Wednesday, 9 September 2020

WHITE WASH ... Nazi Skinhead

                               Banned on YouTube #91
                      WHITE WASH ... Nazi Skinhead 
                                (Texas, USA .... RAC) 

Monday, 17 August 2020

INVICTUS ..... The Creed

                           Banned on YouTube #90
                           INVICTUS … The Creed
                                 (Croatia … RAC)

Monday, 10 August 2020

REDNECK 28 ... The White Man Marches On

                              Banned On YouTube #89
              REDNECK 28 ... The White Man Marches On

My eyes have seen the glory of the trampling at the zoo,
We washed our hands in niggers blood and all the mongrels too,
We're bringing down the zog machine jew by jew by jew,
The white man marches on.
Glory, glory blood and honor,
Glory, glory blood and honor,
Glory, glory blood and honor,
The white man marches on.
Have you heard of katie price's
Kiddy mongrel son,
Is he black or is he white or did he
Come out the bum,
I've yet to count if he's deaf or
Dumb boo-hoo-hoo,
Katie's mongrel son.
Glory, glory blood and honor,
Glory, glory blood and honor,
Glory, glory blood and honor,
The white man marches on.
Have your heard of jerry springer
Jew by through and through,
Then gerald's parents went two
Months since 1942,
They told them they were going to
The zoo the zoo the zoo,
Jewish scumbag jew.
Glory, glory blood and honor,
Glory, glory blood and honor,
Glory, glory blood and honor,
The white man marches on. (x2)

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

PUBLIC ENEMY ... National Socialist

                               Banned on YouTube #88
                     PUBLIC ENEMY ... National Socialist
                                       (UK ….. RAC)

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Rev Matt Hale... Transferd from ADX to Marion Illinois

Dear Friends and Supporters,

If you live in the United States of America, I hope that you will be 
celebrating the Fourth of July with friends and family today.   Please 
try to remember Matt on this day, as he was an indefatigable champion 
of White independence and self-determination before he was unjustly 
imprisoned.   We Whites are increasingly being harassed, discriminated 
against and assaulted in the United States of America and everywhere 
in the world where Whites have traitorous, anti-White governments over 

As an update on Matt, I was just informed that the U.S. Federal Bureau 
of Prisons has moved Matt to the medium-security United States 
Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois.   Rather than move him to the prison 
that is a mere 15 miles away from his mother, he will be 258 miles 
away.  To be sure, this is an improvement over his being 996 miles 
away in Florence, Colorado, but he is still unnecessarily far from his 
family members.   Both the closer Pekin, Illinois facility and the one 
in which he is now imprisoned in Marion, Illinois are medium-security 

Our understanding is that the Marion, Illinois facility has a bad 
reputation for inmates getting killed by other inmates.   Obviously, 
Matt is in increased danger over his being in solitary confinement in 
Florence because he may be in the general population areas of the 
prison.   Fortunately, the Marion facility does have a maximum 
security cellhouse, should Matt need to be isolated from other 
prisoners that may be a danger to him. 

Most prisoners in medium-security federal prisons can send and receive 
emails.   I've been informed that Matt has opted to not receive any 
outside emails from friends or supporters at this time, as last time 
he was in a medium-security prison, he was put in isolation for 6 
months because a supporter emailed him some prohibited speech 
unsolicited.   If you have received an email reporting your being 
taken off of his email list, that is what is going on.

Please get your birthday cards in the mail for Matt.   His birthday is 
on the 27th of July and he'd love to hear from you.   I'm not sure of 
the restrictions on his mail at his new location.   Use your best 
judgement.  In Florence, Colorado, "homemade" cards were forbidden and 
commercial cards were photocopied and the photocopies only delivered 
to him.   Going by the Federal Bureau of Prison's site, here is his 
new mailing address.   Mail your cards to the new address to assure 
prompt delivery:

Matthew F. Hale 15177-424
USP Marion
U.S. Penitentiary
PO Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959

Thank you for your support.
 Free Matt Hale!


Wednesday, 1 July 2020



HAPPY 153!

The Canadian Red Ensign served as the civil ensign for Canada from 1892 to 1965, and as an informal flag of Canada from the late-19th century to 1965.[1] The flag is a British red ensign, featuring the Union Jack in the canton, adorned with the shield of the coat of arms of Canada.

The ensign is the Red Ensign of the United Kingdom, embellished with the Arms of Canada as a shield in the bottom right quarter. The shield is divided into four quarters, consisting of the coats of arms of England, Scotland, Ireland and the Kingdom of France, the four founding nations of Canada. The first three quarters are the same as the Arms of the United Kingdom. At the base is a sprig of three maple leaves representing Canada. The leaves are described as proper, that is, the correct colour; it uses red and gold, the colour of the leaves in autumn, whereas earlier versions used green.[2]

Saturday, 27 June 2020

HONKY TONK KNIFE FIGHT ..... Rock N Roll Master Race (Video)

                               Banned on YouTube #87
HONKY TONK KNIFE FIGHT ..... Rock N Roll Master Race 
                                 (Australian …… RAC)
                         (Singer From Blood Red Eagle)