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Welcome to the Dark Side... By Rev Logsdon

In the wake of the recent Charlottesville rally, there has been, as expected a lot of backlash, trolling, opinions etc. To the point of complete over-saturation. I have some strong opinions as well, not only about the rally and purpose itself. But about the ramifications and backlash that will follow. Many who don’t know me, people new to the pro-White movement, will simply disregard my opinion. Especially as everyone with a keyboard, camera, smartphone are voicing theirs (once again over-saturation). That is your right to disregard, but I hope you read and truly listen.

Rallying tactics

In my 20 plus years in this Movement, I have been a part of many similar rallies. To the tune of over four dozen, especially in the years between 2001 and 2006. Of course they were more prevalent back in those days. Believe it or not there was more violence between us and anti-white scum than what we saw in Charlottesville. I even remember in York, PA, where there was an instance of a Hammerskin ploughing over many Antifa with his truck after they surrounded him. I’ve been at rallies where the police used us as a tool to provoke the anti-White Antifa. Driving us right into their mobs. Nothing new. Of course, after we laid waste to the enemy, the police came in and regained order. There were stabbings, assaults, mob violence, etc. But one of the big differences was that people didn’t have a smartphone with a camera and few had the ability to record the events. In Schaumburg, IL, Matt Hale’s brother filmed the violence outside between us with an old video camera, only to have it confiscated by the police.
For those that remember the infamous Peoria library brawl, the police simply left the doors wide open for the Antifa to charge in, of course once again after we laid waste to them. Then they came in to do their jobs. I could tell you countless stories, some of which many wouldn’t believe as they weren’t there and there isn’t a YouTube video showing most of these events.
Of course, most of our organization (WCOTC at the time) were much different than other organizations. We did street demos with no police presence and we used public library conference rooms to hold speeches. This meaning the police could not regulate who came and went. Instead of the antis being behind police barricades and having the ability to gather the strength in mob form. They instead had to file in alongside us and sit next to us. Essentially nullifying their power in numbers. Our street demos were very simple. We would pick a street corner, on the busiest intersection. As you don’t need a permit to meet on a public sidewalk, the only thing you have to do is alert the local authorities that you will be out there, so you don’t get a “impeding traffic” ticket.
But you don’t have to tell them who you are. In many instances we told them we were Jehovah’s Witnesses handing out “Watchtower” flyers. Sure, they were pissed when they found out otherwise, but there was nothing they could do. This was done without alerting Antifa or any other anti-White scum. If we desired media attention we would put in an anonymous “tip” to the local news an hour before the demonstration. Therefore the Antifa wouldn’t have time to gather their forces and the hostile anti-White media wouldn’t have a chance to do research and create a negative narrative on us. Trust me, this was efficient and effective for the type of activism we were doing at the time.
Now, we attended many other rallies organized by other pro-White organizations, very similar to that of Charlottesville. Klan rallies, rallies of a certain National Socialist group I won’t mention, the National Alliance, Skinhead groups, etc. Most of which all had the same theme and problems: police barricades, alerts to the lying anti-White media and Antifa months in advance of the event taking place. All of this simply led to giving our enemies the power.  What were we expecting? Our message of White racialism or nationalism to be projected from their platform, in the way we want, when they are our enemy? Yet we essentially gave these evil people all the power. Talk about complete insanity. On top of all this, one of my biggest pet peeves is absolutely no logistics, coordination or counter-intelligence from our side. That is one of my biggest criticisms of this recent event in Charlottesville. I wasn’t there so I don’t have all the details and its easy to judge from the outside. However, let me give the reader a few little things that could have been done differently.

Useful advices

For starters, let me say, I wouldn’t do this type of rally anymore. I base it on experience that it produces more negative outcomes than positive. But for starters, firstly it would be wise to have a sit down meeting with all leaders of participating groups. Have a contingency plan of times, places to meet, etc. Make sure you have a backup plan for when things go awry, as they usually do.
Rendezvous away from where you plan to hold the rally or demonstration. This is where you would give your speeches. What is the point of giving a speech to a bunch of degenerate Antifa and ‘Black Lives Matter’ scum, about the importance of keeping a confederate monument in place??? Even if the local politicians were present, they will not listen because they are completely swayed by political correctness. The “understanding” public won’t come out because of the obvious threat violence posed by the opposition.
So essentially you will only be speaking to those who’ve come to support, so why not do it on a private setting, safe and secure, where you have the ability to speak, but to also interact with each other?  Once you do the actual protest, have it organized by YOUR people, not the police. Sure, you’ll have to follow their commands, but do so or not, as a solidified group. All commanded down from the main organizer to coordinating leaders of each group. Put in place counter-intelligence among the opposition. With all the young kids, find one who you can “punk up”, dress up to intermingle with the crowd. That way if any major moves are to be made he would hear about it and text to his superiors on the other side. This presents the ability to hinder setups and attacks. Perhaps even disseminate disinformation on the other side as well. This also gives the ability to gain intelligence on who is organizing on their side – names, groups, etc.
Do not think for a minute that they do not do it to us. Among that crowd of “white nationalists” in Charlottesville, our enemies, both law enforcement and Antis, had informants. More than likely more then a dozen. All feeding info back to their superiors. We claim to be “superior” but yet do not pertain the ability to perform these common logistical things. Sad. Hence one of the reasons I don’t participate in these rallies.
These are just a few things of many I would change. But like I said, I did do these type of rallies, but I do not participate in them any longer. I just hope those who do participate in these demonstrations take this simple advice. I would prefer that the time, money and effort all those people spent be used for something more productive. More productive than ugly confrontation, agitation and horrible media attention. If you want to “unite the right,” do so by more positive outreach with other people. And instead of “unite the right,” how about “unite the WHITES”?  Condescending attitudes, unnecessary competition with one another, personal egos and resentment is just a few things that cause division between us. If you want to cross lines and properly unite our efforts you don’t do it in front of our enemies, until relationships are built to secure proper coordination. But I’m done bitching about that. What’s done is done. I hope this is a lesson learned. I sincerely hope you people STOP trusting the police! There are many more things I want to say with regards to this subject on rallies and better tactics/plans. But I’ll move on.

Positive outcome from Charlottesville

I want to talk about the only good thing I see out of all this. Which is the fact that now many of those people who were middle of the road, on the issue of pro-White racialism. Many of those “alt-right” people just got catapulted over the fence to our side. No matter how they changed the approach, their message, their image the media labelled and attacked them all in the same way many of us are used to. I feel a little like Darth Vader telling them, “Luke, come to the dark side”. Hence the title of this article. Before I go into that, however, let me first mention that the media had this whole thing scripted. The narrative was already written. It shows how clearly prepared they were. Not for every little thing but it was apparent they knew this fiasco and chaos was going to happen and they were more then prepared.
I recall watching Fox News on Saturday during the event. They brought in a new host, who I’ve never seen before. I watch Fox News exclusively (or at least I did) so I know this wasn’t a regular host. This was on purpose. They knew they were going to go very anti-white and didn’t want to alienate their normal host’s so they brought in a clearly leftist woman, who was expendable. She brought on Mark Levine for most of the coverage, an open anti-White Zionist and paired him up with a republican anti-Trumper to deliver the “white people are evil” message. At times saying exactly that. It’s almost like they knew in advance what the police were ordered to do. I am not saying that’s a conspiracy because it was very obvious.
I will tell you why. In the last year, pressure has been put on the Antifa more than any other time in history. At least from what I have seen.  The Antifa were close to being considered a “domestic terrorist” group. (Welcome to the club! I was listed as a “domestic terrorist” way back in 2004!) Public pressure was on the government to put a stop to these lunatics. Same thing with the more recent “Black Lives Matter” maniacs.
This being the case even considering all the multi-millions spent by Zionist individuals and groups to fund them. Such people as Soros and Rothschild and the Bilderbergers, who funded the Obama and Clinton legacy, still do.  They weren’t going to lose that, so I am sure they utilized all the power and influence they had to completely change the narrative. To flip the public opinion from one way to the other and focus attention back on those “evil white racists”. But I digress. The impact that this local event had and the underlying issues that will follow, will only truly be tested by time. However certain things are a certainty. Like the fact, once again, how those who seek a softer approach in delivering their message will always be labelled “evil” and “racist” by the anti-White media and they will use these titles to undermine your message anytime you use their platforms. Now, some of these people can buck it and try to fight against it, but it’s not like that hasn’t been done before. It didn’t work then, and it wont work now.

Wasted time, money and effort

Too many of us in this movement try so hard for public acceptance of who we are and what we stand for. Something the anti-White media will never allow, if they can help it. We also put too much stock in those criticisms and labels. Because this movement/cause has always been a “romantic” one where we want to be the hero, in a fight against good and evil. But too many good Racially Loyal people take it badly when the narrative of that story is presented the opposite way we intended. That’s because the hostile, lying, fake news media still have the power and the influence.
Even with social media, the only people you’re going to convince otherwise are those who already believe the same way. Sure, some “normies” might think twice and even believe otherwise. But a few seconds later they scroll through their “newsfeed” and see a funny cat meme and laugh and, POOF, it’s gone.Our minds have been over-saturated and desensitized so much our attention spans are weak and short.
I say to all those people who desperately try to be the “hero” but keep having their story rewrote by our enemies, welcome to the real world! Stop being considered with the opinions of those who seek your defeat and embrace whatever narrative they choose to write. I have always said, if you want to make me the bad guy, so be it. Just don’t expect me to be the “good” guy when it’s convenient for you. On the same token of being the “hero” of this story, one of the biggest things that holds our race back from defending itself, is its overwhelming sense of duty to our morals and ethics. Essentially shackling us in where our enemy is not hindered by such things
Whether it be Antifa, “Black Lives Matter,” Muslims or even the government, they are not shackled by such things. We are, because it is a part of what we have built our identity around. This is something that we must be willing to put aside, at least one day. History makes heroes out of the history that was written.  We have seen and participated in calling our veterans “heroes”. I am not saying they aren’t. They are brave men that did what most will not. But a man goes off and kills a bunch of people in war and we call him a hero, only if he is on the “winning side”.  Look at the example of soldiers in WW2. All on the winning side are considered heroes, while all those on the losing side are the villains.

Of course, when soldiers of the Vietnam War came home, they weren’t welcomed back as heroes, but spit on, because our politicians did not give them a chance to win. But at the same time these are men we, or our treacherous government rather, sent out to kill. Do you think after taking another mans life, you feel like a hero?  Even if that man is a mud. Only someone who has never done it would say it wouldn’t affect him, or a complete sociopath. Yet we call these men heroes because they bear that burden. But we must know the difference in doing something we say is immoral one minute but acceptable when it is convenient to us.
We must be willing to bend our morals to do what we must. Even if being the bad guy one minute means your a hero the next. It’s a thin line. Once again our morals and ethics in reality cause us more harm because it ties our hands. Another example. Look at European countries and how they deal with the Muslim invasion. This brown sludge ooze into their country, rape their women on a daily basis, assault their children and essentially castrate the men through fear. The same fear that binds our hands from judgement, persecution and alienation. That will be heaped on us if we act against it
It’s not from fear of defeat, because our ancestors fought off all their attempts to invade and in turn invaded their lands and conquered. But this time they use our pacifism, play off our weaker peoples humanitarian need to help, these poor disenfranchised “refugees”. Then they enforce their culture on us and we accept because we know if we refuse it will lead to conflict. That same fear that guides most of our people, I believe isn’t based solely in cowardice. We are a warlike people, at least through the majority of our history. A big part of it is our own warped morals and ethics that stop us from looking out for our own best interests.

Fear as our most common problem

To get to the point our people are crippled by fear. There are all sorts of levels to this fear, but the fear I speak of, the same fear of violating our own codes of morals and ethics, is the judgement and condemnation from our fellow man. This is why I make the comparison with those who go out there, with a PC approach so desperately seeking acceptance from society and our racial enemies. The rest of our people, as a whole, simply refuse to speak up and act. I say brothers and sister, who cares for their opinions? Their labels? Their acceptance? I say to hell with all of it! If we are to be the bad guys of “their” history, then so be it!
Let us shake off any guilt they want to heap on us – any label or condemnation and be the best “bad guy” we can be! But let’s be smart about it. We need to build an empire from beneath their feet to supplant their empire. Only a fool starts a war without a prepared army. We also need to realize this nation and culture is beyond salvation. Even if, in a dream, we gained political power in this country, what about half this country that is filled with self-destructive idiots? I know some will say “they will fall in line”. Yea, only to build a rebellion in the same fashion and undermine everything. NO! This country is fated to balkanize. Yet we must be able and willing to secure our own stake in that future
This is why I say to hell with a statue or a memorial. I know that’ll piss a lot of people off but what are those things in comparison to all the White communities we have allowed our enemies to destroy? Where were the protests when the niggers took over so many neighborhoods on the Southside, chasing all the whites out? Marquette Park has vanished from most people’s memories and the majority wont even know what I am referring to. I ask you, what is more important, securing our communities and the safety of our children, or a statue? Let them tear it down. Let them burn it down. Let them destroy it all! We are White. We will rebuild, as only we can. We cannot salvage this, but we can separate and rebuild.
In closing brothers and sisters, know I do not say these things to undermine what these people in Charlottesville did. I do not seek to be the enemy of those who attended. I just seek to point out some truths and offer advice/insight on moving forward. To the contrary, I applaud their efforts, even though I think it was misplaced and mismanaged. We must move forward from this, in a better direction. It’s what we call learning,
Learn from this. Don’t trust the police. Redirect your efforts and do not be held back by the judgements of the brain polluted and our racial enemies. Embrace the “darkside” of THEIR history.
Because only together may we win this Racial Holy War!
Rev. James Logsdon
August 44AC (2017)
                                   THE CREATIVITY MOVEMENT

Friday, 18 August 2017

Saving Our Planet..Part 2 ..Nuclear Pollution...By Ben Klassen

The so-called leaders of today do not represent the White Race. In fact, the "accepted" leaders in politics, religion, industry and finance have consistently and repeatedly sabotaged the White Race while talking out of both sides of their mouths. They have, in the past, deceived us, betrayed us and lied to us. They are doing so today. They will continue to do so until the White Race finally takes precipitous action and takes unequivocal control of its own destiny into its own hands.

The politicians have sold us out to the Jewish cabal. The religious leaders are peddling the spooks in the sky swindle. The medical profession has doped us and duped us into believing that drugs (toxic chemicals) have some magic power of healing when in reality they are toxic to the human body. The Federal Reserve is running the world's largest and most powerful counterfeiting ring, all at the expense of the hard working White American taxpayer. Our politicians will not expose them. On the contrary, they will defend these counterfeiters, run interference for them and willingly enslave the productive people of America to this treacherous gang of paper shufflers. The industrialists, hand in hand with the
government, are destroying our environment, and turning the Planet Earth into a poisonous garbage dump. In all this, we must consider the United States government the main culprit, Public Enemy No. 1, not because it is the real power, but because it is the visible and accepted legal entity that makes and enforces "the Laws of the Land."

Last month we examined the proliferation of hazardous chemical wastes, and how the land, the air, the rivers, the lakes and the oceans are becoming dangerously polluted and contaminated to the point where no one can any longer escape the effects of the poisonous environment that envelops us. Our government is not solving the problem. It is, in fact, evading the issue and lying to us. Meanwhile the problem will not go away, but on the contrary, the poisonous garbage is piling up and becoming more ominous as each day passes.

There is another alarming proliferation that is increasingly poisoning our environment and that is radioactive Pollution from an ever growing expansion of nuclear substances, and I do not limit this statement only to military nuclear bombs and missiles. Whereas nuclear military
hardware poses a very real threat that could suddenly escalate into a mighty thunderclap that could end all life on earth, there is a more deadly, more certain aspect to the nuclear threat. It is grinding away daily, and that Is the commercial expansion of atomic power and the increasing pile-up of radioactive garbage that has nowhere to go.

In this respect, again, our political leaders have repeatedly lied to us and deceived us about the real angers, the real situation. As recently as 43 years ago, there was no radioactive garbage from nuclear substances anywhere in the whole wide world, or at least it was so
insignificant it could safely be ignored. Twenty years ago it was only of a small quantity. Today the radioactive waste from the military, some of it dating back to the first atomic bombs, is stored "temporarily" in 169 underground steel tanks, each with a capacity of 500.000 to 1 million gallons at the Hanford Reservation in the state of Washington; In more than 100,000 fifty-five gallon barrels stacked in long rows, one on top of another, at the National Engineering Laboratory in Idaho Falls, Idaho; and in fifty underground steel tanks, each with a capacity of from 750,000 to 1.3 million gallons, at the Savannah River plant near Aiken, South Carolina. These are in 'temporary" storage areas, designed and built to
hold this extremely dangerous toxic waste for only a few years, or a few decades at best. These wastes were then to be transferred into "permanent" disposal sites, a problem that to this day has never been designed, or solved, and as the garbage continues to increase, the
solution seems further away than ever. These "temporary" radioactive waste sites have, for lack of a place to go, become permanent sites, and, in fact, ticking time bombs.

But this is only part of the story. In the 1940's the government allowed federal contractors to pour 37 million gallons of radioactive liquid waste into shallow wells at Tonawanda, New York. It kept this treacherous secret to itself for 35 years, until the New York state assembly Task Force on Toxic Substances in 1980 uncovered documents describing this nefarious practice. This sleazy practice could hardly be condoned as resulting from ignorance, or the "exigencies" of war. If so, it is carrying on a sort of lasting warfare against its own people, on our own soil, a radioactive blight that will spread and linger for thousands of years. But be that as it may, a decade later when no war was being waged, the government's policy of deception and secrecy still prevailed (as it does today). In the late 1950's the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) withheld information about radioactive liquid that had leaked out of its storage tanks at the Hanford, Washington, nuclear installation. In a report in Jan. 1959, an official responsible for managing Hanford's waste, testified before a Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, "No environmental hazard will exist as long as the tanks maintain their integrity....We have never detected a leak from these tanks, so we are in turn persuaded
that none has ever leaked." A year later (1960) the AEC asserted in its annual report that "the waste problems have proved completely manageable....In more than a decade of tank storage at Hanford no leaks have been detected."

But they were lying. The tanks had started leaking at least two years earlier back in 1958, and they knew it. What had begun was the inevitable that could be expected -- the steady deterioration of the tank farm that the AEC had once said would last at least four or five decades. But the public didn't learn of this disaster until many years later. By 1973, in one year alone, 115,000 gallons of highly toxic nuclear waste drained into the ground from one single tank. Nearly 100 gallons of the deadly toxic liquid poured into the ground every hour for 49 days before it was even discovered.

This was from one tank. By 1980 a government report identified 20 of the 156 tanks as "confirmed leakers," and 38 more were classified as of "questionable integrity." Knowing the governments track record of lying to the people, the actual problem was probably much worse. I cite the above cases as typical of many more, since it is not within the scope of this brief article to cover the sorry record of the government's repeated failure to come to grips with the disposal of deadly nuclear waste, or of squaring with the people.

So far I have cited only the military segment in the creation of toxic nuclear wastes and their criminal neglect in containing and/or disposing thereof. But it might shock you to learn (as it did me) that the military segment creates only 9 per cent of all deadly nuclear wastes in the United States and the commercial industrial segment creates the other 91 per cent, in other words approximately ten times as much.

Here are some figures: Defense waste in the United States by 1984 amounted to 1.5 billion curies, while commercial waste from nuclear power plants and other uses, amounted to 14.7 billion curies of radiation. Furthermore, while the projected radioactive waste by the year 2000 remained at 1.5 billion curies for the military, that of commercial wastes is expected to zoom to 42.2 billions of accumulated curies, a frightening prospect. Ah this is waste "accounted for." Actually, the records are so bad no one really knows how much more there actually is that is unaccounted for, but we can be sure it is considerable.

Now since most of us are not scientific experts versed in nuclear technology (including myself), let me explain what a curie is. It is described as the amount of a radioactive substance that it takes to produce 37 billion atomic disintegrations per second. Only one curie, in some cases even a minute fraction thereof, can cause genetic abnormalities, cancer, or death, depending on the length and the circumstance of the exposure.

So we need have no misapprehension about how deadly even one curie of radioactivity is. It is vicious, and 42.2 billions of accumulated curies proliferated in the United States alone in the soil, air and water are a threat and catastrophe of major magnitude.

As an aside, it might be interesting to note that the "curie" was named after Madame Marie Curie, who along with her husband, discovered radium. It is also noteworthy that both of them died of cancer, she of leukemia, caused by toxic radiation. There is another treacherous aspect to this proliferation of radioactive waste. There are scores of radioactive substances and they all have their own particular rate of disintegration. Some have a half-life of only a few hours, some for a few days, some for hundreds of years, and some for thousands of years.

For instance, a person who happened to be standing next to one ounce of Cobalt 60 would receive a lethal dose of radiation in one minute. Ten years later it would take 3 minutes to do the same job. Plutonium, used in the manufacture of nuclear bombs, is one of the most deadly substances known. One ounce of it can kill 20,000 people through radioactivity clone, never mind its explosive potential. It has a half-life of 24,000 years. In other words, in 24,000 years the lethal potency of that one ounce would be reduced by only 50 per cent. In the lifetime of our children, or our grandchildren, the reduction of its lethal potential would be practically negligible. And this is what makes the accumulation of nuclear waste so horrible. It stays with us, and will even be with us long after the human race has probably been destroyed. It is even now spreading and proliferating itself not only into our soil, our water
and our air, but it is also working its way into our food chain of plants and animals, birds, and especially fish and marine life. I might add that plutonium, in its unnatural concentration, is a man-made, synthetic element. Since the manufacture of the atomic bomb in the 1940's, it now exists in quantities that are a major lethal threat to the present generation and to generations yet unborn, far into the future. But it is only one of several radioactive killers. The commercial electric power generating plants are now producing an ever increasing stockpile of radioactive waste that no one knows what to do with, a stock pile that will surely poison all of mankind unless this madness is soon stopped and reversed.

How did we ever get into such a treacherous booby-trap from which, it seems, there is no escape? The answer is the combined greed, stupidity and madness of our lying, deceptive leaders, of which the government and its cabal of double dealing politicians must take the majority of the blame. Treason and treachery also enter heavily into the case.

First of all, let us start with treason and treachery towards the American people by its Jew dominated government. As everybody now realizes, the atomic bomb and its second generation successor, the hydrogen bomb, are the most deadly weapons ever developed in the history of mankind. During WWII and shortly thereafter, the United States had an absolute monopoly in the science, the technology and the huge plants required to produce these awesome monsters of destruction. This being so, you would think it would take the utmost precautions to zealously guard its atomic secrets from being stolen by all and sundry, especially Communist Russia, who even before the war was over, loomed as
potential Enemy No. 1 of consequence.

Did the United States take great pains to guard and protect this most astounding and powerful weapon? Did it perhaps lose its temporary advantage to destroy its No. 1 potential enemy, or use all means available to it of preventing it from ever being capable of acquiring the bomb and turning it against us?

Hell no! Even while the war was still in progress, our treacherous government leaders and high military brass were breaking their necks to ship processed high-grade uranium ore by plane to the Soviet Union through Great Falls, Montana. Not only uranium, but planeloads of blueprints, plans, papers and instruments. (Read again "Major Jordan's Diaries"). When President Truman met with Stalin at Potsdam shortly after the war in Europe was over, Truman was surprised at how nonchalant Stalin was when he "revealed" to Stalin that we had the atomic bomb. (It had not yet been dropped on Hiroshima.) Little did he know that Roosevelt and his cabal had supplied the Soviets with complete blueprints and knowledge from the beginning while Truman himself, as Vice-President, had been kept completely in the dark until the day that Roosevelt died.

Although this article is not intended to explore the widespread treachery and treason involved in transferring the secrets of the atomic bomb to America's avowed enemies, it is of utmost significance to point out that the prime enemy of the White Race, namely the Jewish network, have kept close control of the development and proliferation of this most devastating of all technical achievements – nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.

It is of utmost significance to point out that both atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb were in large measure a Jewish production. True, they used a multitude of White scientists whose brains they picked in order to make it technically possible. But basically the hell bomb and its further proliferation, is a Jewish idea (as is the idea of hell).

One of the central figures in not only laying the theoretical ground work but also persuading President Roosevelt to launch the whole atomic bomb program was Albert Einstein, a foreign-born Jew with 16 communist front affiliations. The first commissioner of the Atomic Energy Commission was David E. Lilienthal, a Jew, who belonged to at least two communist fronts. He remained in that position for a considerable length of time. Three of the five commissioners on the board were Jews.
The chief of the Los Alamos installation from 1943 to 1945 was Robert Oppenheimer, a Jew. His brother Frank, a card carrying communist, was a key atomic scientist working at the Los Alamos installation. It was at this time that most of the Atomic secrets were stolen and passed on to the Soviets. When it comes to listing the spies and traitors involved, it almost reads like a Jewish Who's Who. The most notorious were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were tried and executed for treason, the only traitors in modern U.S. history to have suffered this fate. Further involved in this spy network were Harry Gold, Abraham Brothman, David Greenglass, (Ethel Rosenberg's brother), Israel Weinbaum, Miriam Moscowitz, Sidney Weinbaum, Morton Sobell. All these were Jews, and all were convicted of treason.

It is also significant in the further development of the hydrogen bomb, again Jews were in the forefront, such as Robert Oppenheimer, Steve Nelson (real name Joseph W. Weinberg) and Edward Teller. But to get on with the crux of our dissertation, namely the commercial and industrial proliferation of nuclear wastes in the United States, which more than any other issue hangs as an ominous pall over our heads. It threatens to bring death, cancer, leukemia and birth defects to the mass of the population, and, in fact, exterminate mankind itself.

It all began with what seemed the best of intentions, all for the "benefit of mankind," of course. In December of 1953 President Dwight D. Eisenhower delivered his landmark speech on the subject of "Atoms for Peace" using the United Nations as a forum. We were ready, he said, to unlock the secrets of nuclear technology and give them to all the world, for the benefit of peace, prosperity and mankind. (How generous can you get?) For two decades Americans listened to their leaders speak of two distinctly different atoms – the peaceful atom and the warlike atom.

There was little danger that the peaceful atom would or could be converted into a bomb, they said. And so the United States eagerly, benevolently and generously began exporting our "peaceful atoms," fuel, technology and all, so that the rest of the world, too, could enjoy the benefits of nuclear energy.

Again our politicians were lying to us out of both sides of their mouth. They knew better.

On May 18, 1974 India detonated an atomic bomb underground in the Thar Desert, near the Pakistanian border. It was built with a reactor from atomic fuel and technology supplied by Canada and the United States. Our good intentions to help the impoverished Indians generate more badly needed electricity and raise their living standards did exactly what any honest observer could have predicted -- it made India the sixth member of the once exclusive world nuclear-weapons club.

At home in the United States the building of nuclear power plants went into full swing after Eisenhower's "Atoms for Peace" speech. There was the problem of what to do with all the nuclear waste generated by the spent fuel from nuclear reactors, but government, industry and scientists reassured an edgy public that the technology was already there to process this burgeoning waste into harmless substances that could safely be disposed. In fact, this spent fuel in itself, they said, could further be converted into a profitable and useful commercial asset.

Again they were lying to us. In the last 40 years, since the beginning of atomic bomb development, ways and means have been attempted to render the toxic waste harmless and disposable. None were available 30 years ago when assurances were given that they already existed. None are available today, and the prospects of safely disposing of the ever mounting piles of dangerous atomic garbage now seem further removed than ever. In fact, to even contain and gather the already vast amounts of toxic atomic waste in our soil, water and air is utterly impossible, not to mention the ever increasing atomic garbage that is now being generated and will increasingly be generated in the years to come.

In the meantime, more and more of the deadly radioactive garbage continues to pile up in the leaking, inadequate waste sites that are designated as "temporary," without having solved the basic problem of what to do with the nuclear waste. Industry, encouraged by government, insanely went on at a breakneck pace building more and more power plants.

The cold war psychology that gripped America's leaders in the 1950's initially fueled this obsession. Some argued that we must not let the Soviets develop nuclear power first, therefore we must go ahead. Others, in compensation for the guilt complex about having dropped nuclear bombs on the Japanese, felt the nation now had a moral obligation to devise peaceful applications of the atom to atone for our mass murder. Others were fascinated by the atom's marvelous technological promise of free and unbounded energy for a prosperous and happy future.

But they were living in a fool's paradise. It was as insane as if NASA had nonchalantly launched John H. Glenn, Jr. without first having devised a means of again bringing him down, assuring him and the public that they could do so while he was orbiting the earth.
In the meantime, any number of glowing predictions and extravagant promises were made. George W. Malone, the Republican Senator from Nevada spoke for those with an almost mystic faith in the atom's magic potential: its commercial use could change the course of history more than the invention of the wheel. Members of Congress, federal officials and scientists conjured up a fantasy of commercial shipping fleets, locomotives and automobiles fueled by the atom, all before the year 2000 would roll by.

It is now the year 1985. We do have a host of nuclear power plants generating electricity, but no solution has been found for either reprocessing the radioactive waste from spent reactor fuel rods, or any means of disposing of the ever mounting garbage that is now seriously threatening to turn our planet into a hot nuclear garbage dump. We do not have atomic planes, ships or automobiles, but we do have nuclear submarines.

But each of them, too, will in time become so radioactively hot that they will have to be abandoned. It will be impossible for humans to man them without lethal exposure, and sooner or later each one of them, will be sunk in the bottom of some ocean, there to further pollute for evermore our once pristine waters.

It is a long story of how government in combination with industry tried to build reprocessing plants to inactivate the radioactive wastes g
enerated by the increasing number of power plants now proliferating the countryside. Three such plants were built. One was constructed at West Valley, New York. It sputtered along for six years before it was finally shut down in
1972, a dismal failure. Another was built at Morris, Illinois, but it never even opened. A third at Barnwell, South Carolina was started with private capital, but finally had to be bailed out with hundreds of millions in government subsidy. It, too, finally collapsed as inoperable and
commercially a huge boondoggle.

In the meantime, the hot, radioactive wastes are piling up. Where are they going? They are being stored in "temporary" waste sites, because no one knows what to do with the deadly stuff. There are now more than 239 commercial and governmental burial sites in more than 150 locations in the United States, all ticking time bombs and a grave menace to all life, including mankind. They are not a solution to anything, only a temporary deferment in the face of past lies, stupidities and reckless irresponsibility, if not out right treachery.

In the meantime, the rate of radioactive garbage generation is accelerating. It is piling up in ever mounting quantities. Whereas in 1960 the garbage was still negligibly small, by 1970 it began to raise its ugly head but consisted of no more than 2 billion curies. By 1980 it had
skyrocketed to 10 billion curies, and by 1984 to 16.2 billion. It is projected to reach 43.7 billion by the year 2000, and approximately 80 billion curies by the year 2020. This is in the United States alone. In the meantime, thanks to the generosity and short sightedness of the United States, the rest of the world, too, is building a vast chain of nuclear plants, and one nation after another is becoming a member of the once exclusive nuclear bomb club. Not the least of those that have joined the dangerous club is the bandit state of Israel whose aggressiveness and whose hatred for its neighbors knows no bounds.

In the last few years the general public has become more and more aware that the politicians have lied to them, that their homes, their land, their water and their air is in dire danger of becoming increasingly polluted with deadly nuclear waste, unfit and dangerous as a human environment.

Whereas the government is trying to find new sites for both low level and high level nuclear wastes, no state now wants them, and citizens' groups are now springing up to oppose them wherever the government sets its sites for such a dump. And for good reason. They are a lethal hazard wherever they are, and will remain a nuclear radioactive wasteland for thousands of years to come. Three Mile Island, once a nuclear power plant is now such a wasteland, and will remain such forevermore. I predict that every power plant in the United States in a few decades will be shut down and become a radioactive wasteland, fenced off from the public, but continuing to radioactively pollute our environment for millenniums. What an insane boondoggle! What a disaster!

What is the solution? What does the future hold? What about the future of our children and our grandchildren? My dear White Racial Comrades under the present Jewish domination of the world there is no future for anybody, not even the Jews. What with Proliferating chemical pollution (as I described last month) combined with radioactive poisoning at the rate it is now commencing, this Planet will benefit to live on or in. That, combined with racial pollution will certainly make it impossible for any future generations of the White Race to survive, and this, I predict will be a reality by the year 2000. We must act now. Both the chemical and the nuclear pollution is now in large part irreversible, and the longer the mess is allowed to accumulate the more impossible it becomes to ever clean it up.

There is only one thing for the White Race to do and that is save itself, and there is only one way to do it. That is to get the Jewish parasite off our back and wrest control of our world back into the hands of the White Man. Until this major step is taken no problems will be solved, not the pollution problem, not the racial problem, not any other problem.

So let us get busy. Only under the aegis of a powerful racial religion such as Creativity can we ever hope to overcome the plague that is now upon us. We must marshal all our resources, organize, and build our racial movement into the most powerful battering ram the world has ever known. Then, and only then, can we again bring this planet back to sanity and build a clean, orderly world, a world fit for the future generations of our proud and gifted race.

IN CONCLUSION let me summarize clearly what it is we must do in order to save our Precious Planet Earth from becoming a poisonous garbage dump and a human pigsty.

1. The White Race must concentrate on saving itself, not all the debris and scum of humanity.

2. This limited planet cannot support 4 billion, or 6 billion, or 8 billion mud races in the lap of luxury and provide them all with electricity, food, and all the better things in life that the White Race has developed for itself.

3. We must limit the population of the planet to no more than a billion. As to who is to survive, we, the White Race, must invoke Nature's Law as spelled out in Creative Credo No. 2 of the White Man's Bible, and let the mud races wither on the vine.

4. We must steel our resolve and learn to think in terms of: To hell with the niggers, cannibals, Hottentots and the mud races. (Where was all that Christian compassion during the bombing of Dresden and Hamburg when hundreds of thousands of Nature's Finest were incinerated and blown to bits?) We must throw off the present bleeding-heart Christian shibboleths that are destroying the White Race and come out point blank: Let the bastards starve! There is nothing we can do for the mud races, except go down the drain with them.

5. We must immediately stop generating any more nuclear waste, build no more nuclear power plants, shut down the ones we have.

6. It is imperative the White Race take over the world for itself as quickly as possible. With the Jew out of the way, wars would no longer be an issue, and there would no longer be a need for suicidal nuclear armaments.

7. We must then (once we have control of our own destiny) do our best to clean up the nuclear wastes and/or isolate them, as much as possible. The legacy we would inherit at best would be a sorry mess, but hard as the road ahead may be, it has to be done




8. In order to achieve the above, we the White Race must first get our act together. We must, as I have said a thousand times before, (a) polarize our race under the aegis of a powerful no-nonsense religious creed (b) get the god-damned Jews off our back (c) take charge of our own destiny and the world.

The alternative is oblivion. The Solution is Organized Creativity.
unless the White Race soon grasps control of its own destiny, it will soon find itself trapped on a planet that is nothing more than a radioactive wasteland, with no place to go.
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator


Article taken from....
Racial Loyalty #27
August 12AC(1985)


Monday, 14 August 2017

Saving Our Precious Planet from becoming a Chemical Garbage Dump and Human Pigsty...By Ben Klassen



The subject we are addressing is most urgent. This beautiful Planet Earth, our one and only home, past, present and future, is being raped and desecrated, poisoned and polluted to the point where it will not be fit to live in, or on. For an intelligent, orderly people such as the White Race has been, it will not only be an unfit domicile, but it will soon be impossible to live here at all, and there is no place else to go. The multitude of factors that are destroying what is left of our habitat are all rapidly converging to produce one consummate catastrophe
 -- the destruction of our natural environment, and with it, the demise of the human race -- especially the White Race. What are these factors that are closing in on us? They are manifold, but we can narrow them down to a few basics. They are:

a) Our rapidly exploding technology, created by the genius of the White Race itself, and now threatening to destroy us. Besides the doomsday threats of the atom bomb, the neutron bomb and the hydrogen bomb to end all life in a cataclysmic thunderclap we have a slower and an even more certain threat from the burgeoning chemical industries. If the hydrogen bomb doesn't get us, the chemicals that are increasingly proliferated into our air, water and soil will surely poison us, even if it takes a little longer.

(b) The second major factor that is helping push the environment into a planetary garbage dump is greed and the Jewish monetary system that feeds it. At the center of this financial monster is the Federal Reserve System, a worldwide gang of ruthless Jewish counterfeiters. This gang controls our money and controls the course of world events. But they do more than that. Through their sleazy business practices, their monopoly of propaganda and every other important factor in our lives, they have so corrupted the minds and lifestyle of the White Race itself to the point where the White Man has now wholeheartedly joined in with these bandits in the destruction of our environment, our civilization, and the White Race itself.

Since I have already thoroughly exposed the Federal Reserve in Creative Credo No. 40 of the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE (The Brutal Truth about Inflation and Financial Enslavement -- The Federal Reserve Board -- The Most Gigantic Counterfeiting Ring in the World), and also widely distributed our booklet of the same name, I will not review that subject again here. Suffice it to say that the greed and avarice of this vicious gang of Jewish counterfeiters is at the heart of the pollution problem, as it is, in fact, of practically all of the world's major problems.

(c) The third major factor is the insane obsession of the Jewish network as a whole to promote race mixing, especially miscegenation of the White Race with all the scum of the world, (while the Jews themselves remain intact and aloof from any such diabolical program). In the effectiveness of this program lies also the fate of the world's environment, and conversely, in the reversal of this Program lies the only hope of saving this Planet from becoming a poisonous garbage dump and a human pigsty.

The heart of the Creativity program is four dimensional: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. Since these four dimensions are all part of the whole and are indivisible, the whole subject of environment is, indeed, very germane to our religious philosophy. It is an extremely comprehensive subject and I will endeavor to project the position of The Church Of The Creator in five separate installments.

Part I Chemical Pollution and the Impossible Disposal Thereof.

Part II Radio-active Wastes.

Part III Poisons in our Drinking Water.

Part IV Pathological Pollution by means of Legal and Illegal Drugs.

Part V Genetic Pollution and Saving our Gene Pool.

There are several other kinds of pollution in modern times that are running rampant and to which we are increasingly subjected. Some of these are (a) noise pollution (b) radiation pollution by microwave and radio-active substances (c) religious pollution (d) mind pollution by propaganda, and (e) a number of other forms of destructive pollution.

Since this subject is too comprehensive to be treated in a limited dissertation such as this periodical I will confine this basically to the five segments mentioned earlier. Even these will be of limited scope and will concentrate on (a) arousing awareness of the threat and (b) what we of The CHURCH OF THE CREATOR can and must do about it.


Increasingly, we have read of the crisis of hazardous waste in a number of seemingly isolated communities where the inhabitants woke up one morning and found that unbeknownst to them, their land, their streets, their water and their air was so polluted with toxic chemicals that they were being slowly but surely poisoned. Surprise! Surprise! Someone had stealthily been dumping tons and tons of poisonous wastes in the
"backyard" of their community for years and now they were stuck with it. These poisons had now seeped into the ground water, into the aquifer, into their wells, and yes, had even been sprayed on the streets as a clever way to disguise and disperse these poisons. Now, too late, these unwary citizens had to make an agonizing decision: abandon their homes and life's savings and move "elsewhere," or suffer the slow death of toxic poisoning.

Although hundreds of such incidents preceded it, it was not until the major disasters of Love Canal in 1978 hit the front pages and temporarily pre- empted the evening news on TV that some people began to realize that we had a major pollution problem.


However, the Love Canal tragedy was only the tip of the iceberg. In that incident rain popped leaking drums out of the ground on a black tide of
long buried chemicals. High incidents of birth defects, cancer and other pathological diseases among the local citizenry also began popping up at alarming rates. It drove hundreds of families away from their homes in Love Canal, and permanently disabled or killed many of its former citizens. Protracted litigations and attempted clean-ups are still going on, and will continue to do so for years.

But let us look at a few other cases that are becoming more and more common.

Verna Courtemance is a former school teacher who lives at Swartz Creek, a country crossroads 60 miles northwest of Detroit. Her former neighbor, Charles Berlin and his partner opened a hazardous waste incinerator in 1972 next door to Verna's home. The incinerator, often overloaded, smothered the countryside in acrid smoke so dark and dense that firemen on the horizon would take it for blazing houses and race over. The corrosive murk turned convertible car tops into literal rag tops. It reddened children's faces with rashes and swelled eyes shut.

Verna and friends harried state officials by telephone, rally and letter for four years before Berlin's smudge pot was shut down permanently. Did Berlin ever indemnify his neighbors for the massive damage be had caused? No. In 1980 he declared bankruptcy, abandoned the cite, and left someone else to clean up the mess and carry the burden.

During the next three years investigators unearthed behind his incinerator five storage tanks and the first of 33,000 drums. They were bursting with waste that Berlin had been forbidden to burn, yet still allowed to haul - from chemical plants, auto factories, steel mills, refineries, railroads.

Verna and her neighbors led a decade long fight to finally get a federal and state cleanup underway. In the meantime, citizens living near the incinerator and its accompanying foul, poisonous lagoons saw their homes become worthless and their health severely impaired.

Now, with a (partial) cleanup underway, 50 trucks a day rumbled past Verna's house for weeks last summer ferrying contaminated soil from a nearby field to a landfill in Ohio. To purge the held of toxic metals, used motor oil, drug and dye by-products and other industrial wastes, backhoes and bulldozers have scooped and scraped up 120,000 tons of earth. But that is only the beginning.

Will it ever be cleaned up? No, not likely, at least, not in the present generation, and it certainly will never be restored to its former condition. And what about the "landfill" in Ohio to which this mess of poisonous garbage is being hauled? Well, it too, will be an eyesore and a health hazard in short order, and remain such until the local people there wake up and find they have been sandbagged. All the cleanup really has done is reshuffle the poisons from one place it was not wanted to another place that nobody wants it either, but had not organized its opposition (as yet).

Michigan and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have so far spent six million dollars at Swartz Creek, and some of the 200 firms whose waste was dumped there have pledged 14 million dollars more. Many tons of tainted soil remain, leaching toxic contaminants into local aquifers with every rain. To just so much as map groundwater pollution will take many years, and while it is being mapped it will be further spreading. Eliminating it, if such is ever possible, will take decades. How to eliminate it, nobody really knows.

As the cleanup at Swartz Creek progressed, find followed find. In the poisonous stew of one holding pond, one million gallons of oily muck was laced with polychlorinated biphenyls -- PCBs. Until their U.S. production was halted in the late 1970's PCBs were used extensively in hydraulic fluid, in coolants for electric transformers, and in the manufacture of plastics. It now has become a universal and persistent waste -- one that accumulates in fish and causes animal cancers.

In another nearby pond, it was believed that drums of hydrochloric acid and barrels of cyanide (that's the stuff they mix in gas chambers to execute criminals) lurked like mines, needing only a blow for their chemicals to leak, mix and form clouds of deadly cyanide gas.
When the pond was safely dredged in 1983, Verna and 165 other evacuees cheered. However, they were premature in their optimism. It was really only a reprieve.

"We're prisoners," Verna said. "We are afraid to drink from our wells, and out of town friends shy from visits. My sister-in-law won't take gifts of my raspberry jam any more."
Are Swartz Creek and Love Canal isolated cases? Far from it. I cite them merely to drive home the devastating and far-reaching ramifications only one dump site can create for the adjoining countryside. For example, near Seymour, Indiana, a 13 acre disposal site was the dumping ground for close to 400 companies. Before a (partial) cleanup was begun in December of 1982, it was found that 50,000 barrels of chemicals clogged the 13 acre site. Placed in these leaking drums were such toxic wastes as cyanide, arsenic, PCBs, toxic metals, solvents, naphthalene, and 200 pounds of explosive material, enough to blow the whole 13 acre mess sky high and spread it all over the countryside.

Chemical Waste Management, the world's largest private hazardous waste disposal firm, started a cleanup in December of 1982. Under threat of suit, 24 (of 400) of the polluting companies have so far put up 7.8 million dollars to finance the surface clean up. Other firms have agreed to contribute another 5.5 million to purge pollutants from ground water and subsoil. Will they succeed? Again. not likely. These sums are only a drop in the bucket to (partially) help alleviate the harm that has been done. That damage, however, is permanent and pervasive and no amount of money can ever reverse the process.

Another case in hand is TIMES BEACH, M1aaonri, which has been so contaminated that it was unfit for human habitation. In 1983 EPA bought the whole town (with taxpayers' money) for 33 million dollars and made arrangements to relocate its 2200 residents. The culprit in this case was 2, 3, 7, 8-TCDD, one of a class of the most highly toxic organic chemicals called dioxins.

Ten years earlier the town's roads had been sprayed with oil to control dust. Treacherously laced into the oil (and unbeknownst to the townspeople) was an abundant dose of these same dioxins that some company wanted to surreptitiously unload. Soil tests in TIMES BEACH showed that dioxin levels were as high as 1100 times the level considered acceptable. Now TIMES BEACH is a ghost town, but that isn't the whole story. The health, psychological and financial damage done to its 2200 former residents will never be undone, not to mention the devastating and permanent environmental damage to the town site itself.


Are these isolated exceptions? Not by a polluted country mile. Partially as a result of the LOVE CANAL publicity, EPA in 1983 grudgingly
started using some of its 1.6 billion dollar SUPERFUND set up in 1980 to clean up the most dangerous of the hazardous waste dumps.
How many such dangerous dump sites are there? TIMES BEACH, which we have just described, is only one of forty such sites in the state of Missouri alone that is under investigation by the EPA. The 40 sites are under investigation mainly for dioxin contamination (thousands of other toxic chemicals also proliferate the landscape). Even extremely small doses of dioxin can cause miscarriages, birth defects, liver damage or
death in laboratory animals. To guinea pigs, for example, it is 200 times as deadly as strychnine. Does that give you an idea of the magnitude of the poisonous threat that has been spread over the landscape?

But let us expand from dioxin and the state of Missouri. Just how big is the hazardous waste pileup on the national scale?

The NATIONAL PRIORITIES LIST of the EPA continues to grow as states other than Missouri scramble to locate dangerous sites within their borders. At stake are billions of dollars of federal cleanup funds. By October of 1984 the EPA had designated or proposed 786 waste sites for the list. The agency estimates that the list may eventually contain at least 2500 emergency sites, but there are at least 16,000 known hazardous waste sites in the United States, all of which, sooner or later, are a potential time bomb. Imagine 16,000 SWARTZ CREEKS, or TIMES BEACHES, or LOVE CANALS, spread across the country polluting the land, air and water -- poisoning its residents, killing its wildlife!

But they merely reflect PAST criminal negligence. Where is the increasing garbage of the future going to end up? No one knows the true sum of our toxic wastes, but the 264 million metric tons regulated by EPA in 1981 would fill the New Orleans Superdome almost 1,500 times over. Since 1950 we have "disposed" of possibly six billion tons in, or on, the land, into our water, or into the air -- steadily increasing our potential exposure to dangerous toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, nervous disorders, blood diseases, and damage to liver, kidneys and our genes.

But have we really disposed of these toxic chemicals or are they really still there, accumulating in ever larger piles and dumps, closing in on us, and threatening to turn the world into an uninhabitable garbage dump? Have we solved the problem? No, we have not. Is there a viable solution in the future?

Let us examine the ingenious methods that government and industry have devised to seemingly "dispose" of all these billions of tons of toxic poisons. Well, they are not really so ingenious at all. Basically they consist of dumping them somewhere that will be at least temporarily less objectionable -- until the surrounding territory itself, too, becomes intolerably polluted and/or until such dumps invariably run out of room.

Here are some of the most prominent "accepted" methods:

(a) Incinerators. Burn it and send the refuse into the atmosphere. This does compact the waste and somewhat reduce its volume. It is not feasible, however, to do so with our most dangerous wastes, such as toxic chemicals from petroleum refineries, chemical plants, and
manufacturing plants.

(b) Landfills. It costs $50 to $800 per ton to incinerate wastes, therefore most companies view it as a too costly means of disposing of their toxic castoffs, three times as much as it costs to bury it. As a result less than 1 per cent is cremated, and the cheaper landfill is the first choice of most companies.

But landfills, as we have seen from the experiences at Love Canal, Swartz Creek and Times Beach are not a "disposal" at all. They are merely a ticking bomb, accumulating to levels of intolerable pollution at the site and the surrounding environment. They pollute the soil, intrude into the aquifers and the ground water and soon poison the soil.

Nor is the attempted "cleanup" program any solution. It is merely trying to redress an already overloaded area into another area where it is also not wanted. Nor does it solve the mountains of future accumulations that are staring us in the face, year after year.

(c) Running waste into sewage "treatment" plants, then running it into our rivers, lakes or the oceans. This too, is a stopgap measure and largely ineffective in the long run. Practically all our rivers and lakes are now over polluted. Lake Erie, as well as any number of smaller lakes, are now "dead" lakes so polluted no marine life can any longer live in it, and many of our rivers have become open sewers. (However, sewage treatment plants are not the only cause of this. The run off from farmlands plied with man-made chemical fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides are also a major factor. But that is another story.)

(d) Another "ingenious" method is to pump the really bad stuff down deep injection wells, to be imprisoned between layers of "impermeable" rock. At least, that is the theory. At least 60 per cent of all toxic waste in the United States is disposed of in this manner. For example, near Corpus Christi Bay, one such well, located amid numerous oil wells, swallows 61/2 million gallons of caustic liquids a month from nearby refineries. It is shot down a mile underground through layers of dense clay to the sands of an ancient sea.

What happens to it then? Well, it spreads out, as it invariably has to if it is to absorb 61/2 million gallons a month. Will it spread to the nearby oil wells and come back up in the form of brine and oil? Undoubtedly. Where else can it go?

(e) Some European countries compress their wastes into compact packages and dump them far out to sea. A dirty and irresponsible method that among others is rapidly polluting the greatest resource and expanse of our planet, the oceans themselves. They, too, are limited in the abuse they can take.

(f) Some send incinerator ships out on the ocean to burn the refuse, thereby avoiding local pollution of the air, but nevertheless adding it to the earth's already over polluted atmosphere.

(g) Some industries sell their poisonous wastes to gullible government agencies on the basis that they will help promote health. An excellent
example is the aluminum industry who for years had thousands of tons of excess fluoride on their hands as a by-product in the manufacture of
aluminum. Then some bright exec came up with the idea of selling it to the thousands of water treatment plants across the country, as an aid to prevent tooth decay.

The fact is fluoride in its inorganic form (the form to which it comes to the water companies) is one of the most deadly poisons known, and has the added danger of staying in the bones of those who ingest it for years. It is a major ingredient in rat poison. Whereas some fluoride
COMPOUNDS that are organic (parts of plants, living food) are compatible to the human body, inorganic fluoride, is and will forever remain highly poisonous.

Nor do even minute quantities of INORGANIC fluoride help anybody's teeth. It will, however, cause pitting of the enamel, and mottling the color of the teeth.

(h) Many backward countries (like Mexico) simply run a sewer line a mile or so out in the ocean and run all of their sewage, raw and untreated, directly into the ocean. Some U.S. cities on the coastline also once indulged in this dirty practice.

(I) Millions of tons of waste go up the tall smoke stacks of smelters, refineries and power plants to disperse into an already over polluted atmosphere. Add to this the emissions from millions of cars, trucks, diesel locomotives, airplanes and steamships, and you have a floating garbage dump hovering overhead. As a result, we have acid rain, polluted air and an ever increasing accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere that in the long run is creating a "greenhouse" effect, the inevitable result of which will be disastrous to the climate and environment of this planet earth.

(j) There are a number of other nasty little tricks, such as spraying highly toxic chemicals on regular garbage and letting the garbage man pick it up along with the rest of the garbage. Or some smaller chemical companies have been caught running highly toxic chemicals into the city sewer lines through secretly drilled connections. And other dirty tricks.

So far we have been talking mostly about the United States, a highly industrialized country. What does the rest of the world do with its hazardous wastes? Does the rest of the world fare any better?

Well, hardly. There are any number of other countries such as England, Germany, France, Italy and Japan that are also highly industrialized and whose cramped territory and dense population in comparison make the United States look like a wide open frontier, and their problems are even worse, much worse. We don't have the time and space here to examine them in detail, although from CREATIVITY'S point of view, we always think in terms of the whole planet in all our future projections for the White Race. We are intensely concerned about what happens in Germany, or in Japan, or in Africa, or in South America. The White Race of the future will either live or die, depending on what happens politically, economically, racially throughout the world, and at best it can only survive on a planet whose environment is still viable.

The environmental picture in the rest of the world is dismal, to say the least. To cite a few examples: The beautiful Black Forest of Bavaria is dying, in fact, half the forests of Germany are sick and dying from acid rain and atmospheric pollution. The beautiful Rhine River with its romantic castles has become an open sewer, a dead river. In fact, the same thing can be said about most of the major rivers of Europe. In Italy chaos reigns and it is an absolute basket case. Japan, highly industrialized, densely populated, and a small land area, has become so polluted that it has reached a state of crisis.

The fact is that our whole planet is now badly over polluted with no more "vacant sites" for waste dumps or any other nooks or crannies left to stuff the billions of tons of poisonous chemicals, industrial wastes or just plain garbage. Yet all these hazardous wastes keep spewing out in ever increasing amounts (1500 Superdomes full a year in the United States alone) with no place to go.


All this reminds me of a picture of a sign I saw in a magazine several years ago. Some enterprising nigger (or Jew) had put up a sign at the eastern tip of Long Island, saying "This is as far as yon can run, Whitey. This is the end of the line." And so it is with the pollution crisis -- this is the end of the line. We either change course drastically or the White Race will die of chemical poisoning in a polluted stem of its own mating.

Is there any solution at all in sight? None whatsoever, if we remain in the present Jewish controlled financial, political and cultural miasma in which we are now engulfed, and are slowly drowning. Neither the EPA, nor Congress, nor the president, nor the United States government, nor the United Nations will ever come to grips with the problem or even partially solve it. Why? Because none of these agencies will ever dare face the basic issue, which is racial. With the Jew in control, the mud races will continue their explosive expansion and the White Race will shrink and die. This world will become a
planet of utter chaos, overpopulated, over polluted, without direction, without leadership. Mass starvation, riots, revolution and chaos will be the order of the day.

But there is a solution and we CREATORS spell it out.

1. Only the White Race can solve both the food and the pollution problems, but only for itself.

2. Until the White Race gets the parasitic Jew off its back and gets control of its own affairs, its own destiny, none of the world's major (or minor) problems will be solved.

3. Only through uniting under the banner of a powerful, realistic racial religion such as CREATIVITY will the White Race ever be able to smash the Jewish monster and take charge of its own destiny.

4. Once it accomplishes Point 3, it still has an arduous task ahead of it -- cleaning up the racial, environmental and cultural garbage of the world.

5. The first step after Point 3, is to stop subsidizing the scum, parasites and freeloaders both at home and abroad. We have no obligation, moral or otherwise, to feed the Jews, niggers and mud races of the world. Once in charge, the White Race will cease this insanity and instead take care of its own people, its own survival.

6. The mud races will wither on the vine and the population of the world will subside to a level where this planet Earth can again sustain a healthy viable population, by means of ever renewable resources.

7. We estimate this population to be no more than one billion, perhaps less. But whatever it is, it is far, far better to have a clean. safe, uncrowded world of healthy White people, properly fed, housed, clothed and governed than the overcrowded, poisoned hell that is now staring us in the face.

8. Agriculture as a whole must abandon chemical aids to farming, a disastrous course it adopted wholesale only 30 years ago. This includes all chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. In the first place, they are only a temporary shot in the arm, like heroin to a junkie, and soon poison the soil as well as our food. Secondly, the White Man doesn't need to produce a super abundance of food if we Quit feeding the hordes of mud peoples, now numbering more than five billion. All we need to do is just take care of our own White Race.

We must go back to Organic farming, only do it scientifically - with more good sense and planning than we did before the "green revolution." Chemical farming is one of the major causes of polluting our streams, lakes, rivers and oceans. (See "A Sound Environment -- Getting back to Organic Farming and Living Soil. ", in C. C. No. 13 of The White Man's Bible.)

9. Remember, DuPont's favorite advertising slogan, "There is good chemistry between us," is a blatant lie. All man-made chemicals are poisons and are more or less toxic to the human body. Thousands of them, individually and/or collectively, are EXTREMELY toxic and dangerous. There are no good inorganic chemicals. Once the White Man is again in control of his affairs one of the first orders of business will be to start phasing out the chemical industry as it exists today, and eventually produce only organic and bio-degradable substances, or at least reduce them to a compatible absolute minimum.

Unless the White Race takes charge of its own destiny, none of the pressing problems of the world will ever be solved. Political Parties come and go. Religions endure.
We Creators have no desire to either enslave or exploit the mud races. It is our deliberate goal for the White Race to inhabit this Planet Earth in its entirety.

Only Total Victory Can Save the White Race.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator

Article taken from..........
Racial Loyalty # 26 
July 12AC (1985)