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Odinism vs Creativity - A Comparison.... By Ben Klassen

                           A. Basis of Belief.

What Odinists profess to believe in is rather vague and undefined. They claim to believe in a pantheon of Viking gods, of which Odin, a one eyed old man, is the father. Built around this pantheon is a random collection of myths and fairy tales. While the Odinists claim this is the basis of their religion, they readily admit that they don't REALLY believe in these fairy tales. So where are we?

There is no recognized official text or literature, or even a set of beliefs in capsulate form.

Creativity on the other hand has clearly spelled out its militant creed, programs, philosophy and religion in Three Basic Books: Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible and Salubrious living. This is further amplified with two supplementary books. Expanding Creativity and Building a Whiter and Brighter World.

                        B. Goals and Objectives.

The basic goal of Creativity is clear and militant: to provide the White Race with a powerful racial religion (such as Judaism has provided for the Jews) and unite the White Race into one powerful battering ram (as Hitler did for the Germans some 50 years ago) and smash the Jewish behemoth. We are determined to do this and have the White Race again take full control of their own destiny.
From there on out it is our goal to upgrade the genetic quality of our race (through our program of Eugenics) and expand the White Race at the expense of the mud races. We intend to keep building a Whiter and Brighter world.

Outside of promoting racial awareness, the goals of Odinism are as nebulous as is its religious creed. They do have social gatherings, drink mead (because the Norse drank mead) and discuss imaginary Viking exploits and folklore.
                       C. Racial Attitude.

The racial attitudes of Odinism and Creativity are both pro-White, although the Odinists like to talk about Aryanism instead, a next to meaningless word, as I have already explained in the main article.
In any case. Creativity is more militantly pro-White, and more militantly anti-Jew, anti-nigger and anti-mud. It is the unswerving goal of Creativity to not only fight for the survival of the White Race but to expand our numbers until we inhabit all the benign territory of Planet Earth.
At the same time it is our constant goal to upgrade not only the quality of our White gene pool, but also the quality of our environment and the quality of life itself for the White Race.

To sum up: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment.

                      D.The basic question we pose is this:

If Odinism did not have the intellectual and spiritual strength to hold its own against Jewish Christianity a thousand years ago when the Vikings had Europe at its mercy, what would lead any reasonable person to believe it can now reverse the situation under conditions that are a thousand times more unfavorable than they were then? Why would anyone want to resurrect an ancient failure from the scrap heap of history?

When you encounter CREATIVITY for the first time in your life, you're presented with a Cause towards which you can finally dedicate Total Commitment.

Revolution, anarchy and turmoil throughout the world: it doesn't just happen. They are instigated by JOG, executed by the CIA, and paid for by the White American Taxpayer, the ultimate patsy.
Without a successful Creativity movement the White Race is dead. Our every thought and action must be - Will it help promote CREATIVITY?
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator 
Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 35
May 13AC (1986)  


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