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Fishing the Antifa...By Paul Fromm

Fishing the Antifa: Nationalists Draw Out the Violent Nature of Many Protesting Immigration Restrictions
On September 30, many different groups hosted demonstrations across Canada against Canada├Ęs failed immigration policy Protests occurred in Fredericton, Ottawa, Windsor, London , Edmonton, Regina, and the Peace Arch Border Crossing near Vancouver.and other cities.

Kevin Goudreau is a long-time White Nationalist activist. He cut his teeth in the early 1990s as one of Wolfgang Droege's key organizers in Kingston, Ontario. Kevin obtained a permit from the City of Peterborough on behalf of the Canadian Nationalist Front to hold an anti-Trudeau, anti-immigration rally at Confederation Square in that city. Various Antifa and anti-free speech groups rose to the bait like piranha to a bleeding cow.

A city councillor whose grasp of freedom of speech and political freedom is decidedly feeble blasted city staff for granting the permit: "Peterborough councillor Diane Therrien says a Neo-Nazi should never have gotten permission to hold a rally on city property at Confederation Square, on Saturday." (National Post, September 2, 2017) "At City Hall on Monday, Therrien said city staff gave the group permission to hold its rally in the park because it’s expected to be a peaceful protest. But she wasn’t accepting that idea. “Staff’s position is that it’s a peaceful protest – but he (Goudreau) is not a peaceful person,” Therrien said. Meanwhile, Therrien asked fellow councillors to support local activists who are planning counter-protests."

Well, there would be plenty of violence on Saturday, but none of it would be Mr. Goudreau's doing. The "peaceful'" anti-racist protest turned decidedly violent with masked thugs assaulting a young man they thought was a "fascist", spitting and screaming, and then surrounding a police car containing one of the violent peaceful protesters and screaming at and menacing the police. There were two arrests for assault. Some masked thugs attacked an elderly man whom they accused of being a "fascist" and broke his cane.


Earlier in the week, Mr., Goudreau's group infiltrated an Antifa organizing meeting a recorded the proceedings including organizing for violence. They shared this information with the police and media. 

Mr. Goudreau's ploy worked admirably. Antifa were encouraged to be the violent Red Guards they are and demonstrate that ANTI-RACISM IS A CODE WORD FOR ANTI-WHITE. It also allowed nationalists to get many pictures of Antifa BEFORE they donned their masks.

The National Post asserted there were 1,000 anti-racist protesters. My estimate was closer to 200. They were a motley crew of masked thuggish antifa, leftist crazies and some more establishment virtue signallers coming out as the street troops for The Fund Kid, Justin Trudeau, who, when receiving a Global Citizen Award from the globalist Atlantic Union in New York earlier in the month proclaimed a globalist jihad against nationalists and those with traditional views on human sexuality:  'We need to be every bit as strong, ever bit as vigilant in opposing the scourges of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ethnic and religious bigotry, neo-fascism, neo-Nazis and the violent extremism of Daesh (ISIS) that confront us in 2017." (National Post, September 21, 2017)

Prominent among this gaggle of White haters, self haters and useful idiots was Peterborough MP Maryam Monsef, who was swept into the cabinet at age 31 of the strength of her sex and Third World status. Her publicity claimed she had come to Canada as a refugee from Afghanistan at age 11. It turned out this was a bit of a fib. She'd hailed from Iran. Coming from lands that know little about democracy, she had been tasked with delivering democratic reform and moving toward proportional representation. She flopped miserably and has been shifted to being Minister on the Status of Women.

Violence Erupts at Anti-Racism-Rally in Peterborough Ont..( NATIONAL POST)

Members of Peterborough Against Fascism march during a white supremacy demonstration on Saturday September 30, 2017 in Peterborough, Ont. CLIFFORD SKARSTEDT/POSTMEDIA NETWORK


           Police arrest a protester on Saturday Sept. 30, 2017 in Peterborough, Ont. CLIFFORD SKARSTEDT/POSTMEDIA NETWORK

 City police escort a man who was punched during the protests on Saturday Sept. 30, 2017 in Peterborough, Ont. CLIFFORD SKARSTEDT/POSTMEDIA NETWORK     

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Rev Matt Hale (Civil Case)...Declaration and Response to Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment

To read the document in it's entirety........

Declaration and Response to Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment ( FREE MATT HALE SITE)

Quotes by Rev Hale from The Declaration and Response to the Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgment..........

" It is untrue that I am a leader of a group known as the Creativity Movement and the Defendant knows it. I have not been the leader of the Church of the Creator - The actual name of the Church embodying the Creativity religion -  since 2006 when my term of office as Pontifex Maximus expired, and even then I had not actually "led" the church since the occasion of my arrest on January 8th 2003 made that impossible"

" The facts of this case show that Creativity overwhelmingly meets the test for a religion as set forth in the United States v. Meyers 95 f. 3d 1475 ( 10th Cir. 1996) "

" I am not a "White Supremacist" and in fact oppose White supremacy. The fact that the defendant has labelled Creativity and me as "White Supremacist" throughout its' motion and declaration, shows in my judgment as a Creator for the past 27 years, how little the Defendant understands the Creativity religion. "

" The Jews think that "God" chose them as his favorites. We Creators think that Nature chose us as her favorites. If one is a religious concept, so must the other be. "

" It is an outright lie that " Delenda Est Judaica" means "Jews must be destroyed"
" Delenda Est Judaica actually means "Judaism must be destroyed"

" Day by day and hour by hour my Creativity religion guides my life. It informs me as to what I should eat, what I should think, what I should value, how I should treat others, what is good, what is bad, it gives purpose and meaning to my life, it reveals to me the purpose and meaning of life in general" 

" Most Creator's do not in fact celebrate " Benjamin Smith Memorial Day" and I myself had never even heard of it until I brought this lawsuit. Nor had I ever heard of "Matt Hale Day" "

" My religion and Church are not "violent" and never have been. If adherents of my faith have committed crimes over the years, that is no different than what occurs with Christian's , Muslim's, Jew's and others on a daily basis. I dispute that the Defendant has the legal right to hold my religion and church to a different draconian standard from what it holds these other religions. "

"  As I have already declared, I am not the "leader" of my church or religion and haven't been for a long time "

" I have demonstrated above that Creativity overwhelmingly satisfies four out of five factors for determining whether a particular belief system is a religion. 1. It encompasses ultimate ideas, 2. It is comprehensive, 3. It constitutes a moral or ethical system, and 4 It's beliefs are accompanied by the accoutrement's of religion. " .             

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Rev Matt Hale.. Petition at Matt Hale Commutation of Sentence

Letter to.........
Donald Trump
Senator Jeff Sessions
President of the United States
Free Political Prisoner Matt Hale!

Matt Hale was sentenced to 40 years for a crime in which he remains the only victim. Matt Hale is asking for a "Commutation of Sentence". We are asking that you help grant his request.
Matt Hale is by any definition, a  political prisoner within the Federal prison system. He has spent over 13 years in solitary confinement for having thoughts considered by some to be politically incorrect.

Matt Hale is not only an educated lawyer, but also a classical violinist. He is suffering in solitary due to his opinions and a paid informant, paid by his own government. This can all be validated upon researching his trial transcript. There was never a crime or a victim and never any action taken to commit a crime.

If you will read his trial transcript at
Trial Transcripts and Exhibits ( FREE MATT HALE SITE)
I am sure you too will agree that Matt is a victim of a sinister system that will do everything possible to silence dissent. Matt’s trial began April 7, 2004, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division, Case Number 03 CR 11.

Matt Hale is currently in solitary at the maximum Federal prison in Florence, Colorado, miles away from his family. One is left to question our much-touted Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.

Please free Matt Hale
U.S.P. – Max., P.O.
Box 8500,
Florence, CO 81226-8500

Thanking you in advance

To sign the Petition.........
( Grant Matt Hale Commutation of Sentence

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Rev Matt Hale.... Petition For Commutation of Sentence

Rev Matt Hale has completed an application for Commutation of his sentence. The application is to be sent to President Trump.
Quotes from Rev Hale in the application......

" I am an innocent man, quite simply, and I am not going to lie and say otherwise even if it hurts my chances here to finally receive some sort of justice"

" Tony Evola was the only person who talked about killing anybody so how is it just for him to be enjoying his freedom and $72,000 the past 14 1/2 years while I should have to spend another 20 years in prison?"

" My convictions are the ultimate in "fake news" I am a victim of the "Deep State" Mr. President " 

" Note to President Trump... I have been a long time supporter of yours, as has the movement that I am a part of ( The "White Nationalist" movement) which worked hard to put you in the White house. Please return the loyalty that we have shown you these years by commuting the sentence of the most blatantly wronged political prisoner in America : me. I thank you Sir " 

To read the application in its entirety......

(Application submitted Aug 13th 2017) 

Dear Friends and Supporters: As you know, Matt has asked for a "Commutation of Sentence" from President Trump. I am asking each of you to send a letter to the president and ask for him to grant a "Commutation of Sentence" for Matt. You know that Matt committed no crime and deserves to come home. He has suffered for over 13 years in solitary confinement. Please do your part in helping Matt fight for his freedom! Thank you, Ms. H
Send your letters to:
President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20500

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Applying Hitler's Advice to our own Movement-What we can learn from the Master Organizer of all Time...By Ben Klassen






In Issue No. 7 we reprinted Hitler's excellent chapter on Propaganda and Organization, Chapter XI, Vol. II of Mein Kampf. The following is an analysis of that chapter. We of the Church of the Creator consider Adolf Hitler the greatest White leader of all time. A great

part of his success was due not only to his oratorical prowess, but also to his skill in formulating the correct propaganda approach and his ability to organize effectively. Since he was a master in all of these fields it behooves us to listen, to analyze and to apply his sage advice to our own movement, CREATIVITY. It is not my purpose to recapitulate his thoughts here, but to highlight a few major ideas, how we can learn from them, and mostly, to make our own observations.

1. Propaganda is a vital and powerful tool. Hitler has emphasized this throughout his book and has stated elsewhere that propaganda can make heaven look like hell, and vice versa. In short, propaganda makes the difference. It shapes people's ideas, attitudes, likes and dislikes, loyalties and hatred. It is the cement that builds organizations and movements. It comes first in shaping the future course of history or a people.

2. Whereas the word propaganda has a somewhat odious connotation to it, it does not deserve it. Propaganda, as I have pointed out in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, is, like the weather, neither good nor bad in itself. Like the weather, it is good or bad depending on what kind of weather we have. The same qualifications apply to propaganda, and it, like fire, can be a useful servant, or a tyrannical master, depending on how it is used, by whom and on whom. Anyway you look at it, propaganda is a powerful tool, and it behooves us to not only realize this, but master its intricacies and become skillful in its usage. The Jews realized its power early in their history and have exploited it to the hilt. They have become the most expert mind-manipulators of all time.

3. One of the first recommendations I have in regards to propaganda is to dump the word altogether. Since it has a somewhat sinister and odious connotation to the general public (although undeserved) it is better to use a more subtle, more acceptable word in its place.
My recommendation is the word ENLIGHTENMENT. Therefore, in our organization we will not have a Ministry of Propaganda, but rather a Department of Enlightenment. Although there is only a shade of difference in the meaning, there is this difference:

Whereas propaganda can be, like weather or fire, either constructive or destructive, the word "enlighten", per se, is defined as:

 "1. to give the light of knowledge to; free from ignorance, prejudice or superstition.
  2. to give clarification to (a person) as to meanings, intentions, etc.; inform." (Webster's New World Dictionary) I believe this more adequately describes what we, the Church Of The Creator, are trying to accomplish, since I have said time and time again - our main task is, and remains, the problem of straightening out the confused and scrambled thinking of our White Racial Comrades.

4. Not only must we use the correct approach in our enlightenment programs, but, above all, we must make sure that it is highly effective. Our basic yardstick, the bottom line, therefore, of all our efforts must be this: WILL IT HELP PROMOTE CREATIVITY? Whereas our main and only objective is not really the advancement of any theory, or any philosophy as such, but the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, we are convinced of one basic conclusion: only with the final and total triumph of the CREATIVITY movement will the White Race achieve its final reinvention and redemption. Conversely, if the CREATIVITY movement fails, the White Race will go down its present path to destruction and final oblivion.

5. In order to ensure the survival and tenacity of our movement in the face of a rapidly changing world in turmoil, of a violent and lawless society stampeding towards anarchy, and in the face of a well organized and powerful enemy, the Jewish network, it behooves us to not only be boldly aggressive in our campaign, but also avail ourselves of all the defensive measures at our command for the survival of the movement. In this matter we can learn from Jewish history perhaps more so than any other, since the Jews have survived the convulsions and upheavals of history better and longer than any other entity.

(a) One thing we must provide for is dispersion. Our basic books, our printing facilities and subdivision headquarters must be dispersed in most of the key centers of the country. In this way, if one is wiped out, there are several others that will have the facilities, books, printing machinery, etc., ready and able to take over and carry on. We must especially have a large inventory of our basic Bibles in storage in warehouses at many scattered locations.

(b) We must establish an organized chain of command. The best way to do this is to have organized church centers all over the country, and even in other countries. Like the Jews in the Middle Ages, if they were wiped out in one area, they flourished in hundreds of others and were soon back to re-occupy lost territory.

(c) We must build an intelligence network. We must not only know WHO our enemies are and WHERE they are, but we must be able to finger the traitors, government agents, Jewish chabez-goi and other renegades in our own ranks.

(d) We must harness the financial resources of our own White Racial Comrades, which are considerable. We must seek out, contact, persuade and implore those wealthy individuals who obviously sympathize with our ideals, but have not yet arrived at the conviction that in order to save themselves, their own best interests would be served by joining with us. We must convince them of the obvious - that, in fact, their very survival will depend upon joining and building the CREATIVITY movement. Imagine what a boost our movement would receive if we were to enlighten some of the wealthier members of the Hunt family, or say the du Ponts, or any of the many other affluent White families.

6. Utilize Computer Technology. In today's highly technical age of communications it is extremely important that we utilize all of the most modern technology we possibly can to aid and expand our movement. We must avail ourselves of modern office equipment, such as
computers for filing, mailing lists, etc., audio tape recorders, video recorders, video tapes for training, automatic telephone dialing machines,
and a variety of other sophisticated equipment. We already have some of this equipment now and the speed and efficiency with which these machines can perform in comparison to human hands is not only amazing, but from a financial point of view, they pay for themselves in short order.

I don't want to give the impression that I believe machines should take the place of people. On the contrary, we want millions of capable people to join our ranks, and that is the whole idea. Capable people working more efficiently with modern equipment at their command can work miracles and accomplish the job at hand better, much more effectively, and since time is of the essence, that much sooner.

7. We must build transmission belts and lines of communication of our own. This means newspapers, magazines, periodicals, radio stations and television networks. When we see what massive followings even con-artists and spook peddlers like Oral Roberts, Jerry
Falwell and other Jew-lovers have built up through the use of television, we too, must utilize these to the hilt. Since they are now almost totally in the hands of the Jews, this is one area we must aggressively battle to get into our own hands.

That it can be done is demonstrated by a man such as Ted Turner in Atlanta, who has built up an impressive and powerful system of Cable networks. Although he has not taken a stand for the White Race, he is at least not a subservient lackey of the Jews, either. If he can do it single handedly, think of how much better a powerful White movement like the
Church Of The Creator could do the job once it built up its membership and muscle. The Mormon Church has done it in their own way in Utah, but unfortunately, although it has ample financial facilities it has fallen to decay in its original stand for White hegemony. The reason it was vulnerable in this area is plain. If it had been based on a strong racial creed as is the Church of the Creator it would have been invulnerable and by now would have had the world at its feet. It can be done and we must do it.

8. Finally, we must pursue with the utmost vigor our ongoing search for the Great Promoter, as spelled out in our last month's issue No. 6. Creativity aspires to helping White people get rid of garbage thoughts as well as garbage foods.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator


Article taken from Racial Loyalty #7
December 10AC(1983)



Monday, 4 September 2017

An Analysis of Hitler's Advice-How it applies to the Creativity Movement...By Ben Klassen


(In his great book, MEIN KAMPF, Adolf Hitler wrote a number of chapters that are invaluable to our movement, and in fact, to any White racial movement. In Issue No. 6 of RACIAL LOYALTY we printed Chapter V, Vol. 2 and entitled it PHILOSOPHY AND ORGANIZATION. This is an analysis of that particular chapter.)

Anyone who picks up a Jewish newspaper in the morning and does not see himself slandered in it has not made profitable use of the previous day; for if he had, he would be persecuted, reviled, slandered, abused, and befouled. - ADOLF HITLER
In Adolf Hitler's brilliant dissertation on movements, leadership philosophy and religion there is so much valuable advice that applies to our own movement, CREATIVITY, that it almost seems he had us in mind when he wrote it.

It behooves us to analyze and to summarize those areas that apply to our movement and highlight them further. We want to take a realistic look at how we can best profit from good advice and reap the utmost benefits. This is very much in line with a motto that hangs in our library, "Will it help promote Creativity?" Properly utilized, I can assure you the great leader's advice can and will be of tremendous value to us in practical application.

There are certain aspects that I want to highlight as to how they materially concern our own movement, CREATIVITY:
A. The need for Destructive Criticism in order to destroy the rotten Jewish social order that exists before a new and better order can be built. In our own movement, CREATIVITY, most of our basic concepts are highly constructive, such as for example: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment; or, Salubrious Living; or Eugenics and safeguarding our Gene Pool; or Organic Gardening; or upgrading the level of our Art, Music and Literature; or giving special attention to the geniuses in our midst and giving them an opportunity to develop their full potential; and/or a dozen other constructive goals and programs, culminating finally into the overall objective of building a Whiter and Brighter World. In this respect, I want to re-emphasize that a better world cannot be built by proliferating more misfits, morons, and freeloaders upon a shrinking segment of producers. On the contrary, a better world can only be built by producing a better grade of people, more competent and intelligent, and only amongst our own White Racial Comrades can we find the seed bed for such a revolutionary, new and brighter world.

Be that as it may, nevertheless the real world as it now exists, is constituted of an increasing horde of mud races, breeding, feeding and expanding largely at the expense of the more competent White Race, toward whom this avaricious horde is extremely hostile. Not only is the quality of life for the White Race rapidly going down hill, but the quality of "humanity" even more so, and even among it the White Race itself.

No matter what segment of our society we look into, it is rotten to the core. It is Jew infested and Jew controlled, and this miserable tribe of parasites is determined to utterly break down our society in every nook and cranny until it has destroyed the noble White Race itself.
Hitler points out that in order to build a new structure, or any new system, it is first of all necessary to clear the ground, to clear the debris and make room for the new structure. This means the old order must first be destroyed and to do so you must attack! attack! attack! and totally demolish it. Christianity did so with a vengeance when it was trying to establish itself. So did Mohammedanism. So did the Communist movement, and so have the Jews against all other peoples since the beginning of history.

This is only natural and Nature herself condones this approaching the struggle between the species. Our early pioneering White forefathers did the same thing in building America from sea to shining sea. They either drove the Indians before them, or resettled them, or
killed them off. Had they not done so, the country would still be infested with depraved savages and the greatest country (past tense) in the world would never have been built.

We CREATORS point with pride that this is the AMERICAN WAY and we CREATORS mean to pursue it in repopulating the entire Planet Earth with Nature's Finest.

To recapitulate — in order to build a better world, we have to demolish the present rotten (Jewish) order. To accomplish this, we must properly identify our enemies. These are in short and in their respective order of menace:

1. The Jewish establishment per se.

2. The mud races, of which the niggers and the Mexicans are the most threatening in America.

3. The Christian establishment as such, which has wreaked utter havoc in the minds of our race, and always sided with the Jews, the mud races and the scum of the world. In clearing the debris from the scene lest the bleeding hearts start screaming again, let me repeat what we CREATORS have said over and over: We do not intend to kill anybody! It is our program to shrink the Jews and other mud races by ceasing to subsidize and feed them, and let
them wither on the vine of their own incompetence.

With the Christians it is a different matter. In the first place, most of our White Racial Comrades cither are, or are loosely affiliated with the Christian religion. That this is so is one of the major tragedies in the history of the White Race, but nevertheless it is a fact of life with which we and the entire White Race is confronted, and we have to deal with it. Furthermore, to add to the disaster, some of our most stalwart citizens either are, or hypocritically profess to be Christians, because it is the accepted thing to do.

As I have pointed out on numerous occasions before, Christianity has been, and still is, the most effective brain scrambler the Jews have c
oncocted in the art of mind manipulation over the last two thousand years. It is a weapon we must demolish and smash from out of their
perfidious hands.
We must relentlessly expose this treacherous spookcraft and again straighten out the White Man's thinking. When we do, we will also get the Jew off our back. Until and unless we do so, the Jew will retain a direct pipeline to the White Man's soul, his thinking, and his direction, a sinister situation indeed. One of the bright spots in this picture, however, is that Christianity is so utterly ridiculous when examined that it is easily exposed and
demolished to any thinking person. All we need to do is expound and expand CREATIVITY and Christianity will fall of its own lies and rottenness.

So we must attack, attack, and attack again, and our best weapons are ridicule and exposing its Jewish origins. We will have no peace until Christianity is exposed, the Jew is off our back and the White Man wrests control of his own destiny back into his own capable direction. In this respect, it is important to point out that gung-ho, born again Christians are not our primary recruiting target at this time. In fact, along with Jews and niggers, they are at the bottom of our list of prospects. And for good reasons. Such people have had their minds so warped as if a knife had cut through their brains, and logic and reason and common sense does not reach them at all. So let us leave them alone and let them learn the hard way. I repeat, they are the least likely prospects and let us not waste our energies on them at this time. We will get to them later.

Fortunately, among our White Racial Comrades there are many who have seen through the Jewish-Christianity hoax on their own and are looking for a more sane and realistic philosophy of life. Many others were never too interested or infected with Christianity in the first place and are also looking for a spiritual home that makes sense and they can believe in. These too, are good prospects. Then there are millions of White Racial Comrades out there who instinctively have racial concerns, who are aware of the world disaster that is impending and are looking for a solution. They too are excellent prospects. It is these millions that are prospective members and it is our beholden duty to find them and bring
them into our organization.

B. No Compromise: The Inflexibility of Creed.

On this subject. Hitler says the following: "Political parties are inclined to compromise; philosophies - never. Political parties even reckon opponents; philosophies proclaim their infallibility." In the twelve years since I first started expounding on a racial religion for the White Race and laid out the basis of such a religion in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, it has been my experience that most people would rather indulge in quibbling about some nit-picking triviality in the philosophy of Creativity than go out there and buck the wrath of the world in promoting it. This is unfortunate and a situation that must be corrected. In Creative Credo No. 73. the last Chapter of the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE, I set forth the numerous ways of "copping out," and this matter of arm-chair "discussion" about oft meaningless details of changing our creed, is one of the most frequent and useless.

So let me explain it again.. We are in a position similar to say, a car manufacturer. Let us say Chevrolet has come out with its latest model and is now ready to market it. Before it could reach this stage it had to go through much time, labor and expense. First of all, it spent years in creating the design and drawing up blueprints for that design. There soon came a time when they had to say: "This is it. The time has come to now freeze the design and start cutting the dies for production."

Next, the dies are cut, at an expense of hundreds of millions of dollars. Production lines are set up, marketing schedules are prepared. Finally, the car is in production and the sales program is launched. At this point, the head executives are no longer interested in
bickering about nit-picking details about the curve of a fender or other minor details.

At this stage, the dies are cut, production is in full swing and the important thing is to merchandise the product or else the company will go broke. We, of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR, are in the same position. We are no longer in the design stage. The dies have been cut and the production lines are in full swing. We are now in the promotion stage and it now behooves us to promote the hell out of our movement and get it off the ground. There is nothing more pointless or useless at this stage than those who would philosophize, be cozy arm-chair generals and indulge in re-vamping the design. Let me repeat, we now need promoters, distributors, organizers and doers. (See Our Greatest Need —October 1983 issue of R.L.)

C. The Search for the Great Promoter:

In Chapter 5, page 457 of Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler says about the "intelligentsia": "They never understood that the strength of a political party lies by no means in the greatest possible intellect of the individual member, but rather in the disciplined obedience with which its members follow the intellectual leadership." What applies to a political movement also, of course, applies to our own religious movement, and in general, to any movement. The essence of It is this: (a) a powerful creed, (b) dedicated and disciplined followers, and (c) the quality of its leadership.

We, of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR, are now at the founding stage of a great world movement, in fact, for the White Race the greatest, the most beneficent movement in its history. We have come a long way, but still have the most strenuous battles ahead of us. As I pointed out in "Our Greatest Need" (R.L., October 1983), we have a full blown creed and program that is comprehensive, meaningful and complete; we have our "Bibles," something Christianity took 300 years to achieve; we have a World Center, our geographic home; we have a periodical, "RACIAL LOYALTY." We have an auspicious beginning and we are off and running.


What we do not have yet, is the great leader — the "Great Promoter" — that I am looking for. I am looking for a leader and promoter of a caliber no less than Adolf Hitler himself. In fact, I am looking for some one that is even more qualified than Adolf Hitler himself. I am looking for a young man in his early thirties, blond and athletic, handsome and charismatic, and filled with zeal and energy, one who is dedicated to the cause and fears no obstacles. We want the impassioned orator and great leader, and we will find him.

Personally, at 65, I am not that man and probably never was. One of the strongest characteristics that I can claim is that calmly and in a detached manner, I can assess my own limitations as well as my abilities, and do so fairly accurately. On the negative side, I am not, and never was, a showman, a "ham", an actor, or a crowd pleaser. Whereas I have engaged in politics, at one time was head of the Florida Independent Party and was even elected to the Florida State Legislature, I was never comfortable in the milieu. Although I have spoken at many rallies, I was never the great orator, only fair. I have never enjoyed leading a crowd. On the positive side, I am what I am, and that is a writer and a rationalist philosopher. I have an extremely fertile imagination that can creatively formulate those ideas that need impels to come forth. At the same time, I retain a firm grasp on reality and try to keep my feet on the ground.

But probably my strongest asset is the somewhat unusual experiences Destiny has thrown in my life's pathway, starting with my birth in the middle of the Russian Revolution. Having lived in four countries and been a citizen of three, I have developed a broad sense of the continuity of history, of the plight of the White Race as a whole, without the narrow disadvantage of being tied to any one particular nationality. It is perhaps this broad experience cutting across "national" boundaries that has given me the "racial" feel and has impelled me to create a comprehensive racial religion for the White Race. Whatever it is. Destiny has seen fit to tap me on the shoulder to create, once and for all, a meaningful,
comprehensive religion for the White Race and the White Race alone. We are now in possession of a racial religion whose ramifications can and will rebound to the tremendous benefit of the White Race for the next million years. That part is done. The Creation of a racial religion for the salvation and redemption of the White Race is now an accomplished fact. CREATIVITY is the answer and it is here to stay.

It is now our beholden task to find the Great Promoter. I feel certain that there are at least ten thousand young White men in their early thirties, or younger, living right here in the United States that (at least potentially) have the stuff of which great leaders are made. It is our task to contact them, to find them, to search them out. This we will do with your help. By 1990 (should I live that long) I want to step down and have that fully qualified leader take over the reins in full. But we want to locate him, thoroughly train and orient him long before that.

Here is how we'll do it.

1. We must first realize that although badly debauched, the White Race still has a tremendous reservoir of intelligence, talent and creativity in its membership. I venture to say that there arc at least ten thousand young men, at the age of 30 or thereabouts in America today that have the I.Q., the memory, the energy, the intelligence, the oratorical potential that Adolf Hitler possessed. They are there. It is up to us to find at least one in the next few years, and find him we will. The problem is making contacts. They have not heard of us, and we have not heard of them. We must find them, and develop their slumbering potential.

2. In order to find each other we must expand our publicity and sphere of influence. There are several ways to do so and the most urgent at this time is to expand the circulation of our periodical, RACIAL LOYALTY. We must not only urge our members to recruit more subscribers, but each member must also make mass distribution of the paper. It is the most inexpensive way to contact new potential supporters and subscribers.

3. We will also use a number of other publicity and advertising promotions that are available to us. We have a number of such promotions planned and will put them into operation as soon as time and money allow.

4. We must make the "Search for the Great Promoter", an ongoing program that is at the forefront of every member, subscriber and supporter, until it becomes a virtual reality.

5. The critical period is the next 3 or 4 years. After that our "School for Creative Boys" will supply us with an unlimited reservoir of leadership, not only for the top post, but also in depth and for back up. The 1990 to 2000 decade is the critical one for which we must now work and prepare. After that, we will have a super abundance of talent in all categories, and the White Race will be on its way to greatness, the era of the Superman.

So let us get busy. Let us dedicate ourselves to the task at hand and embark on the GREAT SEARCH. He is out there. We must find him! Spiritual, Mental and Physical Health are not to be found in Hospitals or in Temples of Superstition.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator

Article Taken from Racial Loyalty # 6
Nov 10AC (1983)


Sunday, 20 August 2017

Welcome to the Dark Side... By Rev Logsdon

In the wake of the recent Charlottesville rally, there has been, as expected a lot of backlash, trolling, opinions etc. To the point of complete over-saturation. I have some strong opinions as well, not only about the rally and purpose itself. But about the ramifications and backlash that will follow. Many who don’t know me, people new to the pro-White movement, will simply disregard my opinion. Especially as everyone with a keyboard, camera, smartphone are voicing theirs (once again over-saturation). That is your right to disregard, but I hope you read and truly listen.

Rallying tactics

In my 20 plus years in this Movement, I have been a part of many similar rallies. To the tune of over four dozen, especially in the years between 2001 and 2006. Of course they were more prevalent back in those days. Believe it or not there was more violence between us and anti-white scum than what we saw in Charlottesville. I even remember in York, PA, where there was an instance of a Hammerskin ploughing over many Antifa with his truck after they surrounded him. I’ve been at rallies where the police used us as a tool to provoke the anti-White Antifa. Driving us right into their mobs. Nothing new. Of course, after we laid waste to the enemy, the police came in and regained order. There were stabbings, assaults, mob violence, etc. But one of the big differences was that people didn’t have a smartphone with a camera and few had the ability to record the events. In Schaumburg, IL, Matt Hale’s brother filmed the violence outside between us with an old video camera, only to have it confiscated by the police.
For those that remember the infamous Peoria library brawl, the police simply left the doors wide open for the Antifa to charge in, of course once again after we laid waste to them. Then they came in to do their jobs. I could tell you countless stories, some of which many wouldn’t believe as they weren’t there and there isn’t a YouTube video showing most of these events.
Of course, most of our organization (WCOTC at the time) were much different than other organizations. We did street demos with no police presence and we used public library conference rooms to hold speeches. This meaning the police could not regulate who came and went. Instead of the antis being behind police barricades and having the ability to gather the strength in mob form. They instead had to file in alongside us and sit next to us. Essentially nullifying their power in numbers. Our street demos were very simple. We would pick a street corner, on the busiest intersection. As you don’t need a permit to meet on a public sidewalk, the only thing you have to do is alert the local authorities that you will be out there, so you don’t get a “impeding traffic” ticket.
But you don’t have to tell them who you are. In many instances we told them we were Jehovah’s Witnesses handing out “Watchtower” flyers. Sure, they were pissed when they found out otherwise, but there was nothing they could do. This was done without alerting Antifa or any other anti-White scum. If we desired media attention we would put in an anonymous “tip” to the local news an hour before the demonstration. Therefore the Antifa wouldn’t have time to gather their forces and the hostile anti-White media wouldn’t have a chance to do research and create a negative narrative on us. Trust me, this was efficient and effective for the type of activism we were doing at the time.
Now, we attended many other rallies organized by other pro-White organizations, very similar to that of Charlottesville. Klan rallies, rallies of a certain National Socialist group I won’t mention, the National Alliance, Skinhead groups, etc. Most of which all had the same theme and problems: police barricades, alerts to the lying anti-White media and Antifa months in advance of the event taking place. All of this simply led to giving our enemies the power.  What were we expecting? Our message of White racialism or nationalism to be projected from their platform, in the way we want, when they are our enemy? Yet we essentially gave these evil people all the power. Talk about complete insanity. On top of all this, one of my biggest pet peeves is absolutely no logistics, coordination or counter-intelligence from our side. That is one of my biggest criticisms of this recent event in Charlottesville. I wasn’t there so I don’t have all the details and its easy to judge from the outside. However, let me give the reader a few little things that could have been done differently.

Useful advices

For starters, let me say, I wouldn’t do this type of rally anymore. I base it on experience that it produces more negative outcomes than positive. But for starters, firstly it would be wise to have a sit down meeting with all leaders of participating groups. Have a contingency plan of times, places to meet, etc. Make sure you have a backup plan for when things go awry, as they usually do.
Rendezvous away from where you plan to hold the rally or demonstration. This is where you would give your speeches. What is the point of giving a speech to a bunch of degenerate Antifa and ‘Black Lives Matter’ scum, about the importance of keeping a confederate monument in place??? Even if the local politicians were present, they will not listen because they are completely swayed by political correctness. The “understanding” public won’t come out because of the obvious threat violence posed by the opposition.
So essentially you will only be speaking to those who’ve come to support, so why not do it on a private setting, safe and secure, where you have the ability to speak, but to also interact with each other?  Once you do the actual protest, have it organized by YOUR people, not the police. Sure, you’ll have to follow their commands, but do so or not, as a solidified group. All commanded down from the main organizer to coordinating leaders of each group. Put in place counter-intelligence among the opposition. With all the young kids, find one who you can “punk up”, dress up to intermingle with the crowd. That way if any major moves are to be made he would hear about it and text to his superiors on the other side. This presents the ability to hinder setups and attacks. Perhaps even disseminate disinformation on the other side as well. This also gives the ability to gain intelligence on who is organizing on their side – names, groups, etc.
Do not think for a minute that they do not do it to us. Among that crowd of “white nationalists” in Charlottesville, our enemies, both law enforcement and Antis, had informants. More than likely more then a dozen. All feeding info back to their superiors. We claim to be “superior” but yet do not pertain the ability to perform these common logistical things. Sad. Hence one of the reasons I don’t participate in these rallies.
These are just a few things of many I would change. But like I said, I did do these type of rallies, but I do not participate in them any longer. I just hope those who do participate in these demonstrations take this simple advice. I would prefer that the time, money and effort all those people spent be used for something more productive. More productive than ugly confrontation, agitation and horrible media attention. If you want to “unite the right,” do so by more positive outreach with other people. And instead of “unite the right,” how about “unite the WHITES”?  Condescending attitudes, unnecessary competition with one another, personal egos and resentment is just a few things that cause division between us. If you want to cross lines and properly unite our efforts you don’t do it in front of our enemies, until relationships are built to secure proper coordination. But I’m done bitching about that. What’s done is done. I hope this is a lesson learned. I sincerely hope you people STOP trusting the police! There are many more things I want to say with regards to this subject on rallies and better tactics/plans. But I’ll move on.

Positive outcome from Charlottesville

I want to talk about the only good thing I see out of all this. Which is the fact that now many of those people who were middle of the road, on the issue of pro-White racialism. Many of those “alt-right” people just got catapulted over the fence to our side. No matter how they changed the approach, their message, their image the media labelled and attacked them all in the same way many of us are used to. I feel a little like Darth Vader telling them, “Luke, come to the dark side”. Hence the title of this article. Before I go into that, however, let me first mention that the media had this whole thing scripted. The narrative was already written. It shows how clearly prepared they were. Not for every little thing but it was apparent they knew this fiasco and chaos was going to happen and they were more then prepared.
I recall watching Fox News on Saturday during the event. They brought in a new host, who I’ve never seen before. I watch Fox News exclusively (or at least I did) so I know this wasn’t a regular host. This was on purpose. They knew they were going to go very anti-white and didn’t want to alienate their normal host’s so they brought in a clearly leftist woman, who was expendable. She brought on Mark Levine for most of the coverage, an open anti-White Zionist and paired him up with a republican anti-Trumper to deliver the “white people are evil” message. At times saying exactly that. It’s almost like they knew in advance what the police were ordered to do. I am not saying that’s a conspiracy because it was very obvious.
I will tell you why. In the last year, pressure has been put on the Antifa more than any other time in history. At least from what I have seen.  The Antifa were close to being considered a “domestic terrorist” group. (Welcome to the club! I was listed as a “domestic terrorist” way back in 2004!) Public pressure was on the government to put a stop to these lunatics. Same thing with the more recent “Black Lives Matter” maniacs.
This being the case even considering all the multi-millions spent by Zionist individuals and groups to fund them. Such people as Soros and Rothschild and the Bilderbergers, who funded the Obama and Clinton legacy, still do.  They weren’t going to lose that, so I am sure they utilized all the power and influence they had to completely change the narrative. To flip the public opinion from one way to the other and focus attention back on those “evil white racists”. But I digress. The impact that this local event had and the underlying issues that will follow, will only truly be tested by time. However certain things are a certainty. Like the fact, once again, how those who seek a softer approach in delivering their message will always be labelled “evil” and “racist” by the anti-White media and they will use these titles to undermine your message anytime you use their platforms. Now, some of these people can buck it and try to fight against it, but it’s not like that hasn’t been done before. It didn’t work then, and it wont work now.

Wasted time, money and effort

Too many of us in this movement try so hard for public acceptance of who we are and what we stand for. Something the anti-White media will never allow, if they can help it. We also put too much stock in those criticisms and labels. Because this movement/cause has always been a “romantic” one where we want to be the hero, in a fight against good and evil. But too many good Racially Loyal people take it badly when the narrative of that story is presented the opposite way we intended. That’s because the hostile, lying, fake news media still have the power and the influence.
Even with social media, the only people you’re going to convince otherwise are those who already believe the same way. Sure, some “normies” might think twice and even believe otherwise. But a few seconds later they scroll through their “newsfeed” and see a funny cat meme and laugh and, POOF, it’s gone.Our minds have been over-saturated and desensitized so much our attention spans are weak and short.
I say to all those people who desperately try to be the “hero” but keep having their story rewrote by our enemies, welcome to the real world! Stop being considered with the opinions of those who seek your defeat and embrace whatever narrative they choose to write. I have always said, if you want to make me the bad guy, so be it. Just don’t expect me to be the “good” guy when it’s convenient for you. On the same token of being the “hero” of this story, one of the biggest things that holds our race back from defending itself, is its overwhelming sense of duty to our morals and ethics. Essentially shackling us in where our enemy is not hindered by such things
Whether it be Antifa, “Black Lives Matter,” Muslims or even the government, they are not shackled by such things. We are, because it is a part of what we have built our identity around. This is something that we must be willing to put aside, at least one day. History makes heroes out of the history that was written.  We have seen and participated in calling our veterans “heroes”. I am not saying they aren’t. They are brave men that did what most will not. But a man goes off and kills a bunch of people in war and we call him a hero, only if he is on the “winning side”.  Look at the example of soldiers in WW2. All on the winning side are considered heroes, while all those on the losing side are the villains.

Of course, when soldiers of the Vietnam War came home, they weren’t welcomed back as heroes, but spit on, because our politicians did not give them a chance to win. But at the same time these are men we, or our treacherous government rather, sent out to kill. Do you think after taking another mans life, you feel like a hero?  Even if that man is a mud. Only someone who has never done it would say it wouldn’t affect him, or a complete sociopath. Yet we call these men heroes because they bear that burden. But we must know the difference in doing something we say is immoral one minute but acceptable when it is convenient to us.
We must be willing to bend our morals to do what we must. Even if being the bad guy one minute means your a hero the next. It’s a thin line. Once again our morals and ethics in reality cause us more harm because it ties our hands. Another example. Look at European countries and how they deal with the Muslim invasion. This brown sludge ooze into their country, rape their women on a daily basis, assault their children and essentially castrate the men through fear. The same fear that binds our hands from judgement, persecution and alienation. That will be heaped on us if we act against it
It’s not from fear of defeat, because our ancestors fought off all their attempts to invade and in turn invaded their lands and conquered. But this time they use our pacifism, play off our weaker peoples humanitarian need to help, these poor disenfranchised “refugees”. Then they enforce their culture on us and we accept because we know if we refuse it will lead to conflict. That same fear that guides most of our people, I believe isn’t based solely in cowardice. We are a warlike people, at least through the majority of our history. A big part of it is our own warped morals and ethics that stop us from looking out for our own best interests.

Fear as our most common problem

To get to the point our people are crippled by fear. There are all sorts of levels to this fear, but the fear I speak of, the same fear of violating our own codes of morals and ethics, is the judgement and condemnation from our fellow man. This is why I make the comparison with those who go out there, with a PC approach so desperately seeking acceptance from society and our racial enemies. The rest of our people, as a whole, simply refuse to speak up and act. I say brothers and sister, who cares for their opinions? Their labels? Their acceptance? I say to hell with all of it! If we are to be the bad guys of “their” history, then so be it!
Let us shake off any guilt they want to heap on us – any label or condemnation and be the best “bad guy” we can be! But let’s be smart about it. We need to build an empire from beneath their feet to supplant their empire. Only a fool starts a war without a prepared army. We also need to realize this nation and culture is beyond salvation. Even if, in a dream, we gained political power in this country, what about half this country that is filled with self-destructive idiots? I know some will say “they will fall in line”. Yea, only to build a rebellion in the same fashion and undermine everything. NO! This country is fated to balkanize. Yet we must be able and willing to secure our own stake in that future
This is why I say to hell with a statue or a memorial. I know that’ll piss a lot of people off but what are those things in comparison to all the White communities we have allowed our enemies to destroy? Where were the protests when the niggers took over so many neighborhoods on the Southside, chasing all the whites out? Marquette Park has vanished from most people’s memories and the majority wont even know what I am referring to. I ask you, what is more important, securing our communities and the safety of our children, or a statue? Let them tear it down. Let them burn it down. Let them destroy it all! We are White. We will rebuild, as only we can. We cannot salvage this, but we can separate and rebuild.
In closing brothers and sisters, know I do not say these things to undermine what these people in Charlottesville did. I do not seek to be the enemy of those who attended. I just seek to point out some truths and offer advice/insight on moving forward. To the contrary, I applaud their efforts, even though I think it was misplaced and mismanaged. We must move forward from this, in a better direction. It’s what we call learning,
Learn from this. Don’t trust the police. Redirect your efforts and do not be held back by the judgements of the brain polluted and our racial enemies. Embrace the “darkside” of THEIR history.
Because only together may we win this Racial Holy War!
Rev. James Logsdon
August 44AC (2017)
                                   THE CREATIVITY MOVEMENT