyalty we are doomed to extinction.

White People Awake!
Save the White Race!

Ben Klassen
Founder Church Of The Creator


                                    ARTICLE TAKEN FROM RACIAL LOYALTY #65
                                                        NOVEMBER 17AC (1990)


Friday, 25 January 2019

Repudiate and Cancel the Federal Debt!....By Ben Klassen

The Obvious Solution to a Crushing Problem
There are two basic points I want to drive home in this article. The first point is that we, the White Race, are being totally enslaved by the JOG. Secondly, nobody can be enslaved unless they willingly cooperate with their slavemasters. Therefore the first step in our liberation is the straightening out of our thinking through a Revolution of Values.

Right now, the Jews control the money creating machinery in the U.S. and all other White countries, and it is probably the most powerful and significant weapon of all in the arsenal of the worldwide Jewish Conspiratorial Network that is slowly but surely tightening the noose around the necks of the working White taxpayers of the United States and the world. At the heart of this Jewish monster is the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, which has acquired for itself the powers to print unlimited quantities of money out of thin air and paper, and thereby control the finances of the world and all the accoutrements of power that go with it. (Read again "The Federal Reserve Board – The Most Gigantic Counterfeiting Ring in the World," C.C. No. 40 in the White Man’s Bible.)
Through this power of manufacturing its own money, then lending it out to the government and the people of the United States with interest, the Jew-controlled Federal Reserve System has been able to put the working people into a tighter and tighter noose, tightening the vise in which they have us clamped as the mountain of debt grows ominously larger daily.

The Federal debt of the United States at the time of Calvin Coolidge was only three billion dollars, of which he managed to pay off two billion while in office. Today the Federal debt exceeds three trillion dollars, a figure so huge that the average person cannot grasp it, and I won’t even try to explain it, except that is Is now one thousand times as large as it was during the time of Calvin Coolidge, and it is growing at a fantastic rate. But that is only part of the picture. Every state, city and municipality in the United States is also over its ears in debt. So is every large and small corporation. In fact, the total NATIONAL debt now stands at over 13 trillion dollars and increased by another 12 billion dollars while you are listening to the Jewsnews broadcast during the evening. Just the interest on the Federal debt alone is now the third largest item in our national budget, exceeded only by the welfare (tax Whitey, feed the nigger) programs and the military (make the world safer for the Jews) budget.

What does all this mean? It means, we, the White working people, who built it all through sheer labor now owe more than all the combined real wealth (real estate, machinery, land, housing, etc.,) In the United States is worth. It means every baby that is now born is already saddled with a $52,000 debt the day it arrives. By the time that baby is an adult, that debt may be five, ten or twenty times as large. It means we are enslaved in a Jew-created mountain of debt that grows ominously larger by the minute. (Read again "Operation Rip Off," p. 172 of RAHOWA! This Planet is All Ours.)

Now let us stop and think a minute. Debt has two parties: the debtor on the one side and the creditor on the other side. We hear incessantly of the astronomical amounts we, the people of the United States, owe. But strangely, never a peep as to whom we owe all these trillions, more than all the real combined property is worth. To whom do we owe such huge sums?

When you ask the average person that vital question, they act dumb, confused, like gee, I never thought of that. The government never mentions it. The Jews media will never inform you of this vital issue. Doesn’t anybody know? Why the big mystery?

Well, it might have been conspiratorially covered up by the Jewish power establishment but a mystery it is not. I can tell you in half a minute whom we owe it to, who is raking it in on the other side. The answer is the Federal Reserve Board, which is not at all a governmental agency as most people are led to believe, but a vile and vicious conspiracy of worldwide Jewish bankers. That is to whom we owe everything we own, and even more.
How did they get us into such a stupid and servile position? The steps leading the Jews to the worldwide dominance are: racial loyalty, racial religion and a conspiratorial game plan, surreptitiously acquiring all the world’s nerve centers of power, of which money is the key. That is how they managed to lock us in and enslave us.
So, the bottom line is we owe everything we own, and more, to the treacherous and perfidious Jewish conspiracy who didn’t earn any part of it, but through trickery and treachery have euchred and swindled us out of our property and substance. I repeat, the Jews stole our wealth through paper shuffling, through deceit, through trickery and chicanery. The Jew-controlled Federal Reserve swindle is not a legal body, nor have they acquired the right to create money. They are in violation of the Constitution of the United States, Section 8, Article 5 of which says, "Congress shall have the power: to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin..." This does not mean Congress can give that right and obligation away to a gang of Jewish counterfeiters, which is what has happened.
So, do we owe these sinister Jewish gangsters 13 trillion dollars? Not by a damsite! We don’t owe it to them legally, we don’t owe it to them morally, we don’t owe it to them, period. What we owe them is a good neck-tie party to hang all these treacherous gangsters who have caused more wars, killings, poverty and misery than all other evil forces of the world combined. While we are at it, we should also hang all the traitorous chabez-goys who collaborated and cooperated with our mortal enemies.
Back in 1927 when I was a youngster attending a one-room public school out on the prairies of Saskatchewan in Canada, we had a very hard-core patriotic teacher by the name of Mrs. Murphy. Although the moniker "Murphy" was Irish, it was hers only by marriage. She herself was very much Scotch-English and was a native of Nova Scotia. However, her patriotism was not focused on Canada. Her allegiance was 100% for Great Britain and the British Empire, who at that time could still proudly make the claim of being "Great." She considered Canada only as a part of that great empire, and so did most of the Canadians. I remember her telling us that we were not Canadian citizens but "British subjects," an important distinction. Victoria Day was celebrated on May 24, a big holiday, although Queen Victoria had never set foot on Canadian soil. May the 24th was a day of celebration, of great parades, of ringing speeches and rhetoric. I can still remember such speeches after more than sixty years about how great was the British Empire, which God had specially blest, it encompassed more than a quarter of the globe, and the sun never set on the British Empire, the speakers declared with fervor again and again. I also remember Mrs. Murphy teaching us a number of songs, one of which we sang with great gusto:  Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves. Britons never, never shall be slaves.

Well, today, despite all the gusto, jingoism and flag waving, the sun has set on the British Empire. Thanks to the treachery and betrayal of such chabez-goy traitors as Winston Churchill (and Franklin Roosevelt on our side of the Atlantic) today Britons are very much the slaves they vowed they would never be. Today, Britain is a third rate power, stripped of her great Empire, and rapidly slipping into a ‘Third World" country of mongrelized bastards. Not only do they have no control over their government, their finances, their education, or anything else, but they are rapidly becoming outcasts in their own country as the flood of mud races keeps overwhelming their once pristine island. Whereas the native British pay the taxes, do the work and carry the mud races on their backs, they are shunned, exploited, discriminated against and abused by their "own" government. Not Britons, but Judah now rules once "Great" Britain, and the native Britons are slaves to an alien parasite. The British Skinheads in one of their songs sum up the situation succinctly:

Once we had an Empire, Now we’ve got a slum.
Although so far we have focused on Britain and her once glorious Empire, she is no exception from the rest of the world. Today the Tribe of Judah not only rules Britannia and the waves, but Judah rules the world, including, and especially, the United States of America.
How do these slimy Jews do it? Well, its a long story starting back about four or five thousand years ago. But let us capsulize the important highlights:

First came Racial Loyalty, which, by the way, is the name of our flagship newspaper.
Secondly came their own Racial Religion, namely Judaism.

Thirdly, they formulated a conspiratorial Game Plan, namely to acquire for themselves all the gold, money and real estate of the world.

Fourthly, get control of all the nerve centers of power – finances, government, newsmedia, education and other peoples’ religions.

Fifthly, destroy the best, namely the White Race, by shrinkage and mongrelization, and convert the leaderless brown zombies into docile, servile slaves, willing to work for their Jewish slavemasters.

This may sound like a tall order, an impossible accomplishment, but the stark brutal facts of life are these: the Jews are doing it, and the goal they have been striving for through millenniums is almost theirs, at least it is definitely In sight within a generation. Now, there are certain races that make docile slaves, and there are some who do not. Historically the niggers of Africa have made the most easily manageable slaves. The Arabs have not, the Indians of North America never did. Neither have the Japanese, nor the Chinese.
The least conducive of all have been Nature’s Finest – the White Race, who traditionally have been the world’s greatest conquerors and warriors. Although the Jews are now on top of the world, the indomitable determination, resourcefulness and fighting qualities of the White Race pose a serious threat and roadblock to the Jews’ fanatical drive to enslave and dominate all the goyim (read "cattle") of the world. True, the White Race suffers from a fatal Achilles heel. They want to be fair, they want to give the other fellow an even break, they even want to turn the other cheek and help their enemies. They seem to have no sense of racial cohesion, or racial loyalty. However, there is always a chance that they might wake up as they did in Germany sixty years ago, realize what is happening, organize and turn their wrath on their mortal enemies – the Jews.
It is this nightmare that propels the Jews to work ever more feverishly to mongrelize the noble White Race out of existence. We, the White Race, are now at a critical point in the biological history of our species. The Jew is in a frenzy to mongrelize the White Race within this generation. It is now or never, and the Jews know it. The White Man is finally becoming acutely conscious of what the Jewish conspiracy is doing and that the Jew power is on a worldwide rampage against the White Race. We see stirrings of anti-Jewish resistance in Russia, where Pamyat is scaring the hell out of the Jews. We see it in Germany, we see it In France, we see it in South Africa, we see it in Sweden. Although we are not too well known yet, Creativity and its gospel of White Racial Loyalty is attracting more and more attention, because it has a comprehensive game plan for victory and the only true winning formula.

 We come back to square one. The White Race is not compatible with slavery, it cannot be permanently enslaved, but It can be permanently destroyed, which is what is now happening.

Can we reverse the process and save the White Race? Yes, we cant The most direct step we can take is to repudiate the Federal debt and all other debts that have been laid upon us through the chicanery of the Jewish bankers, then hang these criminals. If we can "forgive" Egypt a debt of seven billion and Israel an even bigger mountain of money, it makes more sense to "forgive" the American people’s debt, a debt that was criminally imposed on them by a gang of Jewish financial manipulators.

How can we do that? We must get back to basics and build the powerful massive steamroller of a White Racial movement through the same steps as did the Jews thousands of years earlier – through Racial Loyalty, through Racial Religion, through Creativity. Only through these logical steps can we regain control of our own destiny and make our supine congressmen nullify the Federal Reserve Act, cancel the ill-begotten mountains of debt and repudiate the Federal debt. Once we have done that, the Jewish game is over, once and for all.

President Bush has been deliberating and having conferences at the White House with members of both Parties, trying to find a "solution" to the national deficit. For weeks, as they fiddled and fidgeted, this was the big news until the diversion of the "Gulf Crisis" took over the headlines. But they did not solve it and they never will, because it is these very same traitorous chabez-goys who have been (and are) collaborating with the Jews that brought about the financial mess we are in. We now need to adopt a more drastic approach. Like Alexander the Great, when presented with the Gordian knot which no one could untangle, he took his trusty sword and with one powerful blow cut through the whole tangled mess and the problem of the Gordian knot was solved. Let us do likewise.
Only in Creativity do we have the winning formula to do the job. In order to win we need a complete revision of those values we hold dear. In Creativity we do just that. It is, in fact, a REVOLUTION OF VALUES, heaving overboard the insane and suicidal Jewish values, dumped on us by Christianity, and in their place establishing new RACIAL VALUES, based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, History, Logic and Common Sense.

Dear White Racial Comrades, join with us now and build the necessary powerhouse with which to destroy Judaism and its adjunct, Christianity. Let’s kick the pernicious slimy Jew out of power and out of America. Let’s do what Roman Senator Cato the Elder did when, at the end of every speech he made in the Roman Senate, he would shout "Delenda est Carthago!" (Carthage must be destroyed!) It became a battle cry of all Romans, and as a result, the threat of Carthage was totally destroyed, never to rise again. Let us likewise shout "Delenda est Judaica!" until we have destroyed these vicious parasites on the body of humanity, until they too have been expunged from the face of the world.
Delenda est Judaica! RAHOWA!
Ben Klassen
Founder Church Of The Creator
                                OCTOBER 17AC(1990)

Thursday, 24 January 2019

VALHALLAS PATRIOTS....Race Over All (Video)

                                 Banned on YouTube#14
                   VALHALLAS PATRIOTS...Race Over All 

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

The Manifest Destiny of the White Race....By Ben Klassen

Like the American pioneers, we, the White Race, must now make it our Manifest Destiny to win the world, and populate all the good lands thereof. This planet is all ours! RAHOWA!

The White Man is a tremendous builder. The few times in history when he has been unshackled and free to do as his inborn nature dictates, he constructs, he creates, he builds empires. Given free rein over a period of time, the creative works of the White Man become truly astounding. One such period was the building of America, and the Winning of the West.

During the middle of the nineteenth century, the majority of Americans were imbued with the idea that it was their Manifest Destiny to conquer and populate America from the shores of the Atlantic to the shores of the Pacific. And conquer they did!

Our doctored history books have given us so much trash about the importance of the Pilgrim Fathers, the Puritans, the Mayflower Compact, and, in general, the role of Christianity in the building of America. Our school children and the American population, by and large, as a result, have now become so indoctrinated that practically all of them will rehash this Jewish distortion that America was built by Christians, for Christians, and on Christian principles. A closer examination of history will show that American was built not by Christians, nor on Christian principles, but, on the contrary, was built despite the shackles of Christianity.

Who were the real builders of America? They certainly were not the Pilgrims or the Puritans or the religious zealots, although there were some of these sprinkled throughout the early settlers. Basically the people who came over here in large numbers and were the root-stock of America were the best examples of what is good about the White Race. These were people imbued with the spirit of adventure who were looking for a better land and a better opportunity in which to raise their families and to make their fortunes. They were adventurous, aggressive, fearless, energetic, and above all, people with vision and people who wanted to build. They were the same kind of stock that has pushed forward the frontiers of the White Man all over the world in the far-flung continents over the last many thousands of years.
Who were these people? They were the best of our White racial stock that we could be proud of. They were the pioneers, they were the trappers, the hunters, the explorers, the farmers, the ranchers, the railroad builders, and above all, the Indian fighters. They came here from an overcrowded Europe that had been torn asunder and exploited by Jewish financial monopoly and enmeshed in a divisive strife-torn controversy over the Jewish imposed Christian religion. They were people who were looking for elbow room and for freedom to follow their natural inclinations and aspirations. In their veins and in their blood was the feeling of a Manifest Destiny to expand and populate the rich new land.

Out of all this emerged the finest and greatest blossoming of White productivity that the world has ever seen. In the Winning of the West undoubtedly was demonstrated one of the widest and broadest accomplishments of the human race. In the heroic Winning of the West was written one of the most glorious and far-reaching chapters in the history of the White Race, or of any race, for that matter. By sheer dint of courage and labor was built the most productive, creative, powerful and affluent empire the world has ever seen.

Today, America, although the White people in it constitute less than five percent of the people of the globe, produces as much wealth and substance as all the rest of the world put together. This, in spite of the fact that Americans have been loaded down with severe restrictions and handicaps, such as no nation has ever before known. White Americans have riding on their back 30 million (probably 70 million) black parasites, which are not only a heavy load to carry, but a serious further handicap in as much as throwing gravel into the gears of production. All this production comes from America in spite of the fact that the American people have been forced to subsidize their rivals and their enemies all over the world with foreign aid, technology, loans, products, monetary restrictions, and every other form of shackle that the Jew could possibly dream up. Added to this is the strangling effect of the Jews in our midst, reputedly six million, but probably a great many more.

Without a doubt America today is the basic stronghold of the White Race. For this reason it is under heavy attack by the Jew to have the White American mongrelized and dragged down into the same snake-pit as was India thousands of years ago, South America a few centuries ago, and Haiti 150 years ago. America is the great stronghold of the White Race and it is here that the battle will have to be fought, it is here that the Jew will have to be conquered, it is here that a new world philosophy for the survival of the White Race will have to be formulated and take root.

We owe much to our hearty forefathers who came to a bleak and hostile continent with nothing but their unbounded determination and their native inborn abilities to create and to build. Among these were the early fur traders and trappers, the hunters, and the explorers, restless, energetic and free-wheeling, looking for new adventures and ever wider horizons. With them also soon came the early settlers, the homesteaders, the farmers. And as they pushed westward the rancher and the cattle barons and their romantic cowboys helped to tame the vast spaces of an ever onward expanding America. These were in turn followed by city builders, railroad builders, and entrepreneurs, in the best American sense. As they built this empire, all of them, in one way or another, were Indian fighters.
Since our history has been so badly distorted on the one hand, and since our heroic pioneering forefathers have been mischievously maligned for their policy against the Indians on the other hand, it is of utmost importance that we examine just what the policy of pioneering America was towards the inferior red native, namely the Indian.

There is no question that the White Man was invading a land that was populated by Indians, a race vastly different from himself and decidedly inferior. Although the invasion was a trickle at the beginning, it did not take the Indian long to realize that he was being invaded and deprived of his land. As hostility soon developed, as it must, it did not take the White Man long to realize also that the Indian was his deadly enemy and a dire threat to his existence, to his property, and to the lives of his family.

 From this developed a bond between the White Race such as had never been experienced in Europe. The White Man realized that he had to stick together to survive, and one of the finest periods of racial loyalty among White People of all different European origins developed. It brought out the best of the White Man – racial loyalty, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and courage. Giving full play to these natural attributes, he pushed steadily onwards, drove the Indian westward and took over his land. Although the White Man was vastly outnumbered, this proved to be no handicap, for when the White Man is united and determined in purpose he can overcome all other forces and all other obstacles. The White Man clearly realized the Indian was his enemy and the motto, "the only good Indian is a dead Indian," became the unwritten law of the land.

It is, therefore, so much garbage to expostulate that America was built on Christian principles. America was not built on Christian principles at all. If the early White American pioneer had followed the dictates of Christian ethics such as, "love your enemies," "turn the other cheek," "sell all thou hast and give it to the poor," "resist not evil," "judge not," etc., and all the other suicidal Christian nonsense, he would never have made it. He would have been overwhelmed and killed by the Indians before he ever so much as got a toe-hold on the American continent. No, indeed!
America was not built on Christian principles, nor by people that were particularly interested in Christianity. America was built by the best specimens of the White Race – the White Race exercising its inborn aggressiveness and giving full sway to Its superior abilities and competence.

We hear so much nonsense in our modern-day history books, in the movies and in other Jewish propaganda, about how the White Man was perfidious, that he broke treaties with the Indians, how he tricked the Indians, and how he lied and betrayed them. This is, of course, as I have just said, Jewish propaganda in order to degrade and downgrade the heroic White Man. The White Man just plainly fought and overpowered the Indians, he did not have to trick them or have to promise them anything, he was out for conquest. He fought the Indian, he defeated the Indian, he killed and slaughtered the Indian and drove him before him as he took over his land. He plainly outfought the Indian and subdued him. It was just simply a matter of conquest, and to accuse the White Man of trickery and chicanery is plainly another lying Jewish trick. The White Man made no treaties with the Indians as such. He handed down edicts most of which were for containing the Indian in given reservations or areas after he had already been totally defeated in any case. You do not bargain nor make treaties with devastated enemies, you hand down terms, and this is the way the American Indian was managed.

Let us be honest about it. The White European crossed the ocean, invaded the American continent peopled by an inferior red race, and drove westward; he conquered the red man; he took over his land, he killed off most of his opponents, and when he had unquestionably subdued them, he herded them into a shrunken area of then deemed useless land called reservations. No matter how you look at it, it was open, free-wheeling conquest, a free play of the forces of Nature, it was the White Man at his best. If our forefathers had not done this, there would have been no America – there would, in fact, be no great, strong reservoir of the White Race today. In fact, it is doubtful whether the White Race would still have survived at all.

Since the winning of the West and the building of America was one of the most creative and productive epochs in the history of the White Man, we should learn some serious lessons from our own history. If waging war against the colored races namely the Indians, was so productive a hundred or two hundred years ago in terms of the expansion and well-being of the White Race, and if out of such aggression was built a great wealthy empire, what is the matter with pursuing and adopting such a policy today on a global scale? Why do we pamper and promote the proliferation of the inferior black African in our midst when we have the overwhelming power to rid our beautiful country of that scourge and send him posthaste back to Africa? Why do we not help our pioneering White Brothers in South Africa and help them to drive the savage black man northward towards the Equator?
Nature herself has endowed us with the inalienable right to survival, the inalienable right to propagate, advance and expand the White Race in the hostile face of all enemies. Let us not forget that the most deadly enemies the White Race has are the mud races. In fact, all mud races are enemies of the White Man. The best protection the White Man can provide for himself is to expand the territory and the numbers of the White Race on a global basis and shrink that of the mud races, all of which are hostile to us, until this threat exists no more.
As long as the hostile red race had the preponderance of numbers and power, he was a threat and a menace to the White American pioneer. It was not until the White Race by sheer numbers overwhelmingly overpowered the Indians that the threat to life and property was destroyed. Similarly, on a global scale the mud races, all of which are hostile to the White Race, and becoming more so every day, are a deadly threat to the very existence of the White Race. If the racial policy of the White Race in America a hundred years ago was such a productive policy for our race, it stands to reason that it would also be an excellent policy on a global scale.

Impossible? Not at all. In fact it is not only possible, it is the only sensible policy the White Race can pursue. Make no mistake about it, the Jews in collaboration with the mud races have marked the White Race for extinction and are rapidly proceeding – and succeeding – in this program.
It is the highest right, the foremost law in Nature, to fight for our survival at all costs! We must secure the existence of the White Race on the face of this planet for all time. And the White Man could easily do it if he united and achieved racial solidarity. Whereas in Roman times, one Roman legionnaire, using his contemporary weapons, such as sword, shield, spear, etc., could perhaps outfight six (or maybe ten) times his number of black savages, today, with the modern technology that is the product of the White Man and the White Man alone, a few trained pilots armed with jet planes and atomic bombs could wipe out any and all opposition from the hostile blacks of Africa, for instance, in no time at all. The fact that our weapons are now also in the hands of our enemy, who could never have conceived or produced them on his own, is a shameful reflection on the lack of loyalty and purpose on the part of the White Race.
Nevertheless, bad as things are today, it is not too late, nor impossible. When the White Race achieves political unity and ideological cohesion, the mud races, due to inability to sustain themselves, will wither on the vine and no nuclear holocaust, with which the Jews are continually intimidating us, will be necessary. Yes, the handwriting on the wall is clear: White Man, unite or perish! Populate the world or become a mongrelized slave!

Since the black race commits the overwhelming majority of all violent (and other) crimes, it is plain that if we shrink their numbers we will shrink crime. The same principle applies to ignorance and poverty. Therefore, if we want to reduce crime, poverty, filth, slums, and ignorance, the best and most effective program is to shrink the number of niggers in America.

The racial program of the Church of the Creator therefore is clearly spelled out: expand the White Race, shrink the muds.  This must be our program for all time, not only in America but on a global basis.

Stupidly and foolishly, under the auspices of the Jew and Christian principles, we have been doing just the opposite. In America, as elsewhere in the world, every policy the White Man has foolishly been induced to pursue, whether it be foreign aid, welfare, fiscal policies, taxation, technological aid, medical aid, or one of a hundred other policies, has consistently worked to multiply the mud scum and shrink the base of the productive White Race.

The mud races throughout he world hate us with a passion. Fanned by the worldwide Jewish press, the White Race, polarized in the White American image, is the prime hate target everywhere. Not only is the White Man hated throughout the world, but right here in America itself, the Mexicans, the niggers, the Indians and every other mud scum can hardly wait for the day when they can do us in. Why we should "turn the other cheek," and feed, subsidize and promote the proliferation of the mud scum who hate us, is beyond reason. It is suicide. It is insanity. We owe the mud races nothing. Any one of them will do us in as soon as they have the power. Collectively and organized by the Jew they will have the power in a generation or so, and they will do us in, unless we ourselves unite and organize.

I repeat, united and organized the White Race is ten times as powerful as the rest of the world combined. Throughout Nature each species endeavors to expand by colonizing Into new territory. For example, as soon as the rabbit set foot in the new continent of Australia, It multiplied prolifically until it covered the continent. When the starlings came to North America they rapidly spread across the continent. When the hyacinth came to Florida a century ago it rapidly spread into every canal and waterway that was suitable for its growth. When a weed takes root in a field of wheat, it immediately seeks to enlarge its territory, dispersing seeds to where, if possible, it can take over the whole field, the whole county, the whole country. This is Nature’s program: colonize into new territory and expand to the limit of your abilities no holds barred.

For thousands of years the White Race has been colonizing territories and continents, sometimes with great success and also with certain setbacks. During the Roman era it was outstandingly successful. Had the White Race not been stricken with a suicidal, mind-crippling affliction, namely Christianity, it undoubtedly would have gone on and long ago colonized the world. Unfortunately, as history shows, the Romans did succumb to Christianity. The forward surge of the White Race crumbled, the White Race Itself went into decay and was almost overrun by the Mohammedan Moors.

With Renaissance the White Race regained its senses, and in the sixteenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the White Race again moved forward in a healthy resurgence of colonization that embraced every continent of the world, and as we have just explored, was most vigorous of all in the North American continent. Now, in the twentieth century, the White Man Is again in rapid decline as poisonous, virulent, new Jewish philosophies, communism and liberalism, are spreading like the plague. Foolishly, the White Man is now retreating, running before inferior scum, shrinking his own and helping his enemies multiply. Instead of colonizing, White America is being colonized, not only by hordes of black niggers, but all the mud scum of the world.
The real solution is for the White Man to adopt a sound, clear-cut racial policy: The White Race must expand until it inhabits all the good lands of this earth; it must consider all mud races its deadly enemies; it must stop giving them aid and assistance of any kind; it must crowd and shrink them from the face of the earth, as it did the Indian in America, only more so.

In order to survive at all, this must be our creed and our testament: it is either them, or us! It is the overwhelming objective of the Church of the Creator to make sure that the survival of the White Race upon the face of this earth will be secured for all time to come.

We, the White Race, must therefore learn over again the great historic lesson from our illustrious American forefathers. We must project this great productive surge of the White Race into a worldwide basis. We must again, in a planned and deliberate program, resume the colonization of the world which the White Race has pursued for the last several centuries in a more or less haphazard, but vigorous manner. Like the American pioneers, we, the White Race, must now make it our Manifest Destiny to win the world, and populate all the good lands thereof.

RAHOWA! This Planet is All Ours!

Ben Klassen
Founder Church Of The Creator

                                ARTICLE TAKEN FROM RACIAL LOYALTY # 64
                                                              OCT 17AC 1990