Tuesday, 28 March 2017

State of the Church 44AC ...By Rev Logsdon

Racial greetings brothers and sisters. I address this to you in March 44AC (2017), a little over a month since we entered our 44th year as a church. Our Church is barely in its infancy stage in regards to our religions inception when compared to other religions. Especially when compared with most parasitical Judaic religions. However, we as an organization are the “grandfathers” of the pro-White cause. One of the few who have stood the test of time. Through all the mud and the muck, the drama and nonsense that this plagues cause. We have been through a rough roller coaster ride and have not come out nearly as well as we would have liked. But we are still here and that speaks to our tenacity and determination, not only through the binds of our unique racial religion but to us as a people. Through all the throngs of half hearted frauds who have come and gone, who most of which tried causing us harm and scandals on the way out. They brush off us as waves to a ship as we sail these treacherous waters. Yet our ship sails on, while many sink.
As I write this, I have taken a moment to reflect. In my 20th years as a Creator, as long and tiresome as it may seem to me, it is but a speck of speck of what our great religion, Creativity, will see. As long as the true believers keep this flame alive. For it is up to each and every one of us who believe in this cause to carry the torch. For it must be passed on. Not too often, especially in this cause, do you find people like me. Not to be arrogant or egotistical, but realistic. To stick with the same thing for 20 plus years is a rare feat nowadays. Our people, especially pro-White people, run around like chickens with their heads cut off, not knowing which direction to go or which path to choose. They start out in a cause and after a few years abandon it when it doesn’t go their way or they don’t see the progress they want. Some things take time, like growing a religion. Can you imagine if the Jews abandoned their mission of spreading Christianity across Europe after just a few years? Oh my! Can you imagine what the world would be like today if the Roman Empire never fell to it? No the Jews stuck with it, sacrificing their lives. Sacrifice both in years and in many cases, early on, physically. Being fed to lions as entertainment by the Romans who worshiped war-like gods! I feel a bit jealous of the dedication the Jews have had towards their goals. If our people had one iota of dedication towards their people as the physically cowardly, parasitical Jews have had and still do towards theirs, one couldn’t even theorize how different this world would be. It probably wouldn’t be too good for non-whites. I don’t imagine we would have baboons and raping goat fuckers running amok on our streets!!! But I digress.
This is my 14th State of the Church address and probably my last. No, I’m not going anywhere. However, as I said above, it is important to pass the torch on. Although I am not the leader, I am not the PM and haven’t been since I resigned in 04, just after 6 months. There were many who viewed me as a leader and many more who “referred” to me as a leader in a attempt to make us look bad, based on my shortcomings. Yes I have shortcomings. Many of them. As we all do. And yes, I have been around for a long time. I don’t know if that speaks to my determination and dedication or if I was just too stupid or bull-headed to walk away. I can give you my opinion and that is, when I took an oath of loyalty to this Church, to Creativity, I meant it. I live with a lot of bad mistakes in my life. Things I can’t take back. I learned early on in my life that you have to live with the choices you make. I made the choice to NOT break the oath I made. I was romanced to other groups, other causes. There were times I probably should of walked away and many times I wanted to. A few times some of our other dedicated brethren talked me into staying. I didn’t always do it alone. No one should. But the reason I bring this up, is earlier this year our GFC (Guardians of the Faith Council) made the decision to elect a new PM.
This was not a decision made lightly in any way. But after due diligence and careful consideration the GFC has decided to elect Reverend James Costello of England as our next Pontifex Maximus. The role of PM is one of a religious icon, someone who inspires, someone who leads by example through his dedication and actions. Someone who can properly lead us and someone who ever since Rev Hale I can say am willing to follow their lead. He didn’t choose this role either. It is something he is willing to take on because he was asked to and he knows it is something our faith desperately needs. He takes on this role with great sacrifice. For it is not a luxury as some may think. Being a leader of such a dire desperate cause for survival never would be. There isn’t a mansion filled with gold, or a harem of woman, nor an army of dedicated soldiers or followers. There isn’t going to be a happy retirement in the end. Only a dark, hard rough road of judgement, ostracism, alienation and scorn ahead. He will face challenges ahead that will shake the very core of his soul and test the fabric of his mental stability. However he does not and WILL not face this alone. Unlike no other PM before him, there will be a functioning, active GFC to not only aid him along the way, but to make sure he can and will do the job properly. To stay on our true path of Creativity and its intended principles. I shouldn’t mention this but his appointment is one of complete seriousness, unlike some we have seen from fake internet groups. Like a net-Nazi from Australia or a mental case fresh out of the loony bin out in PA who claim the title. No this is the legitimate PM.
I admire PM Costello for his decision to accept this role. He needs every ounce of our help and dedication. We also will be setting precedence with his rule as PM. Our great Founder’s ability to lead came as second nature to him. However, in his twilight years, as he searched for the “great promoter” and his successor, he never wrote the duties and responsibilities of the PM. He unfortunately never found that true leader and ended up settling with Rick McCarty who he instructed in his “last will and testament” (found in the last chapter of ‘Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs’) to build the GFC. In which they went on to choose Matthew Hale. Shortly thereafter that GFC was no more. Many disappearing, some disagreeing with the direction Rev. Hale was taking the church, but essentially dissolving. Rev Hale re-appointed new members to “his” GFC, however it was a none-working, pretty much non-existent one. No one knew who the other members were and a few of them were in prison. So how could that ever be a proper GFC as Ben Klassen intended? As he described and laid out in Expanding Creativity? It couldn’t be.
If I were to say I am proud of anything I have accomplished in my 20 years in the Church, it would be my ability to create an on-going, functional, consistent GFC. Made up of highly respected Creators who have been around for a while. Who meet monthly and make all the decisions for the Church. For do not for one second think that the election of a new PM means that the Church falls under the complete rule of one man. Our founder may have written the rules of “The Leadership Principle”. But he also made sure to write and explain the safeguard of a dictatorship. The GFC is far more then that however. It will remain as a functioning GFC making most of the major Church decisions with the presence of our new PM. For these are the intentions of our Founder.
I have many judgements of Rev. Hale, most of which I put in reserve, as he did dedicate and sacrifice his life for Creativity. However, he did run the Church in an improper fashion. It is not entirely his fault though. As I pointed out, our Founder never laid out the duties or responsibility of the PM. So Rev Hale coming from a NS background ran it as such, a totalitarianism. In which ALL decisions laid on his shoulders, all duties as well. There was very little distribution of responsibilities. Hence when they arrested him it all fell over like a deck of cards. But this post isn’t about judgement, it is to point out that this will not happen now. One must learn from past mistakes and ensure they do not happen again.
To reiterate my point of setting precedence with PM Costello’s reign, is to make decisions of what he (The PM) should do and what he shouldn’t. Because everything should not and will not lay on his shoulders. I ask for all adherents, members and supporters to not only show him your support but also give patience as we lay out this process. For this will dictate the future of all leaders henceforth. Its failure or success lie in YOUR hands. Show your support, congratulate our new PM and ask HIM what YOU can do for Creativity and he will answer.
To sum up the remainder of the “State of the Church”, we remain strong. From Illinois to Arizona, from Florida to South Dakota and everywhere in between we remain active and dedicated. Our European brothers remain active. Our Polish brothers still set the tone. Our Croatian brothers remain our backbone for our web presence and do a fantastic job. Bro. Smith in Canada still is the bright Creativity flame of the great white north. We all grow, albeit slow but steady. There are many more things my brothers and sisters, but for the sake of space I will end it here.
Our future may be bright as our peoples is dim. It should make us realize just how important our task is. We should remain that bright burning light in the darkness. As our flame grows, the darkness shrinks and it will keep fighting back. We just have to fight harder. It reminds me of a fight I had in the boxing ring in my youth. I was a teenager a few hours from home, by myself. I showed up for the fight and found out no one I knew was coming to watch. I had an old nigger as a corner man. He didn’t say a word to me leading up to the fight. I got my butt kicked in the first round. At the end of the round, I sat down, worn out, tired and in pain. He didn’t say a word. I just said “man, he hits hard”. The corner man looks at me and asks “do you want to win?” Of course I said “yes”. He said “then hit harder”. That’s what we need to do my brothers and sisters. It isn’t a puzzle we need to solve. There isn’t a grand mystery here or a grand solution. We just need to hit harder.
Although this may be my last State of the Church address, I will remain as long as I am needed. Know that I love you all, even those I don’t like! LOL! And always remember only together may we win this RAcial HOly WAr!
Rev Logsdon
March 44AC (2017)

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Craig Cobb and Rev Logsdon Interviewed after Nome ND Church Burning..(KFGO 790 AM)

Craig Cobb and Rev Logsdon are interviewed on the News and Views radio show (KFGO 790 AM) hosted by Joel Heitkamp. The show  pertains to  Craig Cobb's recently purchased Church in Nome ND that was burned to the ground on March 22nd in an apparent case of arson. (Interview is from March 23rd 2017)
 Joel Heitkamp (KFGO 790AM) Nome building co-owner Craig Cobb on fire's destruction and the Creativity Movement


Thursday, 23 March 2017

Craig Cobb's Church Burned down

Craig Cobb purchased the 108 year old Zion Lutheran Church located in Nome, North Dakota on Feb 21st. On March 22nd the Church was burned to the ground. The destruction of the church by fire has not been labelled as arson yet as the Fire Marshal is still investigating. Craig Cobb was quoted by a (WDAY) anchor that the fire was "100 percent arson" and that he is offering a $2000 reward for information pertaining to the crime.
(Bismarck Tribune) ND. Church White Supremacist Craig Cobb is buying Destroyed by fire
(CBC News) Fire destroys N.D. church recently purchased by white supremacist

The MSM has no issue with labelling Black Churches burned down as arson before the fire Marshal's office has finished its investigation. They usually take it even further by proclaiming that "White Supremacists" are most likely responsible, the phrase, hate crime is used, marches take place, candle light vigils are held, money is raised, high level politicians decry the racism. Most times such as the recent Greenville Miss. Black Church fire, they turn out to be fake hate crimes.
(Washington Post) Miss. black church fire was called a hate crime. Now parishioner has been arrested for it.   As Cobb has a well known reputation in ND. after the Leith misadventure, the purchase of the Church in Nome did not sit well with the local residents and one or more of them most probably set the Church on fire, that is just my assumption.

 If I were to mirror the MSM....


Craig Cobb a White Racial Loyalist and Creator is the victim of a hate crime. His recently purchased 108 year old Church was burned to the ground in what appears to be the work of Marxists/Anarchists/ARA, perhaps aided by the Black lives matter thugs. This is a symbolic attack on a White Church, the terrorists are tying to silence the White voice through fear and intimidation. As a community we must come together and show these terrorists that we will not be intimidated, we will continue to voice our opinions, they can burn our churches down but not our spirits! A march in support of  Mr. Cobb followed by a speech from the Mayor denouncing the attack is expected to be announced soon.

Brother Smith
Mar 44AC (2017)


Listen to Craig Cobb and Rev Logsdon interviewed on KFGO 790AM radio Fargo ND.

(KFGO 790AM) Nome building co-owner Craig Cobb on fire's destruction and the Creativity Movement


Friday, 17 March 2017

Sermon from Solitary..Fighting the Mental Sickness of our People..By Rev Matt Hale

My Brothers and Sisters! I wish to speak to you today about the present sickness of the White Man's mind, a sickness that, our Creativity religion aims to heal. Nature knows that I have a great deal of experience in confronting that sickness first hand, and that that statement was never more true than it is right now as I battle the mental sickness of my captors on a regular, if not daily basis. In a word, the thinking of our White people is sick. It is sick in many ways but that sickness can be sunmed up by the fact lhat our White Race
does not think with its own best interests in mind. It does not think in a way that is conducive towards its continued existence upon the face of this planet. It does not think in a way that, is conducive towards its conlinued life.

While the other races of creatures upon this earlh routinely and indeed always pursue their own best interests, our own race does not, and the result of that, fact is that, we are in fulI retreat, today as a race and are indeed vanishing from the very globe. It is the task of Creativity to end that retreat and vanishing, to give our White people a new flourishment instead. Indeed, as our great Founder Ben Klassen said, our nurnber one objective is to straighten out the White Man's thinking, for once we do that, the battle for our people's
survival will be as good as won. Nothing could possibly be more important than that survival, for without survival, there is nothing else. We Creators thus let, the other religions worry about imaginary gods, souls, "after life's" and the like. Our concern rather is with our flesh and blood people on this, their one and only home, Planet Earth. Our Founder devoted almost a quarter of a century to writing, writing, and wriling some more to make it plain to you and me that what we need is the straightening out of the lihite Man's mind. where I describe things a little differently is that I also say that our White people are mentally sick and need to be healed from that sickness.

Indeed, our entire religion could be summed up by one word, health, and I cannot help but note that my or name of "Hale" is etyrnologically related to that very word. Thus it is
the ease that Matt Hale and his fellow Creators wish to heal the sick minds of their White people everywhere, and they wish to do so before it is too late!

It is not wrong for us to be "racist." It is not wrong for us to value our own race more than any other race. It is not wrong for White people to seek their own best interests in all things and at all times. It is not wrong for us to want White women to give birth to White babies. It is not wrong for us to care about our natural White Race more than any artificial political entity such as the "United States of America' the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern lreland," and so forth. Rather, people matter more than any political entities and White people matter more than any other peoples! That's because our race is what we are and what we are should matter more to us than what somebody else is. In short, race matters because we matter. We can always create new political entities for our !White people in the future and we certainly shall. If our White Race goes though, no political entities will matter.

Everything thus depends upon the continued existence of our White Race upon the face of this planet, and we Creators are determined to fight for that existence regardless of the costs. Our First Comrnandment says as much, and it is doubtful whether truer and rnore compelling words have ever been expressed than those found within that particular article of our Faith. All of this is heavily on my mind right now as I not only think about and work on my third book, The Triurnph of Life, but also brood upon the specific mental sickness of my captors which led them to do what they have done to me these past six months. What, is it that, causes our fellow White people to harm one another so glibly and so easily, all in support of a government, which aims are the destruction of their very kind itself? 

What is it that causes people who are as White as you and I to knowingly set, about trying to
cause harm to my person for doing nothing more than professing the fact of my innocence of any crime and apportioning the blame for my wrongful imprisonment upon the particular Jew responsible for it? What causes our White people to want to carry water for these Jews, the race of which has declared openly in it's writings that it intends to rule the world and make all of the other peoples and races its slaves?

The answer to these questions is right before our faces: that by embracing the religion of the Jews,Christianity our White people have made the Jew their god. It could not be any plainer than that, my brethren. By adopting the Jewish religion of Christianity the White Man gave the Jew control of his mind.

His own attitudes and view of the world became Jewish and even more importantly he began to feel it his duty to protect, the race which gave him his very "god" itself. With countless thousands of Christian churches preaching the gospel that the Jews are god's" chosen people is little to be wondered at that our White people would be so sadly and sickeningly willing to destroy one another in order to assist this "chosen people of God." would be a mistake to underestimate or underappreciate that the poisonous and insidious
influence which Jewish Christianity has had upon the White Man's mind.

It, has made him mentally sick, causing him to rally himself for Jewish ideals and ideas and for the Jewish race which created them, thus ignoring the health and well-being of his own White Race in the process.

Thus in my own particular situation, my White captors rushed to the supposed "defense" of the Jew Weisman because their religion had already preconditioned within them an esteem for that particular race. Since the supposed "Christ" was a purported Jew and our people have been taught to esteern that Christ--as well as the Jewish Old Testament which brought him into being there is a deep-rooted tendency within our people to take the Jew's side of things, a tendency that can only be overcome by a strong, counteracting belief system.

In 30's and 40's Germany, that, belief system was National Socialism. With us it is Creativity. I truly believe that I would not have been thrown into The Hole, framed for a phony prison infraction, kept here the past six months, and "'re-designated" back to Supermax prison in Colorado had I lambasted a White man. However, since I lambasted a Jew the Jewish virus
within the minds of our people--Christianity--reacted in an extremely vicious way to the probing of the Jewish abuses which I had employed with my scalpel.

I am reminded by that scene from "The Thing", starring Kurt Russell, whereby the blood of each member of the camp is touched with a blow torch to determine whether it has been taken over by the alien being which has wreaked havoc amongst them. That blood, as you perhaps saw in the movie, does not react well to the torch at all! By embracing the Jew-spawned Christian religion, our people essentially become Jew-possessed the same way as the characters in "The Thing" become alien-possessed, with horrible consequences indeed.

Now I would be the first to agree that there are anti-Jewish Christians out there. However, the inescapable fact remains that, the Christian religion was itself spawned by the Jewish tradition and the Jews who created that tradition. Thus, no matter how anti-Jewish these Christians may be on the surface and sincerely so, it is a fact that their very religion springs from the Jewish psyche, the very Jewish psyche which is presently attacking the existence of our White Race in this world. As the Trojans cruelly discovered, it is a rather bad idea to accept the gift of a large wooden horse from your enemies. It can only be a worse idea to accept from your enemies your very religion, thus giving them possession over the very psyche of your people.

Our White people become tools of the Jews just as today the foreign policy of the United States is the tool of Israel. So long as our White people accept the idea that the book of the Jews is holy, they will sadly defend and advance the program of their Jewish oppressors to their last gasp.

It behoves us as Creators then to destroy this Jewish fungi called Christianity within the mind of our people and replace it with a positive religion which is for the White man and the White man alone



Creativity. We don't have any Jewish tradition and we don't have any Jewish gods. Rather
we believe in ourselves and Nature which created us.
I would urge all of you to re read creative credo #43 of your White Man's Bible as a special adjunct to this sermon, for within that chapter it is likewise and made clear that Christianity grafted our White race upon a lousy Jewish tree and did so very long ago' Furthermore' the simple--or not so simple fact of the matter is that so-called "liberalism" that liberalism which all of us Racial Loyalists so routinely deride, is really just Christianity under another name and Christianity it self is just an off shoot of Judaism as we have said.


These are the themes which I will be addressing in The Triumph of Life in great detail by the way, among other things, a book which will end with shining espousal of our Creativity religion as the total solution to all of the problems which our beloved White race today faces and which therefore will one day be welcomed as yet another scripture of sorts of our great faith. It is my understanding that chapter one of The Triumph of Life has now been released as a sneak preview of the book and I welcome your thoughts on it my brethren. Needless to say The Triumph of Life which I have in mind in the title is the Triumph of our White Life, a life which has finally been freed from all the Jewish influence and domination forever!

Let me close this sermon by telling my captors that they need not be the water boys for the Jews. They need not be their cannon fodder, stooges and avengers. Their true loyalty is to their White race, not an artificial, mongrel, and phony government that violates its own race to destruction. Our people must come first not their paychecks.

Hurting me only makes their true Jewish enemies laugh up their sleeves. The Jews call you cattle in their Talmud, after all, to be used and milked until your slaughter! Just look it up if you don't believe me. You and I should not be enemies. Rather we should be friends. We Creators are not against government as an institution, by no means. Rather we are against that government power which would dispossess us of our own country and seek to hurt those of us who are fighting for the future of our children as we should. I truly would like the day to come when our White people will quit hurting one another at the behest of a Jew some place, for we have much more beneficial and important things to do than that. The future of our entire White race is at stake. Help us Creators secure that future. Your descendants will sure be glad you did.
Rev Matt Hale
Feb 44AC (2017)