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Our Direction..... By Rev Logsdon

When we evaluate the greater pro White cause I see the vision I have for where Creativity is going and how it gets there. Then I see the chasm of difference between most other groups, where they're going and how they are going to get there. A HUGE chasm! Let me first evaluate in a brief synopsis the bulk of the pro white cause then I will break down the differences.

The majority of these groups whether they be Skinhead, National Socialist, Klan, Biker, etc. Hell we can lump in anything from White Power prison gangs all the way to the completely other side of the spectrum with your typical ultra-conservative right wing political groups. They all have the same common theme, which is to recruit from each other. Instead of trying to convince and educate those we have not reached yet. Each group panders to the same style whether it be from Skinhead crew to Skinhead crew, Klan to Klan, Bike club to Bike club. Regurgitation of members from one group to the other. Without realizing the lack of loyalty said individuals have when they recruit them. Using social media to recruit already racially awakened people. It is and has been the typical tactic of all groups. One thing I try to deviate myself from and try to encourage others. I swear, I cringe when I get new people in who tell us they have been in multiple pro White groups. I know two things right off the bat.

1. Don't expect much. For if they were effective members in previous groups the hierarchy would of done anything to keep them around.

2. Don't expect them to be around long. For if they were so willing to discard their loyalty to previous groups, what makes us think they wont do it to us.

This next part does reflect to all pro White genre's, mainly Skinheads, Klan and NS. Recruiting the lowest common denominator, the bottom of the barrel. Already somewhat racially aware, living with their parents (usually young but not always) that don't have anything to do, but play on the internet or show up to some pointless police barricade rally. They are about as use full to themselves as they are to their race! But an easy target for recruitment. But like the old saying "you get what you pay for" or better yet "you get out what you put in"!!!! There are also internet cowards who do nothing but play der fuhrer from their IP address. Constantly talking about what they will do for their race but wont even come out to the smallest of get-togethers      

 If sentiment would win this war, well my friends we have a massive army!!! Sadly for most it doesn't, nor does it warrant respect or honor amongst OUR ranks.

Now moving on from basic recruitment tactics lets take a look at what they do with these people when they get them. It is obvious they didn't require them to be educated when they joined. Nor do they ask them to educate themselves or improve themselves after. Most members of a particular NS group don't even know the 25 points of national socialism. Most Klansmen don't know anything about its history or purpose. Your Christian klans don't require their members to read or study the Christ-insanity bible. How many skinheads in the greater movement don't have jobs and do drugs completely ignorant or flat out disregarding the working class straight edge foundation of being a Skinhead. Need I go on? Some of them do require activism and let me break that down next.

Confrontational activism vs Educational activism.

The far, FAR more common of the two is confrontational. Many don't know or cant comprehend the difference. Most of my own activism throughout the years has been this way. Standing on street corners holding signs, yelling white power. Sure when it is directed a certain way can be beneficial. Beneficially as shock therapy would be. To get people to either reach out, look in or question what they know. But lets be honest how many do in comparison to those who get pushed away. Even some websites are based off the confrontational approach. When you confront people already on the edge with a forceful message you are usually met with the same sentiment you went into it with. Confrontation!

Now the educational approach is much softer and usually are applied by your softer PC groups. Their suit and tie, non-confrontational, usually never personal (face to face) tactics get more numbers in some regard. But in the end if there is no purpose, answers or programs designed to get them involved you simply have a bunch of people supporting one or two individuals actually doing the work. And is the "education" they are pushing actually beneficial. Is it simply pointless history? Educating people about the truth on the holocaust is as about as pointless as obsessing over the things you would do different in your past. Is it a religious doctrine that teaches them to simply get on their knees and pray to (insert random deity) to solve all their problems? Or living in a past fairy tale land with giants, dragons and monsters... oh my! Or is it an education that teaches them to better themselves?

Now my brothers and sisters I can go on and on (^&% about the negatives of these groups and it doesn't pertain to ALL pro White groups or ideologies. But most. It is simply the differences I see of actions and goals that separate us in The Creativity Movement from the hodgepodge of our typical pro White group. We are far from perfect but yet we believe our creed and goals are. We as a church have had our checkered past, however its not about where you've been but where you are going. Let me tell our readers just where that is and who we are.

The Creativity Movement believes discovering our religion is the tiniest but very important step one takes to a new life, a better life. We believe that education is our purpose. As our founder said "Our goal is to straighten out the white mans thinking". That through proper continual education, education with purpose, can we win the salvation and freedom of our people.

In TCM we require an exam upon entrance. To make sure we know you know the basics of our creed. But doesn't end there. All members should strive to become proficient in all tenets of our religion

In TCM we strive to recruit men and woman who have been successful or self sustaining in their regular lives. For if you cannot help yourself you cant help your people.

In TCM we encourage our members to better themselves in all facets of life continuously. Physically, financially, intellectually, etc.

In TCM we require our members to maintain a higher standard of morals and ethics. To live life as we should, for we cannot convince our people we ARE better people unless we strive to be so ourselves.

In TCM we encourage our members that don't have families to do so. And those that do to uphold the 13th commandment "You shall honor, protect and venerate the sanctity of the family unit and hold it sacred. It is the present link in the long golden chain of our White race." This means be a good loyal husband/wife, brother/sister, etc.

In TCM we do not seek political office or support any political affiliation that seeks to undermine our people. Any that support an already diseased, corrupt, failed system. We seek to educate, prepare and mobilize our people for our certain future or demise.

In TCM we admit and understand that words alone will not fend off the impending, current onslaught of non-White murderers, rapists and thieves. As we have a non-violent legal stance while we are allowed to we must utilize it to educate and prepare. But we know in the end blood alone moves the wheel of history. It is by blood and violence our future will be decided. For in the endless noise of bullets and explosions words fall on deaf ears and action speaks far greater volumes. Just as the screaming cries of our children being beaten, our women being raped, our elderly being pummelled and the inaction of our able, should silence our words now.

In TCM we have our standards as above but we do not turn our back on our people. If there is one of our kin who desires to change and better himself we will not discard him/her. As long as they are not detrimental to the harmony of our church, they continue to exhibit positive changes we will aid them. For this is a church after all.

Which brings me to my final point.

In TCM we are not a crew, a club, a brotherhood, a group, etc. WE ARE A FAMILY!!! We will strive to build that and keep it that way. It is our duty to one another to not look down upon nor turn our back on but to pick up, encourage, educate and help our family to better themselves as we better our own. This is the future and the salvation. And may we together win this Racial Holy War!

Rev James Logsdon
Feb 42 AC (2015)

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Odinism vs Creativity - A Comparison.... By Ben Klassen

                           A. Basis of Belief.

What Odinists profess to believe in is rather vague and undefined. They claim to believe in a pantheon of Viking gods, of which Odin, a one eyed old man, is the father. Built around this pantheon is a random collection of myths and fairy tales. While the Odinists claim this is the basis of their religion, they readily admit that they don't REALLY believe in these fairy tales. So where are we?

There is no recognized official text or literature, or even a set of beliefs in capsulate form.

Creativity on the other hand has clearly spelled out its militant creed, programs, philosophy and religion in Three Basic Books: Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible and Salubrious living. This is further amplified with two supplementary books. Expanding Creativity and Building a Whiter and Brighter World.

                        B. Goals and Objectives.

The basic goal of Creativity is clear and militant: to provide the White Race with a powerful racial religion (such as Judaism has provided for the Jews) and unite the White Race into one powerful battering ram (as Hitler did for the Germans some 50 years ago) and smash the Jewish behemoth. We are determined to do this and have the White Race again take full control of their own destiny.
From there on out it is our goal to upgrade the genetic quality of our race (through our program of Eugenics) and expand the White Race at the expense of the mud races. We intend to keep building a Whiter and Brighter world.

Outside of promoting racial awareness, the goals of Odinism are as nebulous as is its religious creed. They do have social gatherings, drink mead (because the Norse drank mead) and discuss imaginary Viking exploits and folklore.
                       C. Racial Attitude.

The racial attitudes of Odinism and Creativity are both pro-White, although the Odinists like to talk about Aryanism instead, a next to meaningless word, as I have already explained in the main article.
In any case. Creativity is more militantly pro-White, and more militantly anti-Jew, anti-nigger and anti-mud. It is the unswerving goal of Creativity to not only fight for the survival of the White Race but to expand our numbers until we inhabit all the benign territory of Planet Earth.
At the same time it is our constant goal to upgrade not only the quality of our White gene pool, but also the quality of our environment and the quality of life itself for the White Race.

To sum up: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment.

                      D.The basic question we pose is this:

If Odinism did not have the intellectual and spiritual strength to hold its own against Jewish Christianity a thousand years ago when the Vikings had Europe at its mercy, what would lead any reasonable person to believe it can now reverse the situation under conditions that are a thousand times more unfavorable than they were then? Why would anyone want to resurrect an ancient failure from the scrap heap of history?

When you encounter CREATIVITY for the first time in your life, you're presented with a Cause towards which you can finally dedicate Total Commitment.

Revolution, anarchy and turmoil throughout the world: it doesn't just happen. They are instigated by JOG, executed by the CIA, and paid for by the White American Taxpayer, the ultimate patsy.
Without a successful Creativity movement the White Race is dead. Our every thought and action must be - Will it help promote CREATIVITY?
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator 
Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 35
May 13AC (1986)  


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Comparative Religions Part Xll Odinism...... By Ben Klassen





In this series on Comparative Religions we have previously dealt with eleven different religions, cults or sects, all of which have either been extremely hostile to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, or at best, indifferent and/or destructive to that goal. In analyzing Odinism, we have a religion that although small and insignificant, is at least concerned about the survival of our race.
We Creators therefore consider them as our racial kinsmen who have the potential of helping win the fierce and hostile racial war which we are now inextricably locked into, whether we like it or not. Let us make it clear at the outset that this overcrowded world of five billion hungry and clawing people is rapidly heading for more chaos,turmoil, anarchy, revolution and terrorism.
We are locked in a racial war, in which each of the participants is keenly aware of their race and ready to fight for its survival, with one exception. The only participant unaware is the White Race, .and it is not so much as lifting a finger to defend itself. It is, in fact, giving aid and comfort to the enemy and massively collaborating in its own destruction.

Therefore in order to arouse and rally the White Race to take up arms and fight for its very survival, we will need to take some hard and ruthless measures. We will need to follow a battle plan that is well thought out and is willing to go all the way to do whatever in the hell it takes to win and survive. In Creativity we have such a program and blueprint. It is the objective of this analysis to find ways and means by which the Odinist can join us in this endeavor in order to most effectively help win such a battle.

What is Odinism? Is it a religion? Is it a racial movement, or is it a social club embroidered with ancient myths and folklore?

Odinism is a recent revival in America of a few small groups who have resurrected the ancient myths and folklore of the bellicose Vikings who were the scourge and terror of Europe during the Dark Ages. "From the fury of the Northmen, Oh Lord, deliver us," was a common prayer in the Christian churches of the Viking era, which was at its peak between 800 to 1000 C.E.

Before writing this article, I wrote to Mrs. Else Christensen of Crystal River, Florida, and asked her to send me whatever books or literature they had available on Odinism. Mrs. Christensen, a fine elderly lady (about my age) kindly sent me three booklets, namely An Introduction to Odinism (12 pages): Wisdom from the Edda (8 pages); and Can We Still Say God? (40 pages). Of these, the latter is really the only one of any depth in giving any philosophical insight about Odinism.
It devotes practically all of its 40 pages in giving a scholarly analysis of what a pious and treacherous fraud is Jewish Christianity and how it has entrapped the White Man's mind in an alien philosophy that is repugnant to its own "Aryan Soul." We Creators have no argument with this either, and have more or less said so repeatedly and vehemently in our basic books Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible, our supplementary books Expanding Creativity and Building a Whiter and Brighter World, and also our tabloid, Racial Loyalty.

However, much like in the case of Atheism, whereas all three booklets make it clear what they are against, they say precious little about what they are for, except they want to replace an ancient alien religion (Christianity) with an ancient religion based on the folklore and mythology of the Norsemen and Vikings. They say that instead of looking to the Jewish Yahweh and Jesus Christ, we should now worship Aryan gods, specifically Odin and Freya and Balder. Also enmeshed in this pantheistic conglomerate are Aesir, Loki and Tyr, not to forget Yggdrasil, that great ash tree whose roots and branches supposedly hold together the universe. Also in the picture, engirdled by a huge serpent, is Midgard, which represents the earth, and regarded as midway between heaven and hell. The Werewolves also play an important part in this droll and confused mythology, which, strangely, the Odinists have selected as their representation of the true "Aryan soul."

There are three aspects of this peculiar choice that we want to take a closer look at, namely (a) of all the thousands of myths and folklore with which the White Race is so richly endowed, why should anyone want to choose that of the Norse? (b) what, precisely, is the "Aryan soul", and what group represents it, and what meaning, if any, does the word "Aryan" have? and, (c) instead of asking "Can we still say God?" a better question in this enlightened and scientific age might be: do we still need to play with imaginary spooks, White or otherwise?

Let us examine (a) first, and make a partial list of thousands (myths, legends, folklores and dead religions to which the present day White Race is heir.

A. Myths, Legends and Folklore of the White Race.

1. Probably two of the greatest of the very ancient literary epic are Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey, dating back to the 8th century B.C.E. They are rich in heroism, drama and virtues characteristic of the White Race. Much better than the Norse myths.

2. The Greek Pantheism and Mythology are rich, colorful and interesting.

3. Roman Pantheism and Mythology. Many of these are a take-off of the Greek models, but have Romanized names and many gods and goddesses are essentially Roman. Both Greek and Roman gods and mythology are wholly White in essence and evolved before Jewish
Christianity contaminated their "pagan" gods. Both much superior to Norse mythology, and preceded the latter by approximately a thousand years.

4. Teutonic Mythology. I have a four-volume set of books by Jacob Grimm, (1785-1863) entitled, "Teutonic Mythology," a total of 1,887 pages. Whereas some of these interweave with Viking myths, they are essentially separate and much more extensive.

5. The Sacred Books of Hinduism. These consist of such classics as (a) The Vedas (b) The Brahmans (c) The Upanishads (d) The Bhagavad-Gita and (f) Epics and Puranas (See "Hinduism", Racial Loyalty No. 30). These were all written by "Aryans," but great literature though they be, they failed to stop the "Aryans" from race-mixing and being drowned in a sea of mud. An interesting side-note is the fact that bits and pieces of Norse mythology stem from these earlier "Aryan" writings.

6. The British Edda (See L.A. Waddelt's classic by the same name). These stories recapitulate the Epic Poem of the Ancient Britons, the

exploits of King Thor, Arthur (or Adam) and his Knights in establishing civilization, reforming Eden and capturing the Holy Grail. Great literature that supposedly goes back as far as 3380 B.C.E.

7. Aesops Fables that go back to the times of Ancient Egypt. In my opinion there is more good advice and common sense contained in these short and simple stories than all the Viking myths combined.

8. Donald A. MacKenzie has put out a book that is a collection of German myths and Legends (different from Grimms collection of Teutonic myths.)

9. There is the Nibelungenlied around which Wagner built his "Ring" of four operas.

10. There are Irish myths, Scottish myths and legends, there are Rumanian myths (Dracula, etc.), there is a large collection of Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales. There are the Mother Goose Rhymes, in which I am sure, if you looked hard enough you could find some kernels of wisdom. In fact, just about any and every country had their set of myths and legends, whether they are White or not. Even the Indians and the Mexicans have theirs.

So, with such a large selection on the menu, with such a vast array of myths and legends that originated with the White Race, what is so special about the Viking myths?

The answer is: not much. It is not a great choice.

B. Who or what represents the "Aryan soul?"

The word Aryan has been widely bandied about in the White Man's literature. Such people as Houston Stewart Chamberlain in "Foundations of the 19th Century" and Alfred Rosenberg in "Mythos of the 20th Century" have used the word extensively. However, it was brought into first rate prominence by Hitler and the Nazi Party during their hegemony in Germany, in fact, to such an extent that in the minds of the present White world the term "Aryan" is closely associated with Nazism.

We of the Church of the Creator shun the word, for several good reasons, but basically because the term is so vague and ill-defined that it is practically meaningless. Like the word "spirit" used so profusely by the Christians, it, too, is widely used, but nobody knows what it means, if anything.

I tried to look up the word in two encyclopedia's I have and it wasn't even listed. Finally, I looked it up in an old Britannica (1929) and found a short paragraph on it. ARYANS: This word is used by some of the "Satem" speakers of Indo-European languages with the meaning of "noble" and is the name of one of the tribes of these people. As Sir George Grierson points out, "Indians and Iranians who are descended from an Indo-European stock have a perfect right to call themselves Aryans but we English have not."

The paragraph ends with this admonition: There is not a better or more striking example in science than this (Aryans) of the danger of affixing labels without due scrutiny and intelligent discrimination.

The Nazis, too, never really defined the word, but it had the implication of a Nordic type of people, with blue eyes and blonde hair, but even this they did not clarify. If that is what it was meant to imply, many of the most prominent Nazis and Fascists would not qualify. Hitler was not blonde, neither was Goebbels, nor Himmler, nor Mussolini. Expanding this to whole nationalities, most of the White Race would not qualify. It would exclude most of the Austrians, the Italians, the French, the Slavs and a hundred million others. So why make such a fetish of the word when its meaning is so obscure?

We Creators use the terms White Race, White Man, etc., as our standard definition of the people we espouse and for whom the religion of Creativity was conceived. We mean to accomplish for all the White nations of the world what Hitler did for the Germans. We want to unite them into one powerful massive steamroller with which to smash the Jewish monster. The word Aryan will not do. We discard it as not only being useless, but also as a detrimental roadblock in achieving this great and noble goal.

Now for the Odinists to say that the Viking myths represent the "Aryan soul" is a lot of nonsense. Just whose soul are they talking about? The Nordics? The Austrians? The French? The Polish? The Hungarians? If we were to carefully catalogue the innermost feelings, the "souls" of all the White Europeans, we would find there is no one common "soul." We would find that not only would the different people "feel" and "cling" to thousands of different myths, fables, legends and folklores, but even in one and the same country there would be a vast diversity. The most common denominator, if any, would be alien Jewish Christianity, and even this is splintered and fragmented into a thousand different bits and

So let us forget about trying to represent or find the "Aryan soul." In the first place Aryan is next to meaningless, and secondly, if it is meant to imply the White Race, there is no common "soul" that represents it. The best we can do is to construct a common religion that is in the best interests of all members of the White Race, one that all can intelligently embrace and then rally the White Race through long and arduous propaganda and enlightenment to accept it as their own.

This is what we are trying to do in promoting Creativity, the White Man's religion.

Before we leave this subject, let me make one further cogent comment. We have often been criticized that the term "White Race" is an imprecise, unscientific description. Granted, it is. But then the White Race as such consists of a polyglot, imprecise group, or groups of people, with only certain common attributes (other than the color of their skin.) The Austrians are different from the Nordic Germans, who are different from the French, from the Irish, from the Italians, etc. So there is no precise definition. Nevertheless, it is the best there is. Everybody knows what and where the Atlantic Ocean is, but its boundaries too, become vague where it merges Into the North Sea, or the Caribbean, or the Pacific. So, too, with the White Race. Everybody knows what the White Race is, although its fringe boundaries are somewhat obscure, and of some of which we are not too proud.

C. Do we still need spooks?

The Odinists evidently take the position that for some reason spooks are good for us. Why, they don't explain. Somehow to have a religion in which you, too, have a set of gods that you can bandy about, is a big asset, they say, even if you know they are phony.

We Creators take a dim view of such nonsense. We don't need a belief of spooks, we don't need a belief in Santa Claus and as grownup intelligent adults we don't need a pacifier to suck on. It is this silly hangover from our primitive Stone Age ancestors that has so confused and distorted man's thinking over the millenniums and caused so much havoc and misery.

So let's have done with the spookie nonsense. Let's go about our business and solve our problems the way they have always been solved, correctly - by means of our intelligence, by means of reason and logic. In so doing, let us learn from the greatest teacher of all time - by
observing the laws and workings of Nature.

Speaking of Nature, there is one other point to which we take exception with the Odinists. They claim that by reverting back to the ancient Norse gods they are more closely aligned with Nature. Not so. Any gods, spooks or spirits are not Nature. They are an un- natural aberration of the mind. They are not in harmony with Nature, but supposedly operating supernaturally, i.e., outside the Laws of Nature. So when someone tells us that what they call god or God is really the same as what we call Nature, we disagree. What they are spouting is an anomaly, a contradiction. We say: make up your mind. Do you believe in spooks or do you believe in the Laws of Nature?


We believe the Odinists are a fine, intelligent group of people, and we want to remind them that the grim racial battle for the survival of our race is a desperate race for time, energy and resources. We cannot afford to indulge in childish games, nor dillydally in any half real, half make believe fantasies on cloud nine. We cannot afford to do so any more than a fighting army can afford to indulge in LSD, go into battle half-stoned and expect to win battles against a deadly and determined enemy. We appeal to you, we implore you, forget about the spooks (even if they are White) and join with the Church of the Creator in a planned, militant, fully structured creed and program that is based on reality, on logic, on common sense and the wisdom derived from the Eternal Laws of Nature. We need you and you need us. Together we can wage a meaningful racial war and win.


A religion that failed to withstand the Jewish-Christian onslaught a thousand years ago cannot reasonably be expected to roll it back now, under conditions a thousand times more adverse.
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator
Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 35
May 13AC (1986)