Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hell to Pay for Prisoners Housed at Terre Haute, IN Federal Prison!

Terre Haute Federal prison is one of the ten worst prisons in the United States. Inmates have been abused at Terre Haute prison for many years and it seems that nothing is done to correct it. The warden Stephen Julian and the guards violate  federal laws every day and the B.O.P. head office in Washington, DC does nothing.

Matthew Hale 15177-424 was transferred to Terre Haute in June, 2016. He had been a model prisoner at Florence Admax prison in Florence Colorado for over eleven years in solitary confinement.

Hale had been in general population at FCI Terre Haute for three months and on August 29th, he was thrown into SHU(solitary confinement), accused of asking another inmate to send his mother a press release through regular mail. Hale has denied asking anyone to send the press release through regular mail. Hale, in fact, had emailed the press release to his mother. The prison staff reads all emails before sending them. The email reader at the prison apparently approved the email and forwarded it to Hale's mother. So, therefore, asking another inmate to send the press release makes little sense. It simply did not happen. The warden Stephen Julian states that Hale made threats in the press release. The press release contained no threats!
 Hale Persecutor (Prosecutor) Appointed Federal Magistrate Judge!
I suggest Stephen Julian looks for excuses to punish inmates as is suggested in the lawsuits against him for abuse. The staff at Terre Haute practices mental beat-down on inmates daily.

Hale has a civil suit, case number 14cv00245 against the warden of Florence Admax and the B.O.P..
Rev Matt Hale.. Civil Complaint filed..Seeks 19 Million
Since being transferred to Terre Haute prison, the civil suit has become Hale v. Warden Stephen Julian.  On the 15th and 17th of September, Hale was to begin deposing the employees that work or worked at Florence Admax. It is suggested that the civil suit is the reason Hale is in SHU (solitary confinement) to delay or stop the civil suit. He was to begin deposing two people on November 15th and the 17th. He was informed that he would have to do the depositions with handcuffs and a chain attached to a belt around his waist. Hale was forced to postpone the depositions.

Still, Hale remains in solitary confinement at the hands of warden Stephen Julian for an infraction he did not commit. The warden has now admitted to Hale that he knows that he did nothing wrong, yet Hale remains in the "hole". Hale was thrown into the "hole' with only a sheet and the clothes on his back. Hale isn't allowed to have all of his personal property and all of the legal work (papers) he needs to continue working on his civil suit. Stamps and paper to write his family and friends are limited.

These are just a small sample of the mental abuse happening in Terre Haute.  Julian has told untruths in a signed statement which has become part of the motion, Case 14cv00245, one stating that Hale can order food from the commissary. The only food that Hale can order are snacks (junk food). Hale, a raw foodist is forced to eat cooked food or starve. He has lost a lot of weight since being thrown into the "hole".

The B.O.P. is allowing Stephen Julian total control of Terre Haute FCI prison complex and therefore, abuse is happening on a regular basis. Because Hale is a political prisoner, the mistreatment, mental abuse continues. Hale has on two occasions, been taunted by guards in an attempt to get Hale to do or say anything so that he could be hurt or killed. One such happening is when a guard said to Hale,"you want to stab me, don't you?". Hale did not respond.

Terre Haute is a filthy dirty run down prison, abuse happens there on a daily basis. The need for an investigation into the abuse of prisoners at Terre Haute must begin immediately. Contact Warden Stephen Julian at FCI and ask for an Interview.

Arrange an interview with Matthew Hale! He has a legal right to do an interview. "Security risk" is  their excuse to refuse entry into Terre Haute prison. They want to keep the media uninformed as to the abuse enjoyed by warden Stephen Julian and the guards employed there.

Contact warden Stephen Julian,
Ph. (812) 238-1531, ext. 3026 for interview.
4200 Bureau RD. N.
Terre Haute, IN 47802

Matthew F. Hale 15177-424
P.O. Box 33
Terre Haute, IN 47808

For further information contact:
Evelyn Hutcheson
Phone (309) 699-0785


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