Monday, 7 October 2019

STORMTROOP 16 .... Rank Upon Rank (Video)

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                   STORMTROOP 16 … Rank Upon Rank



Thursday, 3 October 2019

ANTIFA Targets Elderly Couple

Antifa has shown it's true colours once again.
At a rally held by Peoples Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on September 29th 2019  an elderly couple attempting to attend were screamed at ("Nazi scum"), blocked and intimidated by members of  Antifa. Not only was this an incredibly cowardly attack even by Antifa standards, it was an attack on democracy. The PPC is a registered party and has a right to inform people of their party's platform for the upcoming Oct 21st Federal election.

What will be next masked Antifa at polling stations holding baseball bats?  Intimidation at political events can not be acceptable in a democratic society, it's one thing to stand with a sign and scream lame slogans, blocking peoples movement and intimidating them is a form of terrorism.

As these "rebels" fight for the same values/morals or lack of them that globalists such as our Prime Minster hold, one can come to the conclusion, that the reason Antifa has not been labelled as a domestic terror organization by the Canadian government is because Antifa the useful idiots, are in essence the Liberal party's brown shirts. If the Government can not or will not protect it's citizens from the fascist like Antifa, then citizens must protect themselves. Don't be a victim!

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Rev Matt Hale(Civil Case) ... Motion for Extension of Time


Civil Action No. 19-cv-00752-WJM-SKC






                                      MOTION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME

Defendants move for a 14-day extension of time to file a reply in support of their motion to dismiss. The grounds for granting the extension are detailed below:
1. Plaintiff Matthew Hale is a federal prisoner "serving a forty-year sentence for obstructing justice and soliciting the murder of a federal judge." Hale v. Fed. Bureau of Prisons, 759 F. App’x 741, 743 (10th Cir. 2019). He brings this Bivens action alleging that various  government employees violated his First Amendment and due process rights while he has been incarcerated.

2. Hale initially asserted 22 Bivens claims. Upon screening, the claims were winnowed down to seven Bivens claims, all seeking damages against these officials in their individual capacities.

3. Defendants filed a motion to dismiss on August 23, 2019, seeking dismissal of the remaining seven claims on the grounds that there is no available Bivens remedy and that each official is entitled to qualified immunity.

4. Discovery has not begun in this matter, and no trial date has been set. See Harlow v. Fitzgerald, 457 U.S. 800, 818 (1982) (providing that "until this threshold immunity question is resolved, discovery should not be allowed").
5. Hale filed a 45-page response to the motion to dismiss, which was served on Defendants on September 13, 2019.

6. Defendants reply in support of their motion to dismiss is presently due on or before September 27, 2019.

7. The Assistant United States Attorney who has represented Defendants throughout this matter and who drafted the motion to dismiss is on extended leave, thus necessitating that another Assistant United States Attorney will need to familiarize himself with this matter and the motion before preparing a reply brief.

8. Additionally, one of the lawyer-defendants is presently out of the country and would like an opportunity to review the reply brief before it is filed.

9. In light of these circumstances, Defendants respectfully request that the deadline for the reply brief be extended by 14 days, until October 11, 2019.

10. Defendants submit that this extension will not prejudice Plaintiff or significantly delay the efficient resolution of this matter.

11. This is the first requested extension with respect to the reply brief. Defendants previously obtained two extensions of time to file their motion to dismiss and an extension of time to respond to various motions to intervene.

12. Pursuant to D.C.COLO.LCivR 6.1(c), a copy of this extension motion will be served on Defendants.

13. Because Plaintiff is an unrepresented inmate, Defendants’ counsel has not conferred with Plaintiff regarding this motion. D.C.COLO.LCivR 7.1(a).

14. For good cause shown, Defendants respectfully request that the Court grant the motion for extension.

Dated September 25, 2019 Respectfully Submitted,

United States Attorney
s/ David Moskowitz

David Moskowitz
Assistant United States Attorney
1801 California Street, Suite 1600
Denver, Colorado 80202
Telephone: (303) 454-0100
Fax: (303) 454-0407
Counsel for Defendants




Monday, 16 September 2019

BULLY BOYS....Hammerskins (Video)

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                           BULLY BOYS....Hammerskins 



Monday, 9 September 2019

SKREWDRIVER...Boots and Braces (Video)

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                      SKREWDRIVER...Boots and Braces

Friday, 23 August 2019

Savage Sentence Handed Out to Dr. James Sears for Satire....By Paul Fromm

TORONTO. August 22, 2019. Today Provincial Court Judge Richard Blouin blew it. He had the chance to declare a mistrial for outrageously ineffective representation but instead chose to sentence Dr. James Sears, editor of the satirical YOUR WARD NEWS to the maximum -- a year in prison, six months each consecutive on two counts of wilfully promoting hate against privileged minorities -- Jews and Women.
 Despite evidence in e-mail exchanges that lawyer Dean Embry had refused Dr. Sears instruction to call expert witnesses and to make certain submissions, the judge, sticking by a fellow lawyer declared: " "Mr. Embry approached the case tactically and professionally. This was not incompetence or worse. This was a lawyer doing his job. It just didn't work."
The judge then got down to sentencing. He declared that Dr. Sears deserved at least 18 months. A conviction attracts only a maximum of six months. Agreeing to the Crown's demands for the maximum sentence of six months on each count to be served concurrently, the judge gave Dr. Sears a year.
The judge faithfully echoed a line spread by Canada's Jewish lobby that criticism of Jews leads to violence:  " "Mr. Sears  promoted hate to a vast audience in an era where online exposure to this material inexorably leads to extremism and the potential of mass casualties." Oddly, in press reports, Noah Shack of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs said much the same thing:  "Those who promote hatred must be held accountable. What starts with words can often lead to violence." At an earlier sentencing hearing, Dr. Sears had submitted evidence that YOUR WARD NEWS's satire serves as a safety valve and offers a voice to many people marginalized by political correctness. he cited two examples of people who had threatened violence but who had calmed down once their stories appeared in YOUR WARD NEWS.
Dr, Sears wife Colette and his four year old son attended the sentencing. The boy saw his father handcuffed and led away. Dr. Sears gave his wife his car keys and cellphone and insisted on keeping his chain and crucifix as he headed to the cells.
A woman supported called out: "This is not right." The judge threatened to have her removed. The woman, who grew up in communist Eastern Europe, left the court in tears with memories of exactly the same things in her homeland.
In a press scrum afterwards, Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, warned an extremely hostile reporter: "This is a sad day for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. This is North Korea lite. CAFE has supported YOUR WARD NEWS all along in its fight for freedom. Neither the Crown nor the judge could see that this paper was satirical. My parents if alive today would have wondered what they risked their youth for. My father served three and a half years in the Royal Canadian Navy; my mother six years as a nurse in the Canadian Army. They thought they were fighting for freedom and against people who jailed writers and threw people in prison for the non-violent expression of their religious or political views."
"Dr. Sears is a Christian martyr," another supporter said.
Publisher Leroy St. Germaine will be sentenced August 29. A proud Metis, he was entitled to the Aboriginal discount, or special reduction of sentences in view of his ethnicity. At a previous hearing the judge urged him to accept mediation -- a sitdown with Jews and women who had complained against YOUR WARD NEWS. "Fuck that," he told his lawyer.
So, August 29 will show whether our cultural Marxist courts will send a proud, ailing 77-year old Metis to prison for the non-violent publication of his political and religious views.
A notice of appeal against the conviction was filed earlier this week. Another lawyer will appear in Provincial Court on Friday to seek Dr. Sears release on bail pending appeal
                CAFE.. Canadian Association for Free Expression


Tuesday, 20 August 2019

CHINGFORD ATTACK .... Chingford Attack / East End (Video)

                                 Banned on YouTube #25
     CHINGFORD ATTACK... Chingford Attack / East End